Tfw no loser neet bf to fix and turn into a productive member of society so he can appreciate and love me forever

>tfw no loser neet bf to fix and turn into a productive member of society so he can appreciate and love me forever
any fembots know this feel?

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>implying he wouldn't just move on from you and date stacy at that point
lmao you actually think people on here are good people

Literally the moment he becomes a member of society, he will dump you and move on to some more attractive girl. I know this because that is exactly what I did.

Yeah like i would believe that you actually would date a robot, go fuck yourself you fucking hypocrite

location, now

I want to become one but the world is too scary

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England, but this story is going to be true in every place in the world. Guy goes for girl he thinks he can get, guy realises that he can get a much better girl (all thanks to girl 1), guy goes for better girl.

Pretty lame bait, but I'll bite.
You wouldn't want to live with the emotional problems I have.

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You're right, most people probably won't. That's why people say that you need to sort your own shit out before you start dating, because it's unfair on the other person to have to deal with whatever problems you have.

Im productice, just too awkward and anxious to exit khhv status

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Yeah, it's one of the reasons why I don't even bother trying to find anyone. I mean, if I can't make myself happy, how could I make someone else? If I can't love myself, how could someone else love me?

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C H I C A G O?

Please be my gf

Isn't it the same pattern for both sexes actually (the male will be more loyal in love though)

come to northeastern america and we can work this out. you help me improve and ill mercilessly fuck you and hold you close afterwards

Sweetie, the fembot only fixes CUTE 6'2" neet boys, I. E. Not you.

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suit yourself. im 6' handsome med ginger god that just happens to be slightly autistic enough to commit my time to you

Yeah, of course it is. Girls and guys act very similarly overall when it comes to relationships - you've got reachers, settlers, assholes and angels on both sides. Obviously you've got some small differences, but nothing to the extent of "girls only sleep around, guys only want steady relationships".

I have a gf so I'm not really down for moving across to another country for some internet rando, but if you actually want to improve, I can try and give advice or help out with that. If you're actually really low on friends, I can do a pen-pal thing or something, but I'm naturally an antisocial guy who tends to keep to himself with an absolute minimum of friends, so I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.

Is anyone in this thread actually a woman and feels this way?

I want a woman who will do this for me, but I also do it for her.
I want us to grow and overcome our issues together.

Sometimes it's hard for me to motivate myself since I'm alone and there's no one to appreciate and look forward to my success in life.

I want to make a lot of money, so that we can live on a nice property in the countryside and have a family.

Do you guys think I can actually find a woman similar to me, so that we can embark on this journey together?

Oh shut up faggot, we just want sex, women are useless, we just want to fuck the holes of those dumb bitches for free.

Lmao @ this bitter larping fembot.

fixer girls may sounds good but they aren't. They're a subtype of the ones that go after ex-cons and think they can fixed and rehabilitated.

Even if you find one, as soon as she 'fixes' you, she'll get bored and move on to the next one.

yeah I know that feel.
gib neet bf NOW

I do but like other anons have said, guys will take the self improvement and leave. I dated an autisimo super depressed dude with a lot of issues. I helped him in a lot of ways, got him in therapy, and he'd just dump me every few months and cheat on me. I want to help the people I love but its always turned out pretty bad for me ;u;. It can happen just make friends and meet girls through friends. It'll go better for you

how does one even thinks that a person who helped get your life together is worth less than some random "good looking" hoe on the sidewalk and cheat on her and/or just dump her like in wtf pls explain to me

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Stop mocking me for fuck's sake.

>trying to "fix" some bottom feeder who will either end up abusing you or leaving you for someone better once he is "fixed"

life isn't a fucking Disney movie, dude

The "this abhorrent shitty man will change for me because of muh undying love" trope is not real

>guys will take the self improvement and leave
How is this even possible?
I can't inagine it.

>make friends and meet girls through friends
Yeah, easier said than done.
Maybe online friends could work too.
It's hard for me to find people I like in this normie world.

>tfw "fixed" myself for a girl and she still left me
I can't be anything more than a loving and supportive uncool normie bf. I need someone to provide for.

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Please be my gf, I will appreciate and love you forever and you can turn be into a productive member for the society of your choosing

That happened to me except she didn't fully fix me and i just ended up fucking her femboy brother

Kid, have you ever met men other than your dad and grandpa?

I'm doing that right now and let me tell you, it's incredibly difficult at times to get a grown ass man to do the absolute basic of shit.

Reading some replies made me realise that no one would ever do that to me

They don't. That's what women and faggots do. A man will stay with you forever, being in a relationship means investing in a mutual future.

Obviously if you're dumb enough to go for a numale Chaggot, he'll be a shitty weasel like every nuperson.

I'm 6'7 cute face mexican man

What is a numale chaggot and nu-people?

you faggots come up with so much autistic terminology you will have your very own dialect in no time

A gf won't fix your problems. I thought it would but now I'm even more depressed than before.

>mexican man

THey dont grow Mexicans that tall

If any of you ladies want, I will eat your ass.

Just putting it out there.
Supply and demand, you know...

>The "this abhorrent shitty man will change for me because of muh undying love" trope is not real

A fembot will literally fix a SERIAL MURDERING CHILD RAPIST as long as he's cute and tall.

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Yeah dunno, I only bother leaving if it gets emotionally abusive despite all the help it just wont be worth it to continue.

