Any tea drinking robots here? Let's discuss tea. Which teas do you drink for what effects?

Any tea drinking robots here? Let's discuss tea. Which teas do you drink for what effects?

Kava master race.

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What a serendipitous thread. I have only just finished brewing my third pot of iron goddess oolong, which arrived in the mail today. It's perfect company for some bitter winter shitposting as the southern hemisphere approaches the solstice.

I love Japanese Sencha! Get all my teas from yunnansourcing. And my all-time fav Gyokuro.

Kratom tea for when I want to feel motivated and comfy at the same time

God I fucking love tea.
I drink about every kind of tea I find in the store.
I've started drinking more herbal teas lately, there's a lot of nice ones.
I just found licorice tea, holy shit it's delicious.

kratom alkaloids arent water soluble

is kava bull shit? i have anxiety and like natural stuff. be specific and detailed plz

How much would you put for say a pint jar?

Kava is basically illegal here, fucking kava, our government literally wants us to suffer and even something that provides incredibly mild and slight relief is an obstacle to that goal

>is kava bull shit
So far the only kava I would drink is just the yogi teas. And I have no clue how much they put in there. It could be too little for me even with four bags. I just ordered some online and I'm going to properly test it with measured doses. It's tea user, not drugs. You can go to the store and try it. Just be fore to brew it properly as I heard too hot water can destroy the chemicals.

But as for now It does help. It doesn't make me a social master like actual drugs can, but it gets the job done when it needs to be. It does give a nice, soft body load though. But not so much that you don't want to move.

Can you but kavalactone extracts?

no, user if they could get away with it they'd stop people from drinking something as mild as fucking chamomile

Are you Australian?
I hate this island of misery.

Rooibos masterrace

I tried ginger tea. It was very disgusting and I regret wasting the money on it.
I'll stick to peppermint.

Damn that sucks. I hope you can at least have someone mail it to you one day.

So it's similar over there huh? Maybe this is an anglo thing


but I want it to be a drug

I find ginger tea is often far too strong.
Usually I think a lot of tea flavours are too subtle, but they forget anything about subtlety when it comes to ginger.

ha I knew it. literally every drug is illegal in the UK your country fucking SUCKS

>UK banning tea
I've never heard of something more backwards in my life.

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>but I want it to be a drug
Well it isn't. It's more of an aide

yep, it's basically one step away from USSR tier fucking evil post industrial cold wet hellscape
I wish I was dead

Try mugwort, tastes great even with no sugar added and it can make you lucid dream too.

i drink english breakfast because it has the effect "Fortify Imperialism"

Sounds interesting, I'll look into it.

just leave

lold and checkd

i really need something to take away depression and anxiety not sure if that shit is worth the cost. they have kava bars are you sure its not even slightly like a drug?

>reddit spacing
>muh drugs
>I'm so depressed and anxious, did I already tell you about my ocd too? I'm not like the other anons

Summer really has started

Again I haven't tried anything besides those yogi teas. I don't know anything beyond that. Either go to the kava bar or buy some bags and try it. I made the attempt to get some so can you.

And even if you want it as a drug, remember that what goes up must come down. You're only masking the depression. I'm just a quiet person so it helps me be more social and it works pretty well for me.

>just leave everyone you've ever known behind bro
you need a visa, you need to be able to secure an income, you need to find a place to live

Are you fucking 14?

Do you even need to ask? It's pretty obvious

nigger im upstate user ive been here longer than you

I dont think every country is that hard dude. I was looking at moving to the phillipines i dont give a shit if its 3rd world. literally anyone can move there and just keep renewing visas

ive heard of people moving around Europe by working at hostels and shit and they give them a room there and the job gives them a visa i dunno dude fuck

im pretty sure you can just keep visitng countries and begging for jobs and eventually get your feet in the door

Woah, he's also delusional and edgy

>I'm the annoying nigger who's been spamming threads about how I'm stuck where I live for literally years
>Just leave bro
Wow, hmmm

Finally a sound and healthy thread. To provide you with an answer; I like tea in basically all form, except for licorice because it completely stresses me out and makes my heart go into overdrive.
Unfortunately, my country is not really into tea, everyone basically only drinks coffea.

It would be a nice thread if there wasn't a snowflake high schooler screaming muh drugs, look at me I'm special

This is r9k, what do you expect? People here are looking for ways to make themselves and others miserable

Can't coffee be considered a tea?

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Nu-r9k is absolute trash, containment-tier like pol

That's why I made this thread. I'm tired of seeing noting but miserable assholes making others miserable and gay shit. The bitter incels are a cancer to this board. And I mean only the bitter ones.

well god doesn't strike you down. its totally different. if i had as much privilege as anyone else i could EASILY leave.

Oh god...

Well, my digit wielding friend, you raise a good point. What can be considered tea? Technically, just the leaves of Camellia Sinensis in various forms. Anything else is really just some sort of hot water herbal extract.

literally just not having chronic fatigue and god strike you down and poverty parents is privilege

But what makes that tea tea, and the others not tea? They're all brewed the same way pretty much.

The word "tea" is derived from a chinese dialectic word "te", which meant at the time of tea's worldwide trade emergence the leaves of that aforementioned plant. So you see, that plant's leaves constitute the original "tea". Everything else is simply borrowing the word out of convenience.

How originally interesting.

Does anyone here mix their teas? Which ones have you found to have some synergy?

I drink a lot of powdered teas, like pic related. Also have some green and black matchas.

Just ordered some powdered fruit to give it some new flavor. Have been experimenting with different types of honey as well.

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I used to mix oolong tea with jiaogulan, a chinese health herb with an almost sickly sweet flavour. The sweetness of the jiaogulan synergised perfectly with the sharpness of the oolong.

>Any tea drinking robots here? Let's discuss tea
>posts tisane

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