Jow Forums incel rating girls

I know this channel is söy but I love these videos, they are always full of subtle red pills.
Do you agree with his ratings?
>"what's more important to you, looks or personality?"
>personality. cuz looks go away
>fast forward
>"so who are you gonna pick, the one you rated highest in looks or personality?"
>uh.. um... well... I'll h-have to go with looks just this time I promise
>that awkward moment when they finally see each other
>that virgin stance when he gives her his phone
>interviewer ask the girl that was chosen how does it feel
>"it was kind of an ego boost I guess hahahah xD"
>will you call him?
>"if he calls me first, sure"
fucking lmao the roastie was there literally for the likes and to top it off dried up as soon as she interacted with this autist face to face

for real though, is it possible to lift autism away?

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i agree 2 is the hottest
rest are average to ugly

>the monkeys are the lowest


agree but they picked literal trash tier blacks, also 4, 5 and and 8 look just as bad facially


Oh shit here we go.


He absolutely overrates, but if we use a reasonable scale the ratings are pretty decent apart from the really obvious racism.



Bruh why are all the black girl below 5

#4 is a 5.5? lol being super nice

Here comes the attention hungry faggot to ruin the thread as usual

Only selected for the vid
Some Ethiopian chicks are 9s

>the chubby cutie got a 6


>hiding your roll behind a cope

second last girl is underrated. she's at LEAST a 7

>why yes I love feeding them (You)s by rolling for jerk off fantasies because I can’t get a real woman

>obvious racism
god is the racist one for making that way
pic related

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>One of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve ever got was: you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the orchard... but someone can just not like peaches. Love yourself.


No, he's pretty clearly some yellow fever faggot. I wouldn't rate the black girls higher, but a lot of the other girls are on their level or possibly even below.

>I love roll posts oh my god such quality

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HB [ 7+ ] 1 and maybe 8(photo angle is confusing it)
HB [ 4 - 6 ] 0, 4, 9
HB [ 3- ] rest are ugly genetic refuse, maybe one or two can be fucked with a paper bag on their head
>(hot bitch) = HB 1 out of 10

Looks are absolutely #1 in my book, personality is something I can sculpt in a woman, unless she's batshit crazy, a pump n dump, daddy issues, drugs, etc.

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>yellow fever

Only the 7.5 asian, the others are latina, you blind boomer

I'm not American, when I see amerindians I often think jungle asian rather than mexican.

None of those girls are above a 6

Post body


He overrated the asians but otherwise pretty accurate. IMO the second to last girl was probably the most attractive.

>for real though, is it possible to lift autism away?
No. The guy in the video acts low status
>Clearly intimated by girls and makes a status lowering joke about it
>Quickly apologizes for harmless joke when slightly challenged
>Someone else had to tell him to ask for her number

You have to learn how to act high status (AKA chad). It's independent from how you look. The guy in the video looks pretty decent but acts pretty submissive.

Girl on the far right is the choice of patricians and men with high test.

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Ashit? Damn


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From left to right.

>1. 6/10
Basic bitch facebook normie. Has a busted face and has probably taken miles of cock. Thinks of herself as not like other girls but is just more whorish and less stable. Still, good birthing hips and thick thighs.
>2. 7/10
Good body shape but not quite thick enough. Cute but with a weak jaw and round face that would surely create an Elliot Rodger son.
>3. 2/10
A goblina that would turn into a le americana creatura after her first child. One to avoid although not entirely disgusting.
>4. 3/10
And entirely disgusting face and art-hoe glasses but a decent body. This butter face has far too much confidence with her Thwomp looking head. Still, might give a potential son a Chad jaw.
>5. 7.5/10
The most classically beautiful woman there. Elegant, good body but still not thick enough as most asians are. Perhaps 10/10 in the land of dog-eaters, but not by my standards. Still has a large nose and moon face.
>6. 2/10
This creature just got out of the mines of Moria. Grotesque features but still manages a somewhat womanly figure.
>7. 5/10
Awful facial features but not nearly to the extent of #6. On the flip side, she also has the best body, strong, tall and with pleasing hips and breasts. Would be a 8/10 if white with Euro facial features.
>8. 3/10
Another goblina of the eastern regions. Should be sent to the womanlet pit with #3. Would produce weak offspring but not painful to gaze upon like #6 and and #3.
>9. 7/10
I'd let her poo in my loo. This high caste qt has both an average body and cute face. Although the idea of a Pajeet son does not allow my rating to surpass a 7.
>10. 5/10
Arguably the most genetically gifted in terms of facial features, this zog puppet is probably tens of thousands in debt from useless college classes and a waitress at Starbucks. I'll pray that a big gender studies factory opens up in California for her. Decent body, but poisoned from within. Possibly a good pump and dump if you have a wig handy.

