5 Hours and 20 minutes remaining

5 Hours and 20 minutes remaining.
Hold me wagie brothers, how long til you also have to work?

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12 hours nugga, gotta fall asleep wbu

I am starting a new job at the end of the week. Already pretty anxious but at least I will be able to afford my own place soon.

What I am trying to say is.. Is it all worth it fellow wagies?

Yeah at least we feel entitled cause we work

11 hours 46 minutes so naturally I'm getting pissed

Another day another dollar haha! :) Can't wait for that first sip of coffee

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I can't decide if having to wake up for work is worse than having no reason to get up in the morning and sleeping until 4 PM.

13 hours 30 minutes. I wish I was a NEET.

the best is when you have to do some quick task in the morning, forcing you to get up but you have the knowledge that you'll have the whole day to yourself afterwards.

getting up early only to spend the next 8-10 hours busy is fucking bullshit

called in sick today uwu

Another day, another dollar boys haha. Time to go to my job where I'm overworked for very little money.

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well, at least i was able to purchase a gaming computer.
but all the suffering, 48h week, fuck sake man. what's worse is that i work in a place where the majority of the employees are woman, it's fucking hell. snitches, they talk behind your back, tell lies about you, ask for favors all the time.

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I'm working 20 hours a week and I am doing pretty fuccin fine.
>have sex

>tfw underworked
>have to spend 40 hours per week in an office with nothing to do
>running out of ways to look busy

this is a special kind of hell

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I too plan on buying a game pc. The new job I am starting is in a foreign country. So I probably will be spending a lot of time on my own. But Maplestory 2 looks pretty exciting!

Are you in software engineering? Just take on more work fagog

But about your situation. One positive about your work environment is that you have the opportunity to work on your social skills and small talk ability with your female coworkers. That will definitely help if you ever start dating.

Oops stayed in bed too long! Boss is gonna be pissed when I come in

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the opposite. i started to hate woman in a unhealthy degree after i started to work in there. when i used to work in a place where most of the employees were male, it was rare for a single one of those things to happen
AT LEAST there's this girl who doesn't bother me much, she likes anime and vidya. unfortunately she's already taken but it's not like i would have the chance even was single.
pic related is my new computer, it's not too powerful as it only has a gtx 1050 and 8gb, but it's enough to run most of the games i enjoy.
good luck on building your pc user. i purchased the parts separately as it is more cheaper than buying the whole pc.
48hw here bro, i also have to pretend that i'm doing something.


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I woke up and decided to skip work and went back to bed.

I am at work right now

It's so boring. fuck i'm gonna die of boredom

at my job too man, almost 9 months working in this place.
fucking bored all the time, kill me.

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I just started less than 2 months ago

I cant imagine how it gets any better

I just got signed off work due to chronic back pain

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it doesn't, the money that i receive to do this job doesn't worth the effort sometimes. that's why whenever i have the opportunity to not to work, i take it without recitation.
fuck it if i get fired, it's a 48hw minimal wage job anyway.
to think that i was supposed to be at the best time of my life being a 20yo, kek.

On my break right now, 6 hrs left
>Tfw manager got mad for me not doing a task only he or another manager can do
Fuck wagies bros..

I work in an office, and this is so true that hurts.
Sometimes I don't have job to do, but I must pretend that I'm busy.
It's a living hell.

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>every single study proves the maximum daily output can be achieved between 3 and 5 hours
>8 hours are still standard
This is all so fucking stupid. Office work isn't linear, when shit's done, it's done.

Beats working in a factory, let me tell you.

Get decent pay at my job but still want to fucking die. Working your life away sucks because there's no money that can buy all that lost time back.

>Working your life away sucks because there's no money that can buy all that lost time back.

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Depends on your country's social structure, many can't escape the wage slave job either way. At least a high paying job can get you early retirement, so in that sense, you can at least "buy back" your freedom.

I swear to god, we need to leave the grid and start a small homesteading community in some hill, we'd all get free hentai pillows.

Go on Grindr and find a sissy to suck you off on break :) makes the day faster senpai

I am a high school teacher. I have the whole fucking summer off, baby. Gonna sit around playing video games and fucking chicks on tinder WHILE I GET PAID TO DO IT HAHAHA

>and fucking chicks on tinder

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About 12 hours.

I'd love to no joke, but getting the experience to go off grid 100% is tough for most robots, unless you're willing to live in the wilderness. Closed-loop farming, fishing, gardening, carpentry, stone masonry, metallurgy electricity production and more is no joke and it's hard to produce things of large value to trade with in closed loops, and that's all discounting the initial starting costs.

one hour and thirty five minutes until i slave away for nine hours and come home too tired to play wow

but i mean i have the next two days off so its okay i guess

Any low tier webshit programmers in here, how's life.

>farming, fishing, gardening, carpentry, stone masonry, metallurgy electricity
We'll manage.

I work 4 days a week on 10hr shifts

No work on Mondays

That's fucking awful
The one job I had before neeting was an office job and i had to do literally nothing for 8 hours a day
I was happy when we finally had shit to do

In middle of work and I can't do anything since our dispatch system is down.
Still getting laid tho.

Working from home today because I crashed my car like the retard I am. I know it's bad when I still feel the need to find a way out when I'm getting payed to sit at home and dick around in excel for a while.

anyone else just not give a shit about being fired any more?

Not a bad deal. I would sign for that

Post more Fresco. I need the one where he is drinking.

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I really like it

If I work on Mondays I dont get paid but for every Monday I work I get a day of paid time off(vacation).

So I'll usually do it every other week and then take a Friday off for a 4 day weekend.

since december i stopped caring about getting fired.
on average, everyday i'm around 12-15 minutes late (today was 20), i treat my coworkers like shit, i do my obligations quick and in poor quality and i always show up with a grumpy/tired face.
to think that i used to be a comfy neet 9 months ago, christ.

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Ayy my fellow 10/4 master race.

8 more hours. I hate my life.

>work 30 hours a week (healthcare)
the shifts are broken up into usually 4/6/12 hr increments so it's not too bad.

>have to deal with blood and other bodily fluids daily.

can really be hell depending on the day. the pay sucks for what I deal with

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