Why is anime so cringe

I really like the anime/manga art style, but the plot and social interactions within the fiction seem so childish and stereotypical. Can you rec some anime which isn't cringey/edgy teen angst bullshit?

Last time I checked Rozen Maiden was the only one I liked. But then again, I was 15 at the time.

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YEAH, and it is called POKEMON

Based closet furry diaper thread poster.

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Cowboy Bebop
Psycho Pass
Black Lagoon
Darker than Black
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Ghost in a Shell

I know what you mean, it so often comes laden with the cringiest tropes, where everyone behaves like the most ridiculous caricatures of actual people. I loved Rozen Maiden myself, but I haven't watched much anime in ages. Two that come to mind are Usagi Drop and Yuru Camp.

Texhnolyze is probably the only anime mature enough for OP

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fuck dude, is all the good stuff just made pre-2000?

Disgusting. How can you give so many 7's.

You have God tier taste.

No, but you're on to something there. The anime industry began really embracing a meta in the last 15 years which basically revolves around pandering to lonely manchildren. So you get a lot of childish, comforting things like cute girls doing cute stuff and teenage melodrama. No one is really making anything dark or serious or philosophical or realistic or mature now. I don't even mind.

It's very idealized and for literal children.

I can't watch it as an adult because 99% of the characters act too dumb and spineless for me.

If there's one thing I hate about Japan is that they are selling a fantasy where you can be an aloof, spineless, nerd and that will make you get a harem and succeed in life

Kaiji - anime about guy who likes to gamble that gets put into debt
Berserk 1997 (manga better, but anime good) - first episode falls a bit flat but picks up right after that
Prison School - good adult comedy

I am guessing your problem is the chidlish edginess and shitty humour? Or is more than that?

cartoons are primarly for children. some animes can be for both adults and children but if you watch anime on a regular basis, chances are high you're a manchild.

Monster is a cool one about a German neurosurgeon who accidentally saves a future serial killer as a child. Kinda reminds me of Death Note a little but a lot less stupid and dramatic


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He isnt a German neurosurgeon. He is a Japanese neurosurgeon living in Germany.

Pop Team Epic or as I like to call it "Shitpost: the anime"

>Can you rec some anime which isn't cringey/edgy teen angst bullshit?
can you follow directions or no

you seem annoyed about your worksafe request

im not OP retard.
Cowboy Bebop is reddit tier. Samurai Champloo is better if im gonna be honest.

My top 5
>Yu Yu Hakusho
>Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
>Parasyte the Maxim


Kaiji is good too

>im not OP
that's even worse you fucking idiot

god i hate parasyte for killing off Kana. Kana was best girl. Murano should've died.
Besides that, I hated how many characters were completely pointless to the story. Like Murano's friends are pretty useless except for the episode that was mainly about Yuko. They had Akiho, which is almost completely useless. They also had Makiko, she's totally useless to the plot. What did Makiko ever do? She did even get killed off. She just was a thirsty slut.
Kana was actually interesting. She was introduced like she was going to be important, but all she really was important for was showing Shinichi's weaknesses. How he couldn't save everyone he cared about. Murano was such a generic character despite being one of Shinichi's MAIN motivations for a lot of his actions.

>muh maturity

it's the current year and you still want to be an adult, what a retard you are

You mean worst?

How is Kana worst girl?

She was a jealous homewrecking cunt who happened to have some kind of psychic ability she should have been tied up and used for like an animal.

>watch 5 anime


semi-normie tier

Aoi Bungaku
Code Geass
Bungo Gay dogs

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>jealous homewrecking cunt
Maruno is much worst. Not only is she uninteresting, but she's a bitch to shinichi. She also fucks him after like 2 dates. She gets jealous because Shinichi helped Kana.
Kana wasn't even a home-wrecker. Maruno and Shinichi constantly were fighting each other. She also believed that Shinichi was her soulmate because of her ability to sense Parasytes. She actually thought Shinichi was kinda an idiot for trying to help that dude. She didn't exactly like Shinichi at all until she made the connection between her ability and shinichi. She thought he was kinda weird and was curious.
Unless you mean Kana's "boyfriend". I feel bad for her boyfriend, despite him being an asshole. I wish they showed more about how much he cared about her.
Murano barely showed Shinichi any sign that she liked him. She didn't graffiti their names onto a wall like Kana did. In fact, Murano almost always ran away from Shinichi. Murano doesn't deserve our beautiful boi Shinichi. Shinichi almost always did things for Murano but Murano was always the one to hurt him.
Kana is best girl so fuck you

91 days is ok if you're searching for some modern anime to watch

You could also try starting with anime movies, instead of TV and OVA series.

Note that this is not a guarantee of course, read the synopsis for each individual movie first.

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>Maruno is much worst
To be clear I didn't like Murano or any of the female characters in the show for that matter. They just sucked.
Kana sees Shinichi is in a relationship and gets turned on BY the prospect of homewrecking and actually goes out of her way to gaslight Murano, who, while she sucks, is basically innocent.
I had this shit happen to me and it's not cool and makes me want to set my whole house on fire.


They are cartoons, what did you expect.

I don't need it to be super serious or complex. I can enjoy something dumb like pic related just fine desu. Maybe I'm too unsophisticated.

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serial experiment lain

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I mean, I hate anime, but a lot of the most popular shit is quite literally made for 12 year olds. Don't mean that as an insult, the name of the genre literally translates to something like "young adolescent". People are just really childish and pathetic, watching childrens' cartoons and try to rationalize it as some higher artform by calling it a foreign name.

That's pretty edgy teenage shit.

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Shounen = young boys
Shows like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece et cetera are shounen.

Seinen = young men (20s)
Shows like Frame Arms Girls, Anne Happy and Joukamachi no Dandelion are seinen.

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General recomendations are gay, OP should find what genre he is most interested in and start watching the best of that.

'In Japanese, the word "seinen" literally means "youth," but the term "seinen manga" is also used to describe the target audience of comics like Weekly Manga Times and Weekly Manga Goraku which are aimed at men from their 20s to their 50s.'

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>Try to watch any comedy or slice of life
>Try to rewatch ANY comedy or slice of life I enjoyed a lot
>Can't fucking make it past episode one

I watched Azumanga Daioh twice, why can't I stand it anymore?

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>Anne Happy
AOTS Spring 2016

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Good taste.
I also hadn't realised it has already been three years.

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Seriously don't bother. If you don't enjoy the nature of anime, just find something else. All anime has an inherently comic, childish nature to it and for me that's a massive part of the appeal. aalways has been. Serious anime is few and far between and, if I'm being honest, usually lower quality.

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