Jow Forums, I think it's important we be kind to fembots

Jow Forums, I think it's important we be kind to fembots.

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I do too. They are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Whenever I see a misogynistic comment, I die thinking that a fembot could have seen it and be hurt by it.

Too late. Everyone here are lowlive jackasses. I really need to get off this shit hole.

Is there really no hope? I think a little positivity could go a long way.

Chilvarious defense for our fembots.

We need to construct some comfy prison for them. Not prison. More like institution and put collars on them and dress them in straitjackets. Add muzzle to prevent them biting you.

This would restrict their freedom and happiness. I don't support this idea.

Fembots deserve the kindness that they give. What goes around comes around.

Now i'm no woman hater, but they have a point when they say fembots don't exist.

Fembots have been very kind to me in the past which is why I believe in this thread.

fuck off roastie
3d women are not important

If a woman feels like she is a fembot, she is a fembot. End of story.


You are obviously a very bitter and hateful person. Fix your own life before you try to complain about others.

I don't come here to be treated kindly, it wouldn't be as entertaining.

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I have spoken to some very kind fembots

Even entertainment should have limits. You don't deserve to have to face such vile harassment.

Honestly I would say that I have never encountered a mean fembot. On the other hands, most anons here spew nothing but hatred.

Harassment? Why would I ever take it personally? The "fembots" who do don't belong here in the first place.

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>oh no I am offended on an offensive website
My life is great, and so would yours if you didn't have a hairpin trigger.

this. don't lest cunts walk all over you, but be kind when they are kind.

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The only fembots that come here are so demented and ugly that not even the thirstiest virgin robot will touch em. There's a reason they stay in this shithole, so they can claim sour grapes and continue their misreble lives. Kill em all.

>If someone feels like they're depressed, they're depressed, end of story.

How can you be so strong? I have nothing but admiration for you.

Hmm I disagree. First of all there is no such thing as a fembot. Chad not fucking you and you not wanting to settle for an orbiter disqualifies you from Jow Forums. Youre just an emotionally unstable slut albeit you still have options. You are lonely by choice And the only reason girls come to places like Jow Forums is so they can be the centre of attention in a world filled with less intimidating men.

Now please stop making these threads.


No its not the end of story. Youre not a fembot and you dont belong here.

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Fact: Some of them are women

>Youre not a fembot
Well yeah, I'm a man.

Acutally most are above average looking its just they have low self esteem. HOWEVER that doesnt mean they cant get laid. Literally every girl ITT right now has had sex. Am I wrong? I bet if you took a census of all the females on here and asked if they virgins involuntarily they would all answer no.

I'm not sure if bullying those who are below me makes me strong, it's just funny to me.

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Who are those below you?

All the incel and Jow Forums invaders, obviously!

>Jow Forums
>is a female

LMAO take a look in the mirror you ugly cunt. You are the invader. This was always a Jow Forums board, even before /news/.

Maybe they would like it?

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And suddenly robots developed compassion

Good! It's great that you are willing to help fight alongside us to create a better future for everyone.

Yeah I'm sure you came here before the election :^)

It should be voluntary at the very least.

>doesnt deny coming here because of gamer gate
I came here to r9k in 2008.You probably were only 3 years old.

No we didnt. This thread is just same fagging shills. The other day it was trannies, now they are using the 'fembot' attack.

>pls orbit me I have an e-vagina

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The anti-fembot posters are the samefags. I see them in every thread that involves fembots, all they do is tell fembots to leave without giving valid reasons.

no need
most of us fembots look down on them already, who cares what ants think lmao

How would you describe your experience of being a fembot on Jow Forums?

I feel like this thread is an elaborate ruse to make me upset

people either hate me or love me for no apparent reason other than my gender

The anti-fembot posters are just Jow Forums. Its the core axiom of the board. We hate you, you know it. You came here the same reason any dumb slut sticks around when her bf beats her, when she sees a bad boy or when shes told you cant have something.Women are parasitic children, attracted shit like flies.

There is no such thing as a fembot. Never has been, never will be. Go be a jew slut somewhere else.

I must admit that I am guilty of that at times. I will try to be better for you.

Why do you think that I am a fembot?

This. I don't know about other fembots. I think there maybe some very very few that actually have no irony towards robots and are fucked up.