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Please have mercy on my soul

not gonna lie the fact you spent more than a minute on this list is pretty cringe

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# # # # # # # # #
None of (You) dyel faggots will never get laid lmao
>whoa my numbers I’m gonna touch myself now *söyface
Kill yourself incel poster

>Negresses getting sub 5s when even the bulldyke on the end got a 5

It's quick and concise. Good post desu


1,4,8 good
Rest sucks


4 is fucking hot what the fuck are u smoking

Thanks Chad for your valuable input on the looks of girls

shit ratings

and he inflated the scores so he doesn't look racist
real score is like 2

she has the best body but her face is fucked

>you're judged in life based your physical looks
>bitch tits gets angry at the raw truth
>compulsion to defend m'lady increases

Post body faggot

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>posts incel runner twenty fourty nine maymays
The only thing worse than a whore or a white knight is an incel, you all should be put in the same concentration camp
Also only dyels day post body without posting theirs

objectively wrong.



>It's fine to rate people based on their subjective appearance, and I believe most of these women are not as attractive as this guy said.
>But it's totally not fine to rate people of other races as less attractive. That's just offensive and racist.

WTF are you even doing here, you bluepilled smoothbrain?

All the blacks would have been low. As you can see, the 5-6/10 Asian beat the clearly better looking Stacey

Imagine projecting this hard.

>60/40 to 70/30
Let's say 65/35. That gives the second chick a weighted average of 8.2 and the last 7.9. The rest are clearly inferior, no need to check the average
I don't see how going for the second chick contradicts anything

>Because all races are equally attractive! Obviously, duh! Haha!


We can see there's a massive gap between the 5.5 ugly white girl and the #1 6/10 white girl. #1 was flat out out of his league facially and is the type for model chads so he probably rated her low out of insecurity.

They clearly aren't, but alot of ugly white dudes like you choose Asians because your genetics are too shit for Stacey.

The 6.5 deserves a higher score. The rest are a 4 or below.

Left to right


Would go for far right anyway cause short hair and white, just making objective judgements here.

Fucking based man. Was thinking the same thing but I don't have enough autism to type something like this out.

Namefagging is illegal, mr incel
Still waiting on that timestamped body


roll again :/

This is not a 7, this is an ugly white trying to cope

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nice try FBI

retards, its your birthday, hence the 31 at the bottom
month and day

> bunch of ethnics and a modern dyke


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Damn, this dude has NO taste. He clearly has yellow fever, although fair enough for rating the black women lower, I feel like they could have picked more attractive ones though. Anyways, Dora was clearly the most qt out of the group, short hair is patrician. She was also the only one that was white, had the best genetics and a likeable personality from what they showed

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lol dont kid yourself it would have been any blacks. Black females are the absolute least desired, you can not despite this fact.

Give it to me straight... is love a lie, Jow Forums?

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There are two types of people who will tell you they live you
Fools and those trying to fool you.
Don't take advantage of the former, and do not let yourself be taken advantage of by the latter

I would have gone for Dora alone just because I'm a burger. But she looks like she reeks of feminism.

Honestly, the best girl to wife would be the black Christian girl; however, then you would have to deal with her nigger family.

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Literal animals. I know they've picked him because he looks weak; but honestly taking a punch like that completely out of the blue will put 90% of people on their ass regardless of if they're hard or not.

Black people truly have zero honour.

t. r9k

Even in an official capacity they are truly contemptible.

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You would also have to deal with your own nigger family soon enough
That’s why its better to be fit, have fighting experience and take your hands out of your pockets when passing nogs. I guarantee if the same guy had been more muscular and ready to fight they wouldn’t have had the balls to try and punch him

>I guarantee if the same guy had been more muscular and ready to fight they wouldn’t have had the balls to try and punch him
It wouldn't even matter if you were ready to fight or more muscular. There's clearly about 6 of them in the video; have you ever tried to take on 6 people at once? There's simply too many fists to try and dodge, unless they're truly fucking useless or you're a pro-fighter, you're going to lose. They know this, which is why they do it. Fucking scum, all of them.

Watching that video just makes me sad. Poor blokes just minding his own business, probably on his way home from work thinking about Stacy or his new WoW build and then bam, hes got his face in the dirt with a broken jaw while some teens try to steal his shit.

Even if there’s 6 of them they usually won’t go for it unless there was some previous provocation, even if only or two got knocked out nobody would want to be one of those two.
Definitely feel bad for the dude though, he looks like the kind of guy who got bullied as well and has just generally gotten the shit end of the stick on social interactions for all of his life

>he looks like the kind of guy who got bullied as well
You can tell by the walk. You can always tell. Hope he called the police and got some sort of justice.

Ah, a negro scholar. I'm not sure I agree though. Going to college in the inner city really showed me they will just chimp out for what seems like no reason.

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I was with you until you gave no 9 a 7/10

@ from the right is like a 7.5 The far right one is 6, and maybe an 8 with some weightloss and non-dyke haircut.

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Vid related, you probably know it already though
Only if they feel like they won’t get knocked the fuck out though, they aren’t nearly as mouthy or aggressive towards bigger guys or people that look more threatening

powerful bait

Objectively wrong

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this minus the offspring obsession

>"so who are you gonna pick, the one you rated highest in looks or personality?"
Those overlap. Bodily fitness is a direct marker for how someone actually approaches life, instead of a momentary 'tee hee I'm fun and outgoing' snapshot.

>ex looks just like far right one and had a great personality to boot

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Finally some patrician taste

The state of white women

Because they chose ugly black girls duhh

i like far right the most. only genuinely attractive women can rock the pixie cut or shorter and i think she does it well

Found the incel

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks she's really fucking cute

You must be white too.