ITT post anime characters who are literally you IRL

ITT post anime characters who are literally you IRL

I'll start

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Probably dis bitch. (not tranny just look like one)

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good one here's mine desu, literally me irl

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Inteligente, nihilista y con un malvado sentido del humor.

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Everyone says this is literally me idk why im not even a girl uwu

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Probably this dood

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the meme lord himself

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Me on the left on top

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Not anime but close. My powerfantasies are quite radical.

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good aesthetics i suppose, i cant give a textless post

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To the point, height, autism, delusional personas, etc

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I am going to have to ask you to dilate you filthy degenerate scum.

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Nom nom
Anons are tasty

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>Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion
>Maybe if I actually try, I can be chad enough like Light Yagami.

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there are not many anime characters with a beard like mine, i kinda look like this but without the super muscles
ps. holy shit the amount of trannies on this board is fucking insane

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Are you actually that surpised considering we have two(2) gens dedicated to being gay?
What it like being the worlds most insufferable cunt?

fuck i wish they could just remain robots and post robot staff instead of spamming this board with lgbt porn

I'm somewhere between that Kenshiro and this JoJo. With the muscles.

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>everyone hates me
>everyone also likes me the same time
>can probably succeed more if I try
>like get a gf and achieve all my goals (i already have one but unsure whether it's serious or not)

basically a walking paradox. Idk. basically omega.

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Eat me up please

>i already have one but unsure whether it's serious or not
gtfo normie this is no place for 14 year olds who think they're depressed

yeah man I feel it

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Delusional: The thread

Sieg heil


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user has tasty thighs
Nom nom

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Soitama is more successful version of me .

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