I need advice about something, robots

I need advice about something, robots.

So I have this friend. And he knew I had schizophrenia and addiction problems. And he thought it would be amusing to encourage me to inject crystal meth and play mind games with me. I ended up trying to kill myself and ended up in the psych ward for two weeks.

How do I forgive him and move on with my life?

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>forgive him
You don't, he's a sociopath that enjoyed fucking with you. He WILL do it again. I've been in this exact spot, atleast avoid them.
>move on with life
Ignore them or kill him and claim that schizophrenia+him were fucking with you, you could probs get away with it and goto a ward for atleast a year.

I would suggest not forgiving him and never talking to him again, and seriously questioning why you're such a terrible judge of character that you befriended this guy in the first place.

Remember that Jesus forgave you as well.

Come to Odessa Texas and be my suicidal druggie GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can spend it all on heroin and meth

Go to hell slut.

it's hard to just let go. He was something of a father figure to me.

I've left behind shitty friends for much worse. You may be schizophrenic but your "friend" is a psychopath

>How do I forgive him
>and move on with my life?
By completely excluding himself from it.

That is a fucking horrendous thing to do to somebody.
This person is not your friend.

Lmao did you give up the pussy to him while you were tweaking?

Based psycho Chad dabbing on the schizo roastie

yes I slept with him but I slept with him sober

It just kind of angers me that he almost killed me and he got off scot free! I wish I could get revenge somehow

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If you're a femanon just make a false rape accusation and put some proof anywhere.
Isn't that what all of you do when you're mad at someone.
Sigh.... Femanons.

>I wish I could get revenge somehow
You could have sex with someone from this board and send him pics/video

If he plays mind games with you, play mind games with him

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I don;t want to meet a false rape accusation. I want to pay for what he did

Don't forgive him, he's a dickhead and asshole, better be alone than with scum like this

if your stupid enough to inject meth then you deserve it

Forgive him and leave him

You don't HAVE to forgive him if you make your life's purpose revenge. But watch the movie mandy and see what revenge will turn you into if you take a bunch of bad acid and turn into a demon. It seems pretty cool

you are smack talkin you damn roastie
go back to sucking his dick and keep your shitty stories for yourself

Post your tits and contact I'll help

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just end it, if you have schizophrenia then your life isn't worth living. Not trying to be mean but we both know I'm right, mercy kill yourself and end the suffering. There is no cure.