Can i get a qt bf if im ugly

one who loves meh and isnt a normia moralfag

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quit your weak ass larping bullshit

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Where do i find a goth chick if i live on the west coast?

another man jus rejected me
im tired of bein an ugu roastie i wish i could get a job and get surgeries to become a stacy

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wish i could help im in swisserlannd and cant even speak the language yet

macdonalds wont even hire meh

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That isnt goth you nonce.
Jesus christ

>he thinks bein a nonce is bad

Whatever you dyke. I like damaged girls.

fuck off rozeli , dumb goblin whore

roz who ironicly ?

who is rozeli
is he italian?

im sad t b h

it feels bad bein called ugly

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halp im sad
kill me tfw nobf

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first tell me how to get affectionate gf..
who lives in europe

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i wish i knew love is hard

I love meth, do I count?

post dico im curiouys lel

Go on Grindr but you will 100% be a bottom and for best odds your dick needs to be locked in chastity

how do I get a bf like that?
grindr sucks.

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please become qt self loathing gf

im a roastie
drop disc

>im a roastie
Yes we already established that you are gay

I know it's you the smell is unmistakeable

I'm sure you're not ugly user

that wat user have been sayin even when im not around

She looks a bit like Gollum

fuck off to /soc/, attention whore

im sure im orbiting but eh

No. Stop batting out of your league. Learn your place.