This ain't the end of me or the things that I could be, this is the end of you after all that we've been through edition

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>correct image
>low resolution version
remember there is no excuse for this anymore

i hope you all have a wonderful day
its monday but its okay, its monday for us all!
lets do this!

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Is that new Matt Berry sitcom any good? Also first

*burns mouth on the hot new thread*
oooh owww!!!

tempted to go to bed so i can wake up and have my curry and snacks earlier

Not too happy this morning lads. Let me rap for a minute.
>phone interview scheduled for 10 am
>wake up at 7 to prepare
>can't waste time getting food, order from mcdonalds using uber
>pancakes, syrup, 2 sausages and a flat white
>order gets here
>no syrup, sausages still a little frozen in the middle, no knife and fork instead they give me a spoon
>interview gets pushed back to tomorrow anyway
>just wasted 8 pounds on a disappointing meal for no reason

Also my delivery guy was called Daniel on the app, but he was a straight up currynigger, is that a new thing they're doing lol? Calling themselves white names to get more business because nobody wants a smelly indian handling their food?

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do morrisons still sell those footlong sausage rolls?
I decided months ago I want one but they never have them in the bakery when I'm there

Where are all these spiders coming from REEEE
I keep finding one in the shower every morning.

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Don't harass our spiderfrens lad, they mean you no harm and just want to enjoy the neet life

>walking to the dentist
>found a pound coin on the ground
>went into the dentist
>they were playing things can only get better by d-ream
tony blair has blessed me on this day lads

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Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England

17 June 2019

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I gotta disagree there; spiders are some of the most horrendous creatures on the planet. They're just so utterly alien and antithetical to the human animal.

Spiders out, simple as.


Just sitting outside trying to work up the courage to go in and wageslave, haha.

Lads if I got cancer in both my balls, and then I had to get them removed, would I lose my sex drive?

what do you do
im thinking of pulling a sickie for a couple days. im handing in my notice soon, so thought i might as well take advantage of it.

Yeh I think it's good. Also has Tony Kaye and Keeley Hawes in it. I've laughed out loud a few times for sure.

i think you would lad, why do you ask?

yeah pretty much, orchiectomy has a number of pretty significant side effects including severe loss of libido and almost always erectile dysfunction

you can get on TRT after the orchi, or you could enjoy being an asexual eunuch

>already jerking it to imagefap caption porn

>keeley hawes

Phwoar, she's enough to make me give it a watch. Thanks lad

Timmy showing a rare bit of humility

Just wondering/worrying. There are devices that can make you get a stiffy though right?
>enjoy being an asexual eunuch
Wouldnt be much different from how I am now haha

>alpha alf layla

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you can take viagra and similar meds

finally, jesus christ
never doing that again

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So the yanks wanted independence, but they stole almost all of our cities names?

Cunts I tell ya!

They even stole the country's name! "New England"

The bastards!

They were named as such by colonists from England, way before the war of independence

Could have renamed them!

Wankers! The lot of 'em!

today, i am an idle piece of substance abusing shit, and it feels good

Almost nothing about America is original. All the classic American foods are actually just rip-offs of older European ones, American music is mostly stolen off the blacks. Even the famous apple pie was actually a British invention


ran out of nicotine though, not great

Have you noticed the trend lately in Hollywood with the naming of certain movies having "American" in the title? American Sniper, American Heist, American Honey, American Hustle, American Assassin, American Hangman, American Werewolf in London ETC.

Desperate, absolutely DESPERATE for an identity. It's sad.

American Made, American Beauty, American Gangster, American Exit, American Animals to name some more. Pitiful.

>trend lately in Hollywood
>American Werewolf in London
dude that films like 38 years old, how old are you?

There's been a recent spike, put it that way. I was giving examples.

>tell a girl I want to date exclusively
>try and get on other girls
Who here a shit person?

out, ree, etc


Just eat porridge in the morning. Quick and Easy

>What struck me on the beach - and it struck me indeed, so that I staggered as at a blow - was that if the Eternal Principle had rested in that curved thorn I had carried about my neck across so many leagues, and if it now rested in the new thorn (perhaps the same thorn) I had only now put there, then it might rest in everything, in every thorn in every bush, in every drop of water in the sea. The thorn was a sacred Claw because all thorns were sacred Claws; the sand in my boots was sacred sand because it came from a beach of sacred sand. The cenobites treasured up the relics of the sannyasins because the sannyasins had approached the Pancreator. But everything had approached and even touched the Pancreator, because everything had dropped from his hand. Everything was a relic. All the world was a relic. I drew off my boots, that had traveled with me so far, and threw them into the waves that I might not walk shod on holy ground.

