Are incels just sex addicts who can't get laid?

Are incels just sex addicts who can't get laid?

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Incels want to be loved/needed in a relationship instead of mindless sex.
They want gf's, getting sex is easy with prostitution being widespread even in illegal areas.

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And they want that magical 10/10 virgin who loves them unconditionally to appear in front of them without making any effort.

Nah man incels have it so hard. You have no idea how hard it is to meet women when you never go outside and don't go on any dating websites and avoid all contact with women in general.

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Most incels would settle for a 3-4/10, but even those get 1-2k likes on tinder and would rather ride the cock carousel then be in a stable relationship.

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Pretty much. I mean a junkie shoots someone to get a hit and people just sit back and say 'well that sad but it makes sense' an incel shoots up a school or rapes his crush who rejected him and everyone loses their mind. Why dont girls just give incels what they need? Thyde probably be pleastantly surpiused how good they are in bed

t. former incel whos had nurmerous girls admit hes amazing in bed

Nice generalisations there. Why bother trying when you can dig up some stats and just say "on average, I'm less likely to succeed" and not even try.

>read one normalcuck buzzfeed headline of duh inzul menace
Go away.

>don't go on any dating websites
i got no matches on them

I made a tinder account with pic.whale related and got 50 likes in 1 hour, came back 1 week later and it was siting at 1k+ likes and the guys were doing all the work trying to score dates and inviting me in town to restaurants, etc.

I am Jow Forums, have my own place and car and i'm barely getting 5 matches per week and most of those ghost me or cancel dates last minute maybe and if i'm lucky it results in one or two dates a month.

Fuck off with "muh generalisation" argument, it doesn't mean shit.

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Yeah cause guys are a lot thirstier than women lmao. Realistically, you might not be very attractive, so you should probably stay off Tinder - it's very shallow, even among dating sites. Have you tried other dating sites? Here's a non-general case - my short Asian friend found himself a lovely girl on OKCupid, so maybe give that a go.

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>so you should probably stay off Tinder
And how should i meet girls in this app dominated dating scene? Not to mention that i usually avoid social gatherings because they bore the shit out of me.
>Have you tried other dating sites?
Have accounts on tinder, badoo, okcupid, tantan and happn, same shit except the latter seem to have a smaller user base when compared to tinder that results in way less matches, like 1-2 matches per month.

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>if I create a meme diagram in mspaint it will become totally fact
How dumb does one have to be to believe this?

Well, it's hard to judge exactly what's going wrong when I don't have too much information about you to go on. Why don't you post your Tinder profile (just blur out any info you don't want me to see) and hopefully I can make a recommendation based on that.

Its a pic that shows on how hypergamy works you retard, pic related is a graph diagram you low IQ monkey, how did you even pass the captcha test with you 2 brain cells?

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Funny, last time I heard some call someone else that was when a femanon told some random dude all of his opinions were irrelevant because no woman would eever fuck him. That seems to be an absolute favourite as far as insults go for normies

>being worse at dating than 62% of the male population
That's impressive. Have you considered shaping up and getting to at least an average state? It's not that hard.

There's nothing wrong with being a virgin, but there's a lot wrong with being an incel.

They think everything revolves around sex, when that's totally not true. They disregard everything important about a relationship and just focus on something stupid.

You don't even know what the word hypergamy means.

More advice, just what everyone needs. I'm sure there'll be plenty of unique insights from this user that none of us have ever read before.

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I do know what it means
Its the opposite of monogamy. Instead of focusing on one partner, you have many partners
Like I have a girlfriend of 2 years, but I still fuck your mom every weekend

They need to enforce the age barrier on Jow Forums.

Are you mad that your mom is getting some hot and sweaty 38 year old NEET dick?

I'm more shocked than anything else, last time I checked my mum was a lesbian who was living with another woman.

Look it up in a dictionary and report back to us.

Involuntary Celibacy
Involuntarily Celibate

You want sex but you cant get it due to finances, life skills, life circumstances.

>literally post a pic explaining hypergamy
>You don't even know what the word hypergamy means.

>Have you considered shaping up and getting to at least an average state? It's not that hard.
Have finished university, got my own place and new car, no debt, go to the gym and lift 6 times a week, good paying job.
You tell me what more needs "shaping up" bukko.

>inb4 date single moms
I would rather remain incel for life then do that.

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>last time I checked my mum was a lesbian
>mummy told me she was a lesbian
You sweet summer child

>Look it up in a dictionary
Funny, I did and pic related showed up
I guess the incels really are right

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You didn't look it up in a dictionary, liar. You simply picked whatever you found on an incel site. Are you going to post the actual correct definition or not?

>incel site
Google is an incel site now?

Why do you continue to avoid the truth?

>avoid the truth
I got the earlier pic from google
Uncropped pic related
Also words change over time
Why are you so butthurt old man??

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Even your google search shows you are wrong.

>girls date/marry Chad
>Chad is a higher status of boy than they normally date
>80% of girls date 20% of men
>REEE this is not the true definition of hypergamy

Okay, Merriam Webster. You can take your dictionary and chalk this one up as a win if you want but words are malleable and they change to the current environment

>80% of girls date 20% of men
Wut. That is the most retarded thing I have ever read.

>That is the most retarded thing I have ever read
Okay, so youre just retarded
I was excited to think you might be an intellectual

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Funny how that 80/20 rule is proven in okcupid's pic.
Females view 80% of men as ugly/not dating material, while men appropriate rate them.

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And if you take the actual messaging, your incel bullshit 80/20 meme gets btfo. Think about it for a minute for real. How would it even be possible for 80% of men to not date any women and 20% of men to date 4 women at the same time?

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That proves 80% of men have sex with 20% of girls, not the other way around you idiot.

the real 80/20 rule is how 80% of the richest men marry the 20% of the poorest women

I like how those graphs keep being posted as if the women are to blame for the lack of quality males available.

If only 20% of the males are good enough the ones having a hard time are actually the women, geniuses.

Oooh boy it's time again

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No, they are actually heroin addicts who never tried drugs.
Is there some unspoken rule that almost every op on this board is a stupid faggot?

>How would it even be possible for 80% of men to not date any women and 20% of men to date 4 women at the same time?
Women would prefer to remain single and have the occasional 1 night stand with chad in hopes of somehow keeping him then to be in a serious relationship with a man of her league.
And when they fail at getting a stable relationship with a chad by age 30 they start panicking and looking for men in their league to help them raise their out of wedlock children and this is why single mothers are absolute scum of the earth that should be fucking killed.

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It's more about knowing you're worthless and irrelevant to nature and society

Does wanting to have sex but being unable to make you an incel?

It's called being impotent.

Literally nothing you said made any sense. Face it, the 80/20 meme is just that, a meme.

>Literally nothing you said made any sense. Face it, the 80/20 meme is just that, a meme.
This is most low iq rebuttal i have ever seen, i can see summer is here, le edgy summerfag.

>women are to blame for the lack of quality males available.
If women would flock to quality men, nerds would be swimming in pussy.

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>he thinks he's a quality male

What is a quality man? That's a very blurry statement.

You can't get addicted to meth without smoking it first, therefore incels aren't sex addicts.