It's good to be in /addygang/

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Definitley not bro. I was on prescription meds for 7 years and ive never quite gotten my full brain back. Id say just stick to weed and hallucinogens on the occasion. But fuck it, its your life man kek

Pic related is me sparkin a bowl in hopes that you shall quit doin (b)addys

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Feel like I'm still waiting for my brain to come home after smoking weed regularly for a year and a half.

>Feel like I'm still waiting for my brain to come home after smoking weed regularly for a year and a half.
not gonna make it

>weedman conflates his brain getting old and poor life decisions with vague subjective feelings of never getting his brain back

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When anyone is high on weed or lsd, does the following ever happen to you?

You're listening to music, and the music youre listening to stops being this song that came from this famous, untouchable being, but you realize that this is a literal person who made this song. This is a creation of a human being just like me.

>song that came from this famous, untouchable being
lol do you really see the world like that when you're sober?

Is nausea more likely when combining different opioids?

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yeaaah, opiates have a cross tolerance so if playing with nod tier doses can make you powerchuck the fuck up.

>ran out of adderall 10 days early
I really hope this forced t break scales back some of my crazy. I'm turning into (more of) an obsessive, bipolar mess

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dude that is fucking DEEP

>he runs out of adderall early
>I have 4.5 bottles of extra adderall now

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idk but i threw up a shit ton last time i did opium

Going to do DMT in a few weeks, what am I in for?

>what am I in for?

Thank you, that's what I was expecting and looking for.

np, i hope you enjoy it

I can't trust lsd dealer

just bought a gram of H and a 20 piece of hard

Am about to spark a blunt to this thread while listening to Jane

dropping acid for the first time in years this night anons, what should I expect? last time I was coked out of my mind so I don't really remember

>what should I expect?

Potatoes and shit yknow, like k yeah breathing walls and such shit yknow

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>tfw got earraped from earbuds and my ears feel uncomfortable and music feels painful
drugs for this feel? i think i might finally kill myself it's been more than a week now.

>tfw no sissyboi drug addict cocklusting boislut to creampie and psychically and sexually abuse

please lord let me cum
this is hell

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>dick.exe has stopped working

oh sweet jesus nigga are you literally me

my dick has gone flaccid

those motherfucking time stamps tho. Monday morning for amphetamine addicts

It's been like 7 hours. It's the mixing with phenibut, it always does this to me. The stimfap is the most soul crushing side effect of all.

Sometimes you just gotta walk away. I need another bump, I got shit to do today.

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shave your head kid

Is pheibut a meme? Sounds too good to just buy legally.

worth buying it desu

it's a flavoring that enhances other drugs. On its own it isn't much

Except for some people who totally love it. But most would agree it's best as a mixer. Like bitters in a cocktail.

>tfw taking a really long weed break

>he too mixes phenibut with amphetamine
I feel like we'd get along no homo
not without stims anyways
it's a good candidate for cracking down on in the european side

in the US however there are too many gotchas to schedule it nationwide and here's why
>analog law only covers schedules 1-2
>benzos are schedule 4 so benzologues are practically legal
>if you can freely buy GABAergics that turn you into a bartard why bother scheduling something that is much weaker

it's worth buying a thicc jar just to stock up on it if you can. phenibut is a must-have commodity if you do psychedelics and for the occasional social event. I don't use it often, I genuinely have a shrink-wrapped jar sitting around for a year yet I treat it like a WHO required medicine.

What are you replacing weed with? meth?

gonna try ket for the first time this saturday

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Ket is amazing but it's extremely nauseous

got edibles and 11g of weed on the way, package reached my city this morning
im getting fucking stoned tonight lads

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I'm sure we've stimposted several times at each other in the past and will again.

Also phenibut is extremely similar to gabapentin which isn't scheduled at all.
In the event of the fucking pigs taking our pheni gabapentin should be a decent substitute. I need to do more research, I've just started playing with gabapentin and it's different in some key ways. To me it's far more sedating and benzo-like than phenibut.

eat all of them

ive tried high dose of edibles before it was euphoric as fuck, but i passed out and missed most of the high every time
just gonna do like 20mg and a few bowls of weed

ran out of my weed stash yesterday. going into town to see if I can find more, hopefully I can.

