Look at this stupid cunt

Look at this stupid cunt

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Chad doing God's work.

Why are you posting reddit shit here?

The punchline is that now she only loves him more. Such a free and independent man... she'll wait for him.

I love when women get justed.

Chad is fucking based, fuck this roastie lmfao


Instead of complaining she should have framed him or something. This seems like the kinda thing that would happen all the time but she missed her opportunity to pay africans to fucking butt rape him and give him aids for like ten bucks.

The fuck? How does she fall for that am I even reality?

>btw Rebbit here's my paypal if you want to help out

t. totally not a middle-aged man

How about not being a dumb tinder thot in the first place she deserves it

>The punchline is that now she only loves him more. Such a free and independent man... she'll wait for him.
Pretty much this.

Other than the fact she is with someone 10y older than her idk what you mean. He cheated so what good reasons does she have not to sneak aids into his food?

>implying any man under 50 would date a woman over 25

>going to another country with a fucking stranger
Why are women so naive and stupid? They go home with strange men and fuck them, they go to other continents with men they've been "dating" for a month. No wonder serial killers target women, these bitches fall for anything.

I'm just saying it's ok to give someone aids if they do this regardless of all that

>after a couple of months of meeting up and "dating"
Imagine outing yourself so blatantly as a slut
Doesnt even write "dating" without quotes as its obvious they just meet up and fuck.
Also the whole shooting over to France with someone you don't know and NOT HAVING YOUR OWN MONEY
What happened to women

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This sort of thing happens to both genders though. When you're confronted with an extremely attractive person showing interest in you, you might just do something crazy to be with them, sparing no thought to consider whether it's too good to be true.

There are plenty of men right now who are willingly cucking themselves and ruining themselves in all sorts of ways for a woman who couldn't love him less.

based, wonder if this slut learned her lesson
she hasn't

Bet she actually met him on seekingarrangement.

That's awful, worse than getting catfished

How can you not sympathize with her? fucking scammers

Why would you go to another country without a means to get home? Why would ever put yourself so completely at the mercy of a person you barely know?

anyway this story is fake, as is 99% of reddit relationship shit

you only sympathize with her because you're a beta and she has a vagina

I will bet 500 euros, that she will get money from some cuck to buy her plane tickets

I just went and looked at that thread and people are saying the return flight (she's from Sweden) is like 50 euros kek. Depending on how long it took the LARPer to write that post it might actually be a good grift.

>going to france with a tinder date and not boyfriend
retarded hoe

>fucking scammers
what exactly was the scam here? he DID take her to Paris!!!

>anyway this story is fake, as is 99% of reddit relationship shit
there is some user with a great folder of reddit screen caps that he posts in the women hate threads on here and Jow Forums. probably hundreds of caps by either dudes finding out they're dating a woman with huge number of past partners and feeling bad about it or women posting about how their boyfriend is pissed at them after finding out how many other dudes they've fucked.
the caps have screennames in them, some are just too ridiculous to believe but once I went on reddit to see and they were real non-throwaway accounts.
the real world is fucking crazy

and left her stranded instead of delivering what he commited to, the definition of a scam
There are people that actually try to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them, don't see what's so strange about it