Which button do you press, and why?

Which button do you press, and why?

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I don't want to kill people and I really don't have *that* big problem with trans people.
So, money for me.

Button on the right. Cost of living goes down, quality of life goes up, and the number of dollars in circulation will likely go down, therefore making the money you currently earn more valuable. Also, no more shitty spam on Jow Forums. Fuck the trannies and fags.

I start an Jow Forums crowdfunder to kill all trannies, and tell people that unless they keep paying me they're all going to come back and shit up the place. I should get far more than $75/month that way

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How about an option to PAY $75 a month for the rest of my life in exchange for the right to kill as many gay & trans people as I please.

im going to take the money, and herein lies the root cause of society today

Left button of course.
For me to press the button on the right, its effect would have to change so that it fixed the problem instead of making it instantly fatal.
It needn't be a complete cure, but if it helped people accept their own bodies and become more attracted to people of the opposite sex, that's worth turning down the money for.

I'd gladly press the right button if that option erased all incels as well.


Bye bye faggots pfffffft

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Definitely right. My nerves definitely don't cost this low. At least transhit would stop affecting games, politics and etc.

I'd rather not have the deaths of millions on my conscience and maybe there's some sort of karma system after death.

It seems people are becoming more and more willing to accept mass murder as an option as if we're becoming more like utilitarian insects.

Trannies aren't people

you didn't kill anyone, you just pressed a button. Nobody in their right mind would think that it would actually work right?

I kissed a guy last night so left

75$ is that it
I'm picking the button that kills people out of spite

That depends on the definition.
"Trannies" also means transistor radios, which obviously aren't people.
But the label on the button specifies gay and trans PEOPLE.

Homosexuality is considered an abomination in the true word of G-d (the Torah) so you'd be gucci.

I don't really believe in all that and even then everyone's a sinner and you could justify the murder of anyone, not only homosexuals

That's like 5 hours of work for me, fuck off lmao

only 75 bucks lol

bye degens

Good catch. Here's the revised version.

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Just male gays or also lesbians? If it is the second, some of my friends are lesbian. I would just invite them over and then press the button on the right. It doesn't state that their bodys would disapear.

$75 a month is fucking nothing

>$75 a month
How is that even with it?
It's way more valuable to press the right button.

You give me 2k a month and then we can argue if the money is worth it more or not. Otherwise? Fuck off "people".

You're gonna have to work for that money every month unless you're a neet