Sigh... why do I bother

Sigh... why do I bother...

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How does a dating site tell you shit when everyone does the same 5 things?

She looks like a pajeeta.

lmao, of course

Help me out with my profile guys?

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What's the app lad

I'm using Skout and all I find in London are Asian girls who have spoofed their location or Asian girls searching for a Caucasian boyfriend to get a visa.

Their English is fucking terrible tho

London? I'm not getting any hot girls.. Maybe I need to try another app.

Well where are you based lad



Doesn't matter, searching in a 100km radius. Notting Hill if you must know.

Updated list of multiple choice questions everyday which is fed into a matching algorithm.

There's no point searching that wide since it's so populated. When I use Skout at work, I can find a good portion of people to chat to. I work in Moorgate so it's mostly other receptionists (I work as security).

I'd say stick with a 15km range, I had some minor success with responses. What was your bio like?

yull find ONLY WHORE s

What if that's what I'm looking for

When you get past the age of 18, all that's left is single moms and truck stop prostitutes so you better be marketing your dick on every platform in the universe or you'll die an incel

Literally wasting your time if youre male.

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Why do you keep spamming gay psyops all day?

Some sarcastic comments about my job and hobbies (making music). I'm getting matches but I feel the algorithm is a bit off. Anyways, cheers for the tips.



My brother (36) had minor success with using emoji, references to being a Londoner, complaining about traffic.

He routinely got with the

>Robot tries to message a Stacy with no interests

Oh wow theres a shocker




>open to non-monogamy
Are you seriously trying to shag this hoe?

Lol what a legend. I'm not that witty though, relying mostly on dry humour and I do have a few interesting pics of me and my mates.
Question: pic with another girl on the profile, yes or no?

Absolutely required, yes.

>t. Bradlet

>no aspirations, no interests

why are women like this. not saying I've been any better but at least I'm aware of it

what are you talking about schizoid

Ask your mom to introduce you to her mates. You'll find bucketsfull of whores from her hooker days.

because you have a 96% match with her? how could you possibly fuck that up

Why are you larping lad

*pry hither into ye mums ta introduct ah ta hahr mateys. ya'll reckon bucketsfull a birds hither back har harlot lyfe

>Americans can't even LARP as Welsh people properly
Fuck sake


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>Girls who don't share my philosophy are trash

they dont believe anything they write down
they are just being PC and trying to get the most likes
they dont actually want to date anyone

She probably thinks you're a white supremacist.

ffs really... I'm moving to Japan.

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You're a total sperg.

spoilers you can try going outside and talking to real people, most people find bfs/gfs this way still

>doesn't want to settle down
>just wants sex
literally just go on tinder why the fuck is she on a dating site

Oh but she is on Tinder user. And Bumble. And whatever other dating apps. She casts a wide net.

He's not spergy, he's functional. Those questions are degenerate vs human.

if hes looking for whores i agree, but you wanna share foundational principles with someone youre planning to live the rest of your life with. especially if yall want kids

>looking for someone with sound principles

>open to non-monogamy
stay the fuck away lad, you're dodging the biggest bullet of your life

>Enjoying discussing politics

Was able to get a few pro-Brexit girls with that but I think I'll change it to a "no."

yeah that's normie alert for "I'm not chill", wise move to change it to no

For real, what kind of dumb in-bred retarded bitch doesn't even know what polygamy is?

>open to non-monogamy

>changing who you are for sex

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Damn, checked. Keep making music, user.

"open to non-monogamy" yeah, dickloving carousel rider detected here

>literally just go on tinder why the fuck is she on a dating site
*whispers* i have some news for you about women on the internet user, if they are on a dating site, they're open to the possibility of getting just sex if the right guy comes along, even if they say they want to "date" *whisper*

>open to non-monogamy
Oh come the fuck on
This is way western civilization is going to this

>most people find bfs/gfs this way still
False, wake up old man.

What the fuck did she even mean by this? Is she also looking for "non-females" who are "non-homosexual" who want "non-asexual" relations? Roasties truly are mentally deficient. Why the fuck do we let them vote?

This only works if you're an attractive chad. Talking to strangers on the street makes you look like a creepy rapist in 2019.

>Open to non-monogamy
Yeah no, pass that shit m8

get a load of this geezer


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This is the same for men.

That's how the site words it retard

Before I deleted my OkCupid account, the only thing I was good at is grinding in RPGs, so I put that in the description.
>I am better than proficient at grinding for long periods of time in RPGs
Also listed top 5 albums and films, I live with my mom, don't work, and I didn't lie about being an obese manlet at 5'5" 250lbs.

I managed to get 3 girls to talk to me. One was a cute autist in Michigan who really liked prog rock but she disappeared. Another was a Mexican girl in California who practically lived in the library, which you would think made her smart but no, she just read generic YA. Lastly, an Arab girl with cerebral palsy would talk to me. She was very odd and delete her account then remake it. I had the impression she was very insecure.

Sorry, I'm not some normalfag scum pretending to be a robot for validation like you, so I don't know all the details of how dating sites work.

something like 45% of relationships begin online now, maybe you're (barely) right now but in a few years you won't be

why do you think things would be easier for you in Japan? Do you speak Japanese?

Just being autistic. I'm actually headed for the US - I work for a company with offices on the West Coast, NYC and London. Looking forward to bagging an American girl.

what site is this?

also these go to show how worthless matching algorithms are since you cant tag things by weight i.e. how important issues are to you. 97% match! we both like movies! what are the odds???

Is north america THIS fucked?

It's okcupid and you can tag by weight

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Tagging by weight means nothing when roasties always lie about their weight.

Swiped right on a few profiles, every single one of them is a feminist, has boobs hanging out, sex, sex sex.

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What site is this? I want to sign up

this has to be catfish, no woman is this selfaware