Happy people of r9k, how do you do it? teach me how to be happy because Ive never felt it

happy people of r9k, how do you do it? teach me how to be happy because Ive never felt it.

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I let go of my fears and insecurities and allow real emotions to come in.

as someone who is not happy but merely content and indifferent, i can tell you that having hobbies helps a lot.

You listen Xasthur over and over again until you learn to like your misery OR become so miserable even the smallest things of life bring you happiness. Win-win

Purpose user, purpose that you've set for yourself or someone else did for you. And having a set of principles that give you the ability to have dignity in the face of cultural degeneration. And finally having a particular faith to lean on in times of weakness. You can believe in a floating ball of spaghetti whatever you want but its important to appease your spirituality. They may not necessarily grant you happiness but they will help you find peace and contentment in life and this turbulent world we're in.

read philosophy dude. there's a deeper more powerful psychological state that comes with internalizing and meditating on that stuff. ill call it serenity, tranquility, etc. Read about buddhism. not even the religious metaphysical bullshit, just the flow of the words. read World as Will and Representation by Schopenhauer. Thats the apex of philosophy that ive read in my lifetime. also the myth of sisyphus by camus.

What if my purpose is to kill as many people as can before i croak

this. as long as you're dedicated to reaching working towards a goal, regardless of what it is, that'll suffice, and keep striving for other goals and accomplishments in whatever trajectory you decide to chose

When I meant purpose I mean something that you've ruminated upon for quite some time, I personally took at least 4 years to find a particular purpose to follow and even then it was still something vague. Only through the years did I see my purpose becoming clearer, with minor changes here and there.

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Then you join the military I suppose

I left this place when I became happy
It's a sortof desperately sad circlejerk where people encourage unhealthy and degenerate behaviour
Going from neet to wagie my life has hugely improved
My advice is get a job and a car
What worked on a shorter term basis before was ssri's and acid but it's risky

There are no happy people here, move along

Tbh I still don't have a clear picture of what purpose im going for, but with the other things I suggested helped me focus on the next objective/point I need to reach in order to see what im truly looking for.

And for what you just said, I do not think that its something that will provide you what you seek and If you think otherwise I can only dissuade yo so much from a phone. But I hope that before you do anything at all I want you to know that everything begins with the self, and will also end with the self. Our own eternal company in this life and wherever is ourselves. Letting external affairs fully dictate our lives seems to be quite a waste.

Biggest bullshit I've ever heard, I'm working hard towards my goals, just got my uni degree and it doesn't make me any happier. If you are a friendless virgin hobbies and work won't help. It's all about the people. Wish I wasn't so autistic.

And what if you see no purpose?

I never said it would make you happy as a certainty nor did I say that the journey towards your goal would be filled with gratification. For one how certain were you that going to uni and doing all of that would provide you what you were looking for? And even if you say yes where exactly does this happiness you seek lie? Is the path you took truly something you wanted? Are you proud of the accomplishments you've gotten in your pursuit? The whole process requires a lot of introspection and self observation. Someone whos been stuck being deadweight for years would normally have. If possible I suggest slowing down and truly looking at your life before moving forward.

You make one for yourself, even if its just a temporary one until something sticks. No one is necessarily born with a purpose, some get lucky and have that purpose fed to them with a golden spoon and have a former Miss universe contestant as their maid/nanny. The rest try to find their own way in the world crawling through the mud to walking in the merciless concrete jungle. We dont necessarily choose our beginnings but a number of us common folk are lucky enough to recieve enough knowledge to figure out the possibilities

I'm a college-educated man that smokes marijuana and plays guitar.

Stoicism and self improvement, there are good videos about stoicism on youtube

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I am not happy. My life is empty and I wish I had someone to love. I am not a kid anymore, I can't just stay in my room forever.

I consider myself to have become happy in the last 6 months after 5 years of depression. I guess I'm just still here because I'm addicted to the anonymity

What do you want to know specifically?

Find something that can give you meaning.
I for example got a warmth in my heart whenever I can make a girl happy or more comfortable with her life, nothing can top this feeling so that's what I will be working towards as I find real happiness doing it