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It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcome to Cowbots 9000.

Notable last post:
>mfw she gets me scalped for my transgression
>You keep rollin' trips and dubs like this partner, and I'd reckon you were cheaten' if I didn't know better.
>mfw some lunatic said that tobacco is whats causing my cough
>Banditfren gang?

Notable tunes: youtube.com/watch?v=Xb4P-MZMzJs

archive: mega.nz/#F!TK4HnKhL!IvIY9u5wUROgBAW7i1GclA

something extra?: vocaroo.com/i/s0YI4vwgIMBa

happy trails

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Sorry partners, this here cattle rustler is just gonna keep rolling through

> this here cattle rustler is just gonna keep rolling through
I ain't trying to stir the pot but is this some type of code?

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I have come with a contraption that brings a lighthearted sense of carefree fun to this town. I present to you: the water balloon

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Great Scot! What in the name of Thomas Hancock is that contraption!

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next stop; Boot Hill


Well Howdy Pardner

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he who doubts me succs cock by choice


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Well that just ain't fightin' fair.

Parp parp

peew pew

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Howdy, how ya'll do this fine morning?

im drinking because its my bottle

Pretty good, my Mormon settlement is about to hang me for attempting to flirt with a Redskinned. Worth it brothers, see you in Hell lol

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Wut was that you? I have cats for cute but since you asked here is an old fashioned you larping gayee. Just stop using a fake voice with me god.

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Haha, much oblige

Then I gotta pay the drunken chinese a visit

get a free railroad out of it though

I reckon one final bump is in order before we hall the thread off to the saloon in the sky. Lets send er off with some pulp and spaghetti westerns, Thank you Italy for keeping the culture alive.

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