Maybe this is true. I get sort of adrenaline boost from being insulted in here and you people are so damn pathetic, stupid and harmless. Best you can do is take automatic rifle and unload to crowd. Still another female cliche. I find you robots absolutely endearing! I wish you guys the best that you find whatever you want in life.

Thank you for blessing this thread with your presence. I hope for your happiness as well.

Fembots are meant to be fucktoys.

I want to find your brains splattered on a wall. :)

>I wish you guys the best that you find whatever you want in life.
I want you.

I just wanna cuddle with a fembot

Start being nice to them, you never know what could happen!

For each insult they get they get 20 overly nice comments from thirsty betas lusting after them and asking for their discord username. Fuck off.

They shouldn't be getting insults at all.

OP, I think it's not important we be kind to fembots.

Why would it not be important?

I just want to adopt a useless NEET fembot that will do nothing but stay home all day while I'm at work and be my submissive sex slave when I'm home.

Yes they should, thats all YOU should be getting. This is not orbiter recruiting. Its not your fault no one replies to your /soc/ threads/ Jow Forums is no a gutter for washed up cam whores.
>I get sort of adrenaline boost from being insulted

Jesus christ. You cant make this shit up.

I'm starting to feel bad for you. It's not even funny anymore, just pathetic.

Females are a distraction from our true goal of regaining control of the government.

Do you realize what website you're on?

Fembots should be a part of that goal.

Ok, where is my fembot gf to fuck, love and imprenate?

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They can do their own thing, but distracting us from revolution is a beheadable offense.

They are a key factor in the revolution. We can't do anything without them.

You don't just get one for free. Maybe if you learn to be a decent human being one might decide to get to know you.

They probably know that you are lower than dirt and since boobs and makina they can get someone above their level. They still love you.

Fuck off gay CIA loser

l crave fembot butthole

Of course I get one for free.
If you pay the price, you get nothing.

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Okay then, where is she?

Go home CIA. Also can I have a job?

I don't know. CAN you have a job?

At least Im not a cunt on an incel board demanding acceptance.

>an incel board
What incel board?

Believe me Im more qualed to shit post and spread subversive material here than any of the overpaid morons with masters degrees you hire. Ide be happy with 65k a year, benefits and I get a life long pass on my sex clearance regardless of what I type online, I also get to keep shit posting in my off time. And free gym.

There are actually no females on Jow Forums though

Jow Forums.


sec* clearance btw.

I don't know, somewhere.

That's more Russia's bag. In Deus Fidicum.

Jow Forums isn't an incel board. It's for everyone.

I wish that were true. Sadly theres too many.(more than zero)

This thread is severely lacking in naked girls.

>Jow Forums isn't an incel board
Umm, yes it is because being an incel is a key factor to being a robot.
>It's for everyone.
Not its not. Now fuck off kike before i shoot up your nephews school.

You can find whores all over the internet if you want to see naked girls.
You leave fembots alone.

Nobody cares about your made up rules, son.

Transvestites aren't real women.


You do apparently.
>its for everyone
>nothing in the rules
>it was never about that
>its for OC
Cope harder nigger lover.

I think I will cope just fine watching you scream and cry about this in every single thread while the rest of the world moves on without you.

>implying fembots are not slutty whores

Here's the truth about women,

Even though for most of my life I've been above average looking and kind, I was that weird guy that didn't have friends.
My interests, wants and personality didn't match the normie culture.

No girl was ever seriously interested in me.
The truth is, women see having a lot of friends and status as a sign of being an alpha male.

In the evolutionary sense, such a male shows that he is capable in the tribe, but also provides safety for the woman and the family, since his friends can defend her, or at least not bother her.
That shit is still a part of women's instincts.

As a guy, the more lonely you are, the more lonely you'll get.
Women have no sympathy nor attraction towards the lonely man.

This is the most heartbreaking realisation I've ever had.

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Females can find other places to get attention and sympathy like crystal cafe.

Dear women:
Please leave us alone! We're not as desirable as you may think!
Love, Jow Forums

I think you wont cope at all. I think it burns you up and you hate the fact I no one else on r9k want you here. You dont fit in anywhere else and you got told this was the place for losers but even you dont fit in here. Stay mad bitch. Better off killing yourself.

Pic related, me.

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Sure. But all shit you said is pretty much bro-science. Females also own brains and are individuals.

You are in the minority. Most people on this board reject your way of "thinking" if you can even call it that. Just look at the catalog, see how wrong you already are.

>Females also own brains and are individuals.

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