Any anons from Slovenia here? Have any of you ordered 1p, is it legal here, other experience as well if possible


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>package is out for delivery 2 hrs ago
oh shit its nearly time lads

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da bar, chefurj sa radnom dozvolom

anyone know how the fuck do get the sticky resin shit off a glass bowl?
tried soaking in soap water and it literally does not come off

sta je cefur brate

pogrdna rijec za sve exyu ljude ovdje
nego znas li sta o ovom 1p u sloveniji ili regionu

speak american you fucking commies

ma kakvi brate naruci samo obicni lsd sa darkneta ne mozes znat sa balkanskim zakonima, ono sto sudac ili policajac kazu to je zakon

I just took two xanax bars and a 10mg loratab now i'm having like these weird brain zaps everytime I barely move my head, it hurts and it's making me stressed as fuck, am i going to die bros?

It feels like my brain is being electrified

A solvent like methylated spirits or a high prof alcohol/high% isopropyl alcohol. Poor a little in a baggie and also add salt or rice. Put bowl in baggie and shake until clean. The solvent/alcohol will remove the resin and the rock salt/rice scrapes it off without scratching the glass.

>am i going to die bros
i don't think so

in your experience, but it's far from guaranteed

Opinions on combining 1.5g phenbut with ketamine to ensure a pleasant experience?

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Currently on some amp fuuuuuk down to my last couple of grams of some good European paste , typing a greentext about my first time going to a strip club and capping some kratom. You kratom fags should get one these pic ralated things. Makes things things so much easier.

/Addygang/ I guess?

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Do amerilards seriously call speed/amphetamine by its brand name "adderall"?

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only my first time on ket did I get any nausea
definitely worth buying. for me it seems the effects are much greater than for the average person but even without that it's still great to mix with pretty much any drug, ESPECIALLY psychedelics because it drastically reduces your chances of a bad trip

you've already made this shitpost a dozen or so times

that's capitalistic society at it's peak

dziendobry polak tutaj
jak wyglada prawo dotyczace narkotykow u was? podobnie jak w czechach?

Obviously bait, but it's funny when you say amphetamine people's jaws drop to the ground, but adderral are like tic tacs. The state of amritards man.

>jak wyglada prawo dotyczace narkotykow u was? podobnie jak w czechach?
ne bas, u nas je trava dekriminalizirana a druge su ilegalne, ali posta dobro dolazi

dobro dobro
rozumiemy sie

da, svi slaveni se razumijemo :)

what's the deal with codeine?
it's such an unpredictible drug when it comes to the effects. week ago i needed half a gram of this stuff to feel good and today 240mg made me happy. not even near nodding but good enough

>package still not here yet
i am growing steadily impatient

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How common is codeine if amerifag? Is it hard to find?

>amerifag? Is it hard to find
no not really but i doubt it's worth your time. from what i know it's not OTC in the us unlike in poland so the ammount of shit you'd have to do to get it is not worth it. just try to get oxy/tramadol/heroin

coffee cigs and being fucking broke until July lad

package is delivered
they gave me a free lighter and some stickers as a bonus
time to down these edibles and get comfy

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lucky man, enjoy

eat all the edibles at once

I'm telling you kratom fags.

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Umm not really. I listen to mostly indie bands and I've met a few of them at their shows.

See a doctor. Original

Back to reality following a fest I'd attended the past few days. Tripped balls on acid the first day, tripped a little the next day with shrooms, and stayed up all the last night doing molly for the first time. So far my receptors aren't so fried that I wanna cry all day, but that was absolutely the best I've ever felt in my entire life. No wonder neurotypicals always be smiling so damn much.

Son i've been kratom cappin' for ages. I got that shit down to a fucking science. My caps always come out close to the same weight (1.040g) with the capsule itself taking up something like .167g. I'm the fucking capping master. I've won awards for my capping abilities. I have a plaque hanging on my office wall that says that I am "captastic". I've been scouted by bic for their pen capping division, but I turned them down because I like to stay freelance. On my business card, my title is "captain".

