Imagine being a white robot or incel or whatever

Imagine being a white robot or incel or whatever

How pathetic one has to be to complain about all that privilege and power. Someone will go into this thread and say that whites have it just as bad with all this modern SJW culture and then turn around to make another BWC thread while posting a bunch of twitter screenshots of women creaming themselves over "White Boy of the Month" which yes, is in fact a real thing where millions of women glorify a new white man every month.

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whites have it just as bad with all this modern sjw culture

>just being white is enough

Yeah for your sister maybe

I'm 5'6 your racist fuck, of course I have it hard

They glorify good looking white people not short average looking white guys such as myself. Besides,jews have convinced everyone white males are bad so it doesnt even matter. You are just a sour grapes having normalfaggot

I actually feel bad for white robots
Imagine losing life in easy mode

Why would you have it hard when you're white?

>cool white parents
>makes cool white friends who only bully over things like willy wars, being a ginger or being poor
>gets cool jobs the mexicans didn't steal yet from, again, white friends and their awesome white parents
>gets all the cool as fuck 21st century benefits of just being a white kid haha fuck just marry a Jewish whore already

Feels good being nonwhite man at least you know your genes have to be good or you're fuckin rekt.

>People on the right are at all comparable to the ones on the left

and yet it's not just called "boy of the month", I wonder what the most important qualifier is...

the white guys in this pic arent insecure like the other "humans". thats what counts

Why would you have it hard when you're black?
>inb4 slavery that ended more than 150 years ago.

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Half of those things apply to white people too.
>Have a beard
>pic related literally has a beardless asian chad
Didn't think that one through huh
Although I will admit whites have the upper hand in interracial dating by a somewhat small margin

Yuo are smelly monkey gorillanigger you are the most monkeynigger smelly gorilla

Who the fuck think the guys on the bottom right are attractive. Jim from the office is a 6 three chad though. This thread is dumb

yeah, i bet pic related is obese, right?
fucking mouthbreathing retard

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Whats the point of having a gf if i cant get hard by her
I only like women of my race

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That guy is no incel, not even close.

Stop obsessing over white girls and you'll have an easier time. I know there's this "just be white" meme but latinas and black women usually prefer to date within their race or date each other.

I've seen guys like this on dates.

This only works if you're willing to date nonwhites

I can't do that, so life is not "easymode" for me at all