Anyone else here hate their race?

Anyone else here hate their race?

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I'm a hapa, so

Me too.

I just hate whites and asians.

lol no im a white guy. i just got done pillaging thailand for 6 months. ill be back for more in 6 months

Did you hit Pattaya bro?

of course my horse

I dont even have a race. Life in america must suck for non whites with all this race shit going. I'm a chilean with half french blood, and then a bunch of spanish and mestizo ancestors fucking up the blend. I'm white skinned, green eyed but clearly a spic. However I'm white for my country's standards. Dont really identify with spics as I'm less of a spic than most people who I come across but it would be shameless to identify as white. Racial identity is such a foreign idea to me, no matter how much time I spend on Jow Forums.

you lucked out bro. welcome to the white side of things

What's the most girls you had at the same time?

Yeah I'm grateful as fuck for my european ancestry. I'm surrounded by all of these ugly ass brown people and I'm glad I look better than them, although if my white mom fucked some white guy instead of my half spic father I'd be much more grateful.

I'm white so I kind of have a moral obligation to.

Is that really pattaya a quality? I usually see lesstop

Dude wut. You're drunk, go to bed.

Are the girls in pattaya really that pretty and top shelve?

i'm mexican, so fuck me i guess...

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armenian amerindian (or just some part of asia) and iranian mix

i could be saved if my height wasnt 170cm...

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You can find the whole range. From fat uggos to pornstars.

Im 100% white but would i throw my genes in gutter if i racemixed with a mulatto? i dont know for sure how black the father was because he was african-american but i assume pretty black because the girl is kinda dark for 50/50 with nordic woman

More than anything and I curse my parents for having me.

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I feel bad for race mixed kids, your parents betrayed your future cause of a fetish. Sad.

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I never liked my race
Neither anyone in the same world

I hate every race, just my own less than the rest.

So judging from your pic you are mexican?

Gonna be doing this next year, black though.

In white so yeah but for the exact opposite reasons im supposed to.

i'm a jew

why do you hate your race then

Yes. Costa Rican. But I dislike Latin Americans in general.

I wish I was Japanese

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Grass is always greener on the other side.
Though, I guess Japan is better than Costa Rica.

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Not racist enough. Being pro white is like being a zookeeper in a Panda sanctuary. They truly dont care about themselves at all and I dont know if theres any hope we can be saved

Imagine being a pajeet, haha...

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yes, i'm asian and feel embarrassed to be asian

>Racial identity is such a foreign idea to me, no matter how much time I spend on Jow Forums.
Same here. I'm also a spic, but brown and a different mix.

You should be since Asian isnt even a race you fucking mutt

i hate living in a diverse country. i wish i can korean or japanese or chinese living in an ethnostate with a monoculture

>Anyone else here hate their race?

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I'm half Japanese and a but fuck no.
Being a hapa is literally playing with cheat codes on. Would recommend.

I am South East Asian and I hate it, I wish I was Japanese. Imagine if every Asian in the world was Japanese, it would be a sight to behold.

i wish i was mongolian

Nope. Got the best roll.

nope. feels like me

99.7% white so I'm basically not even human

I hate being curry(in terms of looks), desu I wish I was Iranian or white

good thing about being curry is arranged marriage

I just hate white women honestly

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I know the feeling man I know.

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I love all races. And I'll fuck them all for you so you don't have to leave your room, R9k

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But I thought race was a social construct?

Latino here, and YES. Latin America needs to get BLEACHED hard

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nice try, Mark

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