I trim my leg hair, not for sports or anything but because I like how it feels and looks

I trim my leg hair, not for sports or anything but because I like how it feels and looks.

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You do you user. I trim my armpits

I tried that once, but then I just got sweaty so the time because if it and get uncomfortably numb on my legs.

Me too, to maximize deodorant

how tho? the feeling of a cool summer breeze is better with hairy legs

Man my legs are super hairy too maybe I should do this

My legs are a fucking forest and I have to trim to wear shorts, otherwise people would think I was a Neanderthal. It is a lot of work though

i shave my armpits and will eventually shave my legs as well, i fuckin hate hair in places other than my head

I only trim my facial hair, why would you put all that work into shit you and nobody else should care bout?

do you just trim or just shave like the pic

you're almost as gay as the guys who shave their pubic hair

Not op but I shave like that pic. Like said, I also hate hair in places other than my head. I am a pajeet so I get extremely hairy pretty much everywhere. Shaving legs, balls and ass, back, chest, stomach, armpits, It all just makes it feel really clean. Once you try it, you will not want to go back honestly but then again, I am THAT hairy. It does not take that long as long as you manage it. Every Sunday, just trim it down in the shower. Easy

i am a hairy pajeet also and i have considered shaving all my body hair too. i hate the fact that i shed everywhere and that takes me long time to dry after a shower and i have to use extra lotion and shit. i did shave around my asshole once and it made my farts louder and it felt weird against my skin. i felt it made me dirtier. any advice?

I trim the hair on my ankles because my socks pull on it and it hurts

When you say shave, do you mean wet shave? If so, stop that. Just use an electric trimmer. Drying off is a lot faster and using lotions is also quicker. I am sure you can relate to how long it takes to apply lotion lol. I do not shave near my asshole but I get close to it and I shave the cheeks. For my balls, I just use the coldest setting on the shower so they shrink up. Never wet shave anywhere though. I would just take the time one day to trim all over man. It really feels a lot better than having a bunch of hair everywhere

>as gay as the guys who shave their pubic hair
How is that gay

thoughts on the Phillips one blade?

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Never used it but my brother in law has and he said it was great as a beard trimmer. I use pic related. It is just a braun beard trimmer (ignore the razor). Works for me but just shop around. There are probably some trimmers specifically for manscaping that are better.

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do you get someone to do your back?

There are back trimmers out there that people use. Not got much experience with them though. My back hair is really concentrated just above my ass cheeks so I can easily get there with a trimmer. Upper back is fine so I do not touch it. Are you skinny? I am and if it was hairy, I could probably still use a regular trimmer on my upper back.

You should consider using NAIR
Smells bad while using
Hair wipes off, leaves skin silky smooth
Lasts much longer than shaving

Only downside
When sweating
I can feel sweat roll from my neck
Down my back
Down my leg and into my shoe
When you have hair the sweat moves away from your skin

Still shave my head
NAIR my nostrils and ears
Used to shave my eyebrows
Now they no longer grow
Sweat from my head runs right into my eyes

Feels a lot cleaner
After NAIRing your ass

Not gay
Not really anything
I suppose

Hairless look
Can be a turn off
Hear whispers on the bus
Probably my imagination
Might be all the limes I eat

I have heard pretty bad things about hair removal creams. Do they burn? If you have sensitive skin, do they irritate it?

Should I shave my leg?

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The anwser is always yes

t. original werewolf

Try it out. If you hate it, just let it grow back

>>I have heard pretty bad things

I have never had a problem
Always do a test patch
To look for a bad reaction

There are some generic brands
Dollar General had one
I usually stay with NAIR
The Aloe & Lanolin one is $5
Helps with sensitive skin
There is a Nair for Men
I have found that it doesn't work as well

Usually lather up with Nair in the shower
Wait, the hairs start to curl up
Then just wash it off
Get one of those shower screens or the drain gets clogged
Sometimes a few hairs hold on
Shave those or pluck them

At this point my eyelashes are the only hair I have left

I didn't know a Sasquatch posted in this board.

Bunch of faggots shaving their legs, WTF?
I trim my beard, my pubes (no very often, perhaps two or three times a year), my chest hair and armpit hair (and this only in summer).

Beard trimmed with 13mm comb, chest and pubes with 16mm and armpits with 18mm or whatever it is.
Since I can't reach my back, my back hair is whatever length, I think I could get someone to braid it.

>I have heard pretty bad things about hair removal creams
I can tell you one thing about hair removal sprays (the ones that are kinda like a foam): don't put it on your balls.

My ass and cock and balls areas were so hairy I had never realized how fucking disgusting they looked. Shaving them was one of the best decisions I've ever made. They just look so smooth and aesthetically pleasing now.

how are your farts now? are you more sweaty?

Fucking based. I took the shavepill and shit no longer gets caught in your ass hairs and fapping feels much better. The ingrown hairs suck, but wiping my ass has never felt better

Just use powder mate

Lol after the first sentence I totally thought your hair was actually hiding your deformed genitals. This made me chuckle.

According to Wikipedia Nair contains lime and lye, so you should probably be careful?

>There is a Nair for Men
>I have found that it doesn't work as well
Is there any difference? From the description on their homepage it sounds like it just smells different.

>Since I can't reach my back, my back hair is whatever length, I think I could get someone to braid it.
I don't even have hair on my back.