This 23 year old woman is a virgin and it's because she's a conservative christian from Alabama

This 23 year old woman is a virgin and it's because she's a conservative christian from Alabama

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she fucked the pineapple.

>But user they were just niggers they dont count.

Youde be amazed how many southern sluts think this way. Especially if they found god.

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>tits out
doubt it

"The creampies in the church parking lot dont count user! I only sucked his dick and let him prolapse my anus!!!! I'm still a virgin"

Jeez, why are you fags so obsessed?

>cleav pic
still a roastie clearly

>niggers don't count
Is this seriously what women tend to think?

I'm asking for real, I'm not even from the US, so I can't know.

Yes man. Go to Louisiana and see for yourself.


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So why is that a huge insecurity for a lot of guys?
They'd all jump to fuck a thick nigger woman, but wouldn't marry her.
So why is the opposite a problem?

>why do guys not want to eat Tyrone's cum out of a used Arby's meat vagina?
Do you happen to have brain damage?

No one wants that, but I still don't get the insecurity about it.

>no virgin white wife wants to suck dried asian pussy juice off your dick

That is a model who took off her shirt and sucked a cock to cinch that gig

she's in the navy

Why would anyone want a girl that doesn't know how to fuck properly?

>In the navy
>Claims to be a virgin

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LMAO any female in any branch is a cocklusting slut I was in for 14 years she 100% has taken dick

Let me guess, anal and sucking cock don't count.

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lmao good luck finding a western girl who's a virgin/isn't a whore.

I feel sorry for anglo american robots. The best women left are arab QTs or Christian girls from former USSR nations, but most of them marry their own kind.

>Christian girls from former USSR nations
>implying women don't whore around in those countries just as much
former USSR literally have HIV as a relevant thing to worry about among straight people and there are barely ANY niggers there. let this sink in.

You're an idiot and have no idea what you're talking about lmao

But please keep believing in this nonsense. I don't want girls from my homeland to end up with robotcucks who despise them anyway.

Im from alabama when they arent hamplanets women look hot af desu