Name 1 (ONE) good deed you've done this week

Name 1 (ONE) good deed you've done this week.

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i bought my father a gift for father's day :)

I donated over 400 dollars to charity

That's fairly mandatory m8

week barely started bro.
>I wished my cousin a Happy Father's Day.
>Her parents were divorced.

well i didn't. when was it an official rule?

When you literally came out from his ballsack I guess

my father is basically like this douche.

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I punched a druggie in the face because I got scared

Bought a dress and a book as a gift for my mom

Fot the last 7(SEVEN)years ive been housing and taking care of my grandmother.

I've brought some old clothes to some hobo shelter thing

>my father is basically like this douche.
my father is basically like this douche.

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I cleaned up branches from our apartment parking lot after a storm we had yesterday so people could drive and park

Picked up an old lady's umbrella that she dropped.

I held the door open for a woman at my as i was leaving my doctors .

I found a twink on Grindr and allowed her to swallow my cum I norm spunk on their faces

Gave some food to a homeless man.

Bought a homeless guy a 12inch sub and drink

There is none. But also it's monday, weird day to post this thread.

Good doesnt exist anymore

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bought a homeless alcoholic some listerine

killed a homeless man to purge the world of there parasites

I've replied to your post free of charge.

blessed the universe with my existence ... again

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