Goodbye Jow Forums

I've been a lurker of this board for a long time. But now everything's changing both on the board and my life.
I always took comfort with you guys for so long. But now that's changed. I'm 35 now with No GF, I'm a Senior Year dropout of Highschool because I couldn't take the bullying. I had managed to hold down a Job but I was recently fired. Now I have no food my internet & rent is overdue with me being most likely being kicked out by the end of the month. I can't become homeless especially not in LA. So I've decided to end it all today. Attached you will find my pastebin with directions on how to say your goodbyes to me and watch me Sway

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That's sad. These kids don't know what true misery is like. It's your choice in the end. Best I can tell you I'll say like in that movie. "Good travels."

goodbye newfag, see you tomorrow in your next LARP thread lmao

Hanging yourself is hardcore.

Just get some heroin dude

>I can't become homeless especially not in LA
Yes you can? People literally do it right there because you won't freeze to death.
Even so, I strongly encourage you to pray to God. You are cared for more than anything else in the universe, and God is always with you and will provide for you. Anything that you ask for in Jesus' name will be given to you in order to glorify the Father.

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Bro God is not real. The only thing that is real is the currency that feeds your degeneracy.

"In God we trust" Anonymous :^)

I won't join the discord, not gonna risk getting in trouble. But I wish you well and I hope that you get the peace you need. All humans need peace, ultimately, and for you this is the path you chose. Someday I may join you in the eternal rest.

See you next week, twat.

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Have at least a good last day and do something that makes you happy. You deserved it too have a last good time

What trouble could u get into faggot? Also it's a baitnigger advertising his gay discord server.

kill a merchant before you go

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Set your apartment on fire before you an hero op.
That should get revenge on the jews that wronged you.

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