I had a dream where I raped a cute robot against the bed

I had a dream where I raped a cute robot against the bed
Please say there aren't cute robos so I can just laugh to that dream

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People call me cute sometimes.
If you purely consider appearance

I have to rape you, the dream was too good, I have to replicate it on you

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Are you a girl (female)?
Of course this post wasn't Original

>awakard pause...then realization

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I had a surreal dream the other day where a girl named Olivia apperently was looking for me everywhere. We met in a staircase of all places. Short, black hair and a light voice. We went into restroom and fucked silly just like that...
I looked up all porn with the name "Olivia" when I woke up.

Oh dream, you are cruel.

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>I looked up all porn with the name "Olivia" when I woke up.

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For some reason whenever I fall asleep in my chair I have the strangest dreams.

Last night I dozed off and dreamt that I was back in school but with a bunch of complete strangers, we went on a trip to Tai Yong Medical (the location from Deus Ex: Human Revolution) and when I got there I put on my chicken suit and started running around making chicken noises at people, then I jumped out of a window and started flying, people started treating me like the life of the party, and after a while of shenanigans I jumped out of the window again and found that I somehow lost the ability to fly, then everyone started encouraging me by shouting my name, so I gave it another shot and flew again to the cheers of the crowd, going even higher than before. The trip was over now and I retreated back to my room to change back into my human clothing, my chicken suit was all ripped at this point, as I finished changing and walked out of the room, everyone was there waiting for me outside the door, even strangers who weren't part of the school trip, and as I walked through the crowd I muttered "if only chickens could fly" and then I woke up.

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it doesn't take a psychology major to analyze what that dream means...

I had a dream about a movie in which Nicolas Cage played a man with schizophrenia who though he was batman.
He wore the 1990's batman suit and the 'batmobile' was a 1994 Dodge Stealth.
All of the villains he faced were just regular criminals and healthcare professionals.
Although cage did the grimdark Batman voice the overall tone was lighter than the nolan/snyder movies and more like the 60's TV series with cage exchanging quips with the batmobile (who could talk and was voiced by jeremy irons)
Alfred was played by Dennis Hopper, a vietnam vet who sold Cage drugs and let him live in his basement.

At the climax of the movie it was revealed that Cage's Batman persona was just a way of coping with the fact he accidentally killed both his parents as a child

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damn that sounds pretty good, you really dreamt it up? i'd watch it

oh yeah user, with a qt innie pussy~~~

they're definitely not a fatass with no chins~~~

you wouldn't be worth any girls attention for longer than it took me to write this post


I had a dream where I played Battlefield 3 on Operation Firestorm like it was 2012-13 again
Sigh, I miss those good old times

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Stop reddit spacing, retard

don't tell them how to blend in, retard

I want to get raped so bad
And called a good girl for taking it

Are you a real female?
Or are you gay?
I'm cute, just not for gays.
I had a dream last night where my dad became the president and I had to hide my identity from normal people with a fake name.

There are attractive robots on this board they're just too socially inept to ask women out.
When I see a woman my age I feel like a teenager again.

I'm not fucking cute at all, fuck you

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i wish i could get raped by a girl (female)
not actually rape but rape play looks nice don't @ me
also wish i could have some cool dreams but no

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You wouldn't do shit nigger

I fuck a bottom twink who loves when I rape him found him on Grindr

oh youre the user who said that yesterday?
tell us how you do it user.

Just make a Grindr account look for subs and that's it :)

Cute rapetoy user!

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only my wife can call me that

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A fembot raped me, I felt so pathetic