Brothers, few sisters

Brothers, few sisters.

I got one question that I can't find answer to. It is my boyfriend. I'm f so nobody needs to be upset over gayness.

So I met this guy. five almost six years ago. He is quite the specimen. Tall average looking. Not ugly at all, I'd say even opposite. He got that serene look on his face most of the time till moment he gets pissed off at most minor things. He has tried to kill himself three times in past. All of his brain scans are normal but he himself certainly is not. I want to understand what's the deal with him. Is he an alien? From what I've gathered he knows about Jow Forums but he loathes this place. He doesn't care about sports or normalfag hobbies so he is not a chad. What is he. Help me guys.

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A free-range sperg. Now get the fuck out you stupid bitch.

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How can one deal with free range asperger's?

Should I get him some video games?

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Dose he have borderline personality disorder?

No. His register is completely clear. He suspected himself of having narcissism but others thought he doesn't. I can sort of see something like narcissism in him but it's like narcissism mixed with aspergers but he does understand people decently enough but can't express himself at all.

He is bit like Johan liebert from anime monster without being as evil.

Someone with anger issues. You're not going to fix him so just give up that fantasy right now.

Femoid here. Leave before the physical abuse starts.

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You are dating a mentally ill. Enjoy the ride

>He is bit like Johan liebert from anime monster without being as evil.
HAHHA I am dating a fucking Dennis
I've been with for 10 years and managed to make him my bitch
Get on my level

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Hey, he never really hurt me himself. I'm crazy bitch myself and he is only person in my life that can handle me. I've stabbed him few times and he never reported me to police. Since I'm just crazy not evil I always regretted it. I don't know. In this relationship I always thought I am manipulating him. But maybe he is manipulating me?

You're manipulating each other and violence will happen but you have to beat him

Jesus fucking christ anons. Once I hit him with knife he just took it away from me, sat on bed and grabbed needle and thread and begun to sew his arm shut.
What the fuck. Is this peak gamma Chad or something? Is this real love? It certainly doesn't feel like he loves me. More like he just tolerates me.

Beat him how? In what sense. Physically I can't do it. I could only kill him. Otherwise he doesn't give a fuck. I really don't want to abuse him. Not at all. I hate it. In what sense can I beat this monster. How people like this even exist.

Intimidate him somehow. Try your hardest and just scare the fucking shit out of him. Don't fucking stab or attack him.

Points if you play the long game and use a trail of bread crumbs to lead him into a trap without actually doing anything illegal/immoral.

Nothing really works. He is absolutely fearless. Things that he does not like. Things like dying he just perceives as annoying, social things annoying. Apparently he has been this way most of his life but maybe cut of oxygen going to his brain after suicide attempts made it even worse.

I just ask, because I've never dealt with person like this ever in my life. It's weird mix of asperger's, narcissism and depression. So pretty robot type of a guy. He still hates Jow Forums for being whorish and degenerate for his liking.

>It's weird mix of asperger's, narcissism and depression
>He still hates Jow Forums for being whorish and degenerate for his liking
I understand all this. Really if you want a serious answer, stop stabbing him and stuff and just do your best at matching him in intelligence, cunning and fearlessness. You want his respect so earn it.

Take your meds, schizOP

I guess you are right. I'm a real lazy piece of shit.

I just wanted to deconstruct him like I do about anyone I meet and it usually is easy. He is someone that I can't understand and can't predict. Thanks all who answered.

>sat on bed and grabbed needle and thread and begun to sew his arm shut.
sure you fucking larper. sewing your arm shut with random thread and unsterilized needle would cause a horrifying infection
mind telling us how exactly he fucking sewed his wound with one hand?

It was a fucking horror show user.

