Women are deceptive, fraudulent and pretentious

Women are deceptive, fraudulent and pretentious

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That's just their natural nature user

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You mean natural state

have you ever actually talked to a woman

Well we don't have physical strength what did you expect.

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I'll remove that nature, by force if necessary.

Is there a list of tripfags and corresponding descriptions so I can keep track of whos who? Who the fuck do you think you are, you're a nobody that I have to repeatedly see because you're an attention seeking whore. Use your real name you fucking coward.

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t. new fag

And yet I love them more than anything else in the universe

Oy vey, aren't we all technically newfags post 2006 or something like that. I don't know your lore because I'm not an Jow Forums faggot kk.

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ah, okcupid. boy did i have quite a time back in the day.

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haha okay tranny

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I don't blame your kind for doing this, you're simply following your biology even if you know it or not. I giggle every time I hear people call women evil.

cvnka is a known tranny, he used to be cool but i guess he stopped taking spiro or got ditched by another hugbox so he's seeking attention on r9k of all places

I believe something can be both unaware and evil. In fact, I personally think unaware acts of any kind are the most evil of all, bar none, "bar none" including child rape, the enslavement of humanity, and the infinite torture of all souls for an eternity and beyond.

don't let her cuteness deceive you.
look at her large, heavy tits - this woman is a whore

the unfortunate thing is that even the nicest girls are ruined if they have big tits. shame.

Wait, you're just gonna hop on this shit with your nonsense because....why??? What the hell are you talking about. You typing this shit better be a joke because this is embarrassing

this is why chestlets are pure and good

It can yes, especially when you're dealing with sociopaths. Not all women are sociopaths though.

Just because you don't realize what you did was wrong doesn't mean you're not a bad person for doing it. Biology is no excuse.

but what about chestlets who act out and become sluts anyway because they're insecure? are there any good women in this world?

>Not all women are sociopaths though
They're just about as bad and might as well be

That doesn't make any sense. Are you going to say that eating meat is evil too?

Some can be both and really ruin people, either way you have to handle them with care.

If chad acts arrogant its called confidence.
Only ugly guys can be arrogant.

It makes perfect sense. Just because it doesn't fit your modern ideas of morality doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.

hiiii cvnka i loooove you...

Are y'all retarded?

She's basically saying "I'm arrogant and don't like arrogant dudes." That's why OKC has separate controls for your answer and the answer you expect, that's the main gimmick!

I thought that they dumped the quizzy questiony shit to become Tinder for SJWs or whatever.

Which means she is all of what I said in the OP, in essence, a piece of shit