Why did Gene Wolfe have to die lads? It isn't fucking fair.

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Was posted here lad

New job, new me!

No job, kill me!

unironically going to Greggs for lunch. Is any of the new Mexican stuff worth trying?

Same job, same bleak outlook on life that has utterly drained all joy from my life

waiting on the post for drugs, but also don't want to be a weirdo who lurks the front door waiting for my drugs

>ywn gut a /britbot/ like a fish

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What did you buy mate? Bought LSD Friday 2pm, turns up on Saturday. Love the modern age waheyy.

>tfw you have to buy boys sized 12 levis

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Time to transition perhaps?

Give it a few months, we'll have a new winner.

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going in for wank number two

looking for a bf perhaps?

I actually kinda like this guy, shame he's out tomorrow.

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>pharmacy lets me phone up and order a prescription
>gp refuse to let me order a prescription over the phone

What's the prescription you junkie

>What's the prescription

No I'm just a skinny lad.

GP probably thinks you're a suicide risk

What are you on about mate. I can order it from the GP if i go in, fill in a form and put it in a box, they don't let anyone order anything over the phone. The pharmacy lets me order it over the phone
I think the gp receptionists are just lazy

Lads can't find a job driving me skitz big time

playing wolfenstein 2 lads, the propaganda is real. big bad white man from the early 1900's has so far insulted blacks, jews, gays, beaten his wife, beaten his son and killed the dog whilst blaming blacks for his misfortune. I get it whitey is a fucking cunt can I just play some video games?

staying home from work sick today. getting a small sweet taste of neetlife, i had forgotten how much i missed this. should i just quit tomorrow

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Hello again lads, it's art hoe bro
Saw more art hoes at work yesterday, at least like 30
I can't talk to any of them. The pain is unreal

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Fucking know this feel brudder

Yeah fuck it lad who needs employment anyway

Any bipolar man in?
Kind of want to get diagnosed so I have a legitimate reason for why I'm mental but also don't want to go through the diagnosis process or take medicine.

>mfw the fat daughter of the ultra nazi has turned against her mother after her mother called her fat
not even subtle anymore

you wont get a diagnosis unless its extremely bad

I don't really know what you expected lad, the game is literally about defeating Nazis so of course it's filled with white man bad messages

That's shit. It's kind of mild but it still interferes with my life. It used to be worse, I don't let it influence me as much anymore.

fucking FINALLY found a footlong sausage roll, after months of searching

and jesus christ the supermarket was a freakshow
there was one hamplanet behind the delicatessen counter handing another hamplanet a bag of meat, and I'm not being hyperbolic, the both of them were actually spherical

and on the way to the till this 5 foot nothing pixie got up from her knees and turned to face me, I was not ready for her face, I only saw it for a split second and maybe that's why it looked so grotesque. It was like a halloween mask of a kardashian thot powder coated onto her face

nobody should have to deal with this shit when they're buying a sausage roll

A fat cunt calling out other fat cunts for being fat cunts when he took a month to track down a specific sausage roll.

Why did you need that sausage roll, why not eat multiple

they're not the same
I think these things are ultra processed or use very cheap ingredients like chicken beaks and turkey feet
whatever it is, I like it

I'd love to hear how you came to the conclusion I'm fat

Canadian here. What are my chances of practicing law in the UK if I get an LLB over there? My bachelors GPA is like 3.3

why in the absolute fuck would you ask us

You want a diagnosis so you can claim bennies, be honest.

britfeel is full of intelligent people

Not at all lad, I hate bennies. Wouldn't be much of a life.

But the main character is white man fighting nazi, is he bad? He is Jew though so...

I second this. After all we do have an incredibly intelligent poster called Shippy who is a paedophile that has been doxxed, yet continues to spout paedophilic noncesense.

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white man bad
fat woman good

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lmao poster rapes children kek

holy shit bro, we really are living in a society...

>lmao poster rapes children kek
lmfao lol

Not him but I'd love me some bennies.

Shame I don't get to be bipolar just depressed xd

>britfeel is full of intelligent people

We had quite a long discussion yesterday about why raping your sister's dog to death is a probably bad thing that she might not forgive you for

Had a dream I found a mysterious amulet

hahaha this is classic britfeel for sure haha lol

I fucking wish she would just give me money and get the one I love and then just leave me the fuck alone. Why can't things ever go right for me? Some fucking friends I have

>They're just so utterly alien and antithetical to the human animal.
Much like the robot.

Took dmt and now im the protagonist of an isekai anime.

Anyone seen my mysterious amulet? Lost it in a dream last night.

Yeah actually lost it by the end of the dream sorry. Was checking under the sofa in my dreamhouse but then I woke up

*casts polymorph on thread*