He laid his arm on his lap and grabbed sewing needle and began to hit at his own arm and going at it. I suggested that I'd just call help. He denied and had at it. First time I saw how fucking sick this guy was. He managed to do it. He studies medicine btw. But he did it with thin thread I had around that is kinda strong. Result was still bleeding of course but wound did close.

you're a larping moron. you literally cannot suture yourself with "a thin thread you have around that is kind of strong". you have to use surgical suture like pic related or AT MOST you have to use something like tooth floss thread, it has to be smooth, sewing thread will catch against the skin as you feed it through and it will feel like satan is pissing in your wound. unless this guy is immune to pain he would not have been able to do it with "random thread that was laying around", besides the fact that it would have caused his wound to get massively infected, something he wouldn't have done especially if "he studies medicine", whatever the fuck that means
go post your larping bullshit on reddit

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you're retarded people do home surgery all the time

You may believe or not believe it. I didn't think it was possible. I don't know the fuck about medicine. That thread I removed it myself after three days and pasted bandage over his arm. It didn't get infected, showed no signs of it. What is left is clean scar that he bitches to me about. Only if I had it my way.

they don't do it with sewing thread you dumb american faggot

More like fancy pansy Muricans need some sterile thread that melts away for sewing wounds shut. True people just use thread and needle like they used to. Fucking yankee pussies.

this dude I know sat in the bathroom screaming for hours because some ingrown hair grew around his urethra and was too embarrassed to go to the hospital so he fixed it himself and nothing happened
it sounded like fucking hell in there and everyone was crying and begging him to go to the hospital
no "sewing needles" or threads involved

He has some weird nerve problems where he can't ride bicycle and can't really feel great amount of pain but when there is slight discomfort it's like hell for him. Also he got synesthesia.

>I'm f so nobody needs to be upset over gayness.
>I'm f
that makes it worse. I only stopped here because I get compared to johan if he had red hair a bit. Also,

I had trouble with bikes and got really bad road rash but I just kinda fought through it. I got made fun of for needing training wheels way too late and hurt myself trying to learn how to ride a normal bike, now I feel like a vespa is a good idea for me but it seems to European and autistic to pull off when I don't actually have a week's worth of a wardrobe.

Originally you are quite the nigger

I'll buttfuck you.

>he doesn't care about sports so he must not be a Chad
Women logic everyone. Giving them the vote was a terrible, terrible mistake.

>is he an alien

yeah, definitely, a straight male with anger issues, no mainstream hobbies and a suspected mental illness is so rare he might as well be bigfoot and there definitely aren't thousands of spergy kids just like him

Seriously though, you sound underage and kind of clueless

You shouldn't focus on men so much, instead try to make something out of yourself while you still can, go to uni, get some hobbies and stop worrying about shady losers

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Jesus Christ I just read the rest of the thread, if this is real and you're not LARPing both you and him deserve to be locked up in the nearest loony bin and pumped full of meds so that you maybe stop being fucking retarded

I planned to end this thread much sooner but since some are still interested. I think I should give some motivational story to inspire robots around.

So It was probably second time he tried to kill himself. He tried it through some medicine. I can't remember the name. So his plan was to overdose on that and it didn't work out. He then just recalls to wake in hospital bed with IV bag and syringe in his arm. He told me that once he woke up, he'd just pull out aall that syringe out. They are much longer than you'd believe and he'd just proceed to walk around hospital like zombie till someone caught him.

He just said that it is not worth to die.

Inspiring story?

He is far less of a loser than me. I think.
I don't know what really makes a male winner. Wealth, partner count? He doesn't have that but at least he is successful with his studies and goes through work. Meanwhile I don't do much anything. Just go to therapy and do studies whenever I can.

We already kinda are. Meds though don't seem to work on him. Only drug that could make him feel off was prozac. Weed or that doesn't affect him at all.

I don't really need advice. I just wanted to shit talk. I know there is nobody on this earth that can solve this puzzle. I'd be 4 out of 5 capable of solving this but I am not 5 and I doubt anyone on Jow Forums is that I could meet one in just one day.

I just wanted to kinda show you. It is not hopeless. Even after point where you wanna kill yourself and after you've done it. It is not too late necessarily. Brave on my anons.

Seems hard to place in a stereotype, what are his interests?