How did black people go from earth wind and fire to lil yachty?

How did black people go from earth wind and fire to lil yachty?

Imagine earth wind and fire being popular today. Oh wait you can't. Fucking Jews.

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Music isn't limited to one culture

Based newpipe

lol I like lil yatchy more than that shit

The jews are very cunning and slowly introduce more and more degeneracy over time. Like boiling a frog by slowly turning up the heat, it doesn't even try to escape. Earth Wind and Fire was degenerate for its time.

I literally only know who lil yachty is because he was in Teen Titans Go.


it makes you seem like an upgraded boomer or something.

dude the human ear experiences more pleasure listening to trap music then it does gay guitar music

if this doesn't sound good to you you have literal fucking autism

Nah, trap is shit. Give me guitar any day. Or better, piano. Piano is real music honestly.

Is this a joke?

People listen to this unironically? Is this the twilight zone?

Absolute garbage. I'm pretty convinced that it takes some kind of brainwashing by introducing children to this kind of shit early on in life in order to convince them that it's music.

not with the racist here but some good base guitar accompanied with drums kinda proves this as well. Rage against the machines, Korn, Primus, And pretty much any good black Sabbath song plays the guitar to the beat of the drums to build tension and usually releases with an increase bpm and a swelling rift.
>muh African beats
is a meme literally for people with no musical taste . Even Beethovens No.11 despite not having any drums has a consistent beat near the middle of the song near the middle of the song. But that doesn't mean guitar can't sound killer on its own, thank Jimmy Hendrix for that.

because they are different genres

Im literally involuntarily squinting my eyes listening to this.... Is this ironic music or something? Im genuinely confused
This,what the fuck?

im black and to me anything not made in fl studio with an 808 sounds like shit

>near the middle of the song near the middle of the song
did I just have a stroke? lol

I'm black to and if this
doesn't sound dope to you, then you're a lame ass nigga.

Damn finesse was hella enjoyable.

Dude I'm black and this was uber cringe, was that supposed to be rapping or some shit

Wutchu know about that new madeon,boiiii

oh sorry I didn't realize you had no taste, hitting me with that weak shit nigga. Come back with some Tyler the creator or Ugly god next time nigga.

Tyler the creator? You mean mr. my edgy tactics got old so now I'm a pretentious hipster?

Fucking lol

None of them are as bad as that lil yachty song posted earlier, but I still would hardly consider them to be "music".

better than melodic garbage with some lame ass Hispanic beat

you think the music industry was radically different in the 70s than it is now? disco was mainstream, the culture changed, the system hasnt

This, whatever's big is whatever's in the ads and on the radio. You could release audio of an illegal abortion and if it's popular enough you'll sure as hell hear it on the next pepsi ad.

no one cares or values your opinion

Why niggers dont do funky and educational music like this any more?

>all cultures are equal


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You white

Blame whites. They created a culture of oppression where they treated blacks like boys and ineffectual. So black men as a whole needed to man up to compensate.

This worked in their favor since now they're cucking weak white males en masse

>Gay guitar music
>meanwhile trap song has fucking lullaby piano accompaniment

>black people can't use proper grammar
okay Jow Forums

Shit up you entitled nig. Can't understand half of what this bastard is saying. Fuck this shit.

This is like asking how white people went from Genesis to Danielle Bregoli. Earth Wind and Fire would be insanely popular. EWF was R&B. Li'l Yachty is meme rap. If you want to hear R&B, listen to R&B. I suggest Miguel. He's like the Prince of this generation. Prince actually wanted Miguel to cover Purple Rain.

>Blaming jews
>Not zoomers

Real trap has pianos in it. Because real trap music was made by rappers Gucci Mane and OJ, and producer/pianist, Zaytoven.

as garbage as your opinion

Reminds me of this.

Not surprising that a nigger lacks musical taste 2bh.

A better example of how pianos are incorporated into authentic trap.

This is what modern trap rappers are trying to imitate but they'll never catch the magic of the East Atlanta trap trio.

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What app are you using OP?