This nigga lmao. Nice analogy though. Just took some 1.5 grams to compliment the 30 mg redose of amphetamine I took.

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>with the capsule itself taking up something like .167g

I assume you use 000 caps then sir. I got a 500 pack from ebay and they come in just at 160 mg empty each time. I just use the same caps for all my drugs now. It's funny whenever I give friends drugs they look at them and get scared. Supposedly they're too big. They almost always open the cap and dump the drugs in their mouth, which pisses me off because a few mgs that get stuck to the cap are wasted. I'm the type of person that pours vodka and water into my little drug jars and drinks it to get every mg out when they're empty.

How similar to xanax is phenibut? Can i just buy that shit at the store in theUS? I really hate having anxiety, but xanax fucks my memory and i can't drink with it and i almost raped a girl on it

Hey nice assumption. You got me. Yeah everyone always bitches about how big they are and it kind of annoys me. I'm such a degenerate at this point and I can swallow 3 at a time back to back.

Damn bro that's hardcore

Package arrived today, 10x100mg 1p-lsd blotters, and 272mg of 4-aco-dmt fumarate. I've never tried psychedelics before, I think I might go with the 1p-lsd this friday just because it'll be easier to dose, don't have to weigh or measure anything.

Damn bro that's not an answer. We were coworkers and she started sending me nudes after her first day working there. Would snapchat me all fucking day every day, we'd hang out a little at the mall or her house n shit. I'd feel her up sometimes and she'd be ok with it but we never fucked. One night I'm on a bunch of xans at her house just me and her and I'm like fuck it and start groping her and she keeps saying she's not horny and we're not gonna fuck and I'm like yes we are and i flip her over and start to pull her pants down and she tells me to get the fuck out of her house. I leave and text apologize immediately. She made it seem like we were cool after that, kept snapping me all day, still sending nudes, then one day she quits the job and ghosts me. She told my boss she felt violated working with me and he tells her she brought it on herself because he sees her on the cameras being physically flirtatious with me even when I'm not doing anything, she'd fucking flash me when i was taking orders over the phone for fucks sake. Then of course rumors go around that I'm a rapist because she's got every other guy there in the same orbit

Bros is LSD supposed to have no taste? Literally felt like I just ate a tiny piece of flavorless white paper.
Anyways, ~75ug, first time (although I've tried magic mushrooms before). I'm not looking for full on ego death or mind blowing visuals, but a decent time to become acclimated to the headspace. That is the intention.

Ye it's tasteless

75(if accurate) should be a decent way to start mate. I did around that first time, definitely gives you the headspace and some profound thoughts. Enjoy it, smoke some weed just after the peak if you want to respark the fire too. Might do 100ug or so tomorrow myself.

did 4 and a half tabs of acid the other day
walked to the store and everyone qas either super small or huge compared to me and the sky was fucking amazing
went home and had an incredibly comfortable deep think for the next 4 hours
only have 2 tabs left, getting 2 more strips
its not

Not even the slightest tinge of something? I'm starting to question if I was ripped off. Also they were a lot smaller than I had expected.

I guess I'll find out soon enough.

lmao fucking benzos

>at this point and I can swallow 3 at a time back to back.

Hey at least you're not degenerate enough to start using rolling papers to parachute your krat. I once ran out of caps and had to resort to desperate measures. It's not like I can roll joints either way and it beats taking like 5 minutes trying to gulp down nasty kratom powder with olive oil and water. My guy friends called my capsules suppositories. Kek. Funny though, it's that the only ones that have swallowed them with no issues and I think even with no liquid were these arthoe thots I met at a rave.

I took xanax a few times. I just felt really tired and chill. I don't get the appeal. I can smoke a good indica and get the same result.

Nah, had some tabs before that tasted like ink because the blotter was shite, but LSD hasn't really got a taste. It's literally like taking on paper as you say. You'll realise in 45 minutes ;)

But do you even get the mood lift/euphoria with xanax? Mate said the same thing, would try it if it wasn't so murky and fentanyl laced.

Oh boy these types of grils at job are the worst, always trying to play with fire and misleading guys. I wonder what this job is...

Hope you let it sit on your tongue long enough