What helps you guys over come the sense of dread and worthlessness in the middle of the night...

What helps you guys over come the sense of dread and worthlessness in the middle of the night? Anything I can do to avoid feeling this way?>

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I don't know. I just lie there and wonder how things got to this point.

>listen to your favorite music
>rationalize the meaninglessness of existence for the thousandth time
>talk to a friend
>project on the internet
>remember that your family loves you
>failing that, your dog
>if you have nobody in your life who loves you, just watch anime

Butter fly effect.

Fuck off.
It's nothing different he could do.
He is just a bunch of molecules and particles that react in a certain way and ot was determined that this was supposed to happen.

You know what butterfly effect means right? It's not insulting in any way. We do things everyday that will inevitably lead to some future. We are on a linear path to the future brother, and only one way toward it.

That's not the butterfly effect you moron.
It's that small changes can cause big changes.
It's derived from chaos theory.
Check mate user. I know my physics/philosophy

Literally every thing you do is a small change toward something bigger. Literally every thing. You drinking that cup of water will lead to your survival which will lead further down the path of the future.

Existential dread is only for unenlightened. Death is the end of suffering, so you should look forward to it and waitnfornit to come in its appointed time. Life is blessedly short.

No shit.
But what im saying is everything is determined because we are made from particles that will always do a particular interaction if the conditions are the same

It's not permanent so I detatch from it and look back at what brings me happiness. I don't focus on things that are fleeting because it's a waste of energy. I also face my problem and ask myself why it is there, then I fix it.

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>Check mate user. I know my physics/philosophy

you sound like the biggest faggot lmaooo go watch rick and morty

try getting prescribed benzos theyve been a lifesaver for me in terms of that

Therapy with the benzos. I uses to take them and due to my depression I abused them, very easy to abuse them when you're depressed.

Well yeah. If you want to break it down to the molecular level. Then yes, everything is just particles and energy along with other unknown forces, combing to create physical things such as our selves to allow the particles to observe each other. But that's only this dimension. I wonder what worlds are out there we don't even know about, or are even able to comprehend.

>go watch rick and morty
No im not one of those low iq tards.
Im an actual intellectual, I only watch anime and read manga

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This is so retarded there is no other universe with special laws of physics.

What the shit are you on about?

How do you know? Have you read endless universe, and are you familiar with string theory/m theory? From what we can tell our universe is one of trillions of other universes with other physical properties and laws.

Just die already.
Even if they existed you will never experience it ao they for you then never even existed

knowing ill be dead at some point. I just try to make the most of it.

I usually end up drunk alone most nights. Love the people around you. Be calm and watch the chaos of life. Its supposed to be fun.

this is my nightly routine.

>these dudes don't know about the energy/conscious singularity
Stay unenlightened, plebs.