When you get more T in you, youll understand

Nah, I am much more fucked up than average robot on here.

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Fembot here looking for a rich bf to financially support my NEET lifestyle. And maybe get me health insurance too... pls

Sounds interesting.

Can I impregnate you?

Pics or it didnt happen

What do you offer in return?

Only if you're black. I want a cute mixed-race baby.

A hole to fuck.

I can get you free healthcare in my country, shelter, food, internet and my big dick. What else do you require?

I'm not, but maybe we can get a black bull to impregnate you.
Does that sound good?

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That's it. What country tho? No 3rd world shitholes.

What's in it for you? Are you going to watch?


I have a cuckold fetish.
If the kid was the same race as me, I would claim it as my own.

However, in this case I'd help you raisd it for a few years untill we part our ways.

If you want, you can get pregnant by a white giga chad or something, then we might have something to work with in the long run.

Random question. What are your political views?

The opposite actually happened to me. Girlfriend had issues with selfharm / depression. I supported her and was always there for her to help her work through her issues, she grew in confidence and then cheated and left me for some dude in med school. Moral of the story is you can't "fix" people and even if you do they'll just end up taking advantage of you.

I don't bother with politics anymore in this crazy chaotic world.

The most recent political views I had were right wing actually.
Still, I haven't cared about that in a couple of years.

>I don't bother with politics anymore in this crazy chaotic world.
Obviously you're a non confrontational pussy.

Nope, it's just not worth it.
Voting for some random puppet in the pre-set show won't change anything.

>Voting is the only way to affect political change

Nice larping, user-san

You know a lot of people don't give a shit about politics? It means nothing really, the turnout rate is no where near 100% for a reason

It's a lie.
You can't change anything in this fully corrupt system.
That's why they always put on a big show, just to distract stupid people from the truth.

No girls fantasize about this they are only looking for dudes with their shit together.

Surprisingly there is but they're probably

same fullhomo


Exactly! Every girl needs to hear this from other women with experience. No matter what a pitiful innocent sweetheart he is, this will happen! I will NEVER help a man. Know the worth of your pussy

>I will NEVER help a man. Know the worth of your pussy
Not all, I'd guess you'd have to be going through some real relationship problems to want to stray from the one who helped you improve. You know how little game a lot of guys have? The only time people consider this is when a bimbo flocks around and asks to suck your dick.

INFP NEET here. I definitely would not do that.

>You know how little game a lot of guys have?

That's exactly why they leave! They're used to having little game, so when things change they're in complete shock when other women start wanting them. Suddenly they feel like they're shit. A normal man who is used to female attention won't leave as easily.

Oh you would never. You're just a sweet little boy, you want you and your girl to be ''A TEAM'' AKA she should help you like she's a fellow man. You want feminine women??? Those are reserved for masculine men who want a GIRLFRIEND, not a bro with a vagina.

>productive member of society
nah, i wont waste my short life working my ass off to some random kike just because some woman would potentially find me somewhat attractive.

>tfw no qt mexican bf to racemix with

Imagine some pathetic NEET fantasizing about that. LOL.
>oh maybe i'll find muh fembot princess who will save me and drag me after my food-stained t shirt into real life she'll let me move in and i'll get a job and i'll become a better man and then wow there's this really hot girl at work and then i ask her ou-.. wait.. i would never haha i'm a GOOD guy :) i just like video games and cartoon children :) great ass on that chick though i must say

Hm I think guys don't have any game at all when they're in a relationship. The only way to develop game is trying to lay as many women as possible, you don't get game by being wealthier or less awkward.

>tfw no gf that makes me her project and turns me from a borderline alcoholic with a party drug problem into a person who wakes up caring whether they live or die

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get your t levels checked. you got the mindset of a submissive bitch.

that's why you should get him to impregnate you before that happens
he won't want to leave if there's a kid on the line

The ultimate downer

She exists but you'll probably never meet her

>you date someone because you feel like you are out of options, not because you like them
>you get fixed up and find out that you are not out of options after all
>now you have a choice of staying with someone you never liked or actually have a chance at being happy with someone else
Like, what's the point of being fixed up if you can't use it? Like, is there any point in buying a Ferrari if you can't drive it?
Sure, it's a shitty thing to do, but ultimately only you're responsible for your own happiness, and it's on you to make yourself happy.

Exactly. Both men and women are very capable of this sort of thing, and fixing people will just make them leave and go for someone they feel is on their level.

>using a kid to trap someone in a relationship
Most people will just take the child support payments and leave your ass anyway. Now you get no bf, a kid to look after and a constant reminder of your ex living with you that you can't do anything about.

Unironically hot. How do I find fembots who are interested in this?

>Most people will just take the child support payments and leave your ass anyway. Now you get no bf, a kid to look after and a constant reminder of your ex living with you that you can't do anything about.
you must be a horrible partner if you think that way, no wonder he left you

where to meet more wholesome girls? every girl I meet is a bigger degenerate than I am and the ones that aren't have bfs.

>no wonder he left you
Lmao if you think there are actual women on Jow Forums.

Every girl who is less of a degenerate than you won't date you because you're a bigger degenerate than you.

It's said a lot but Church going Christian (or other religious) girls are the only non-degenerate you'll find I think. I met one e-girl who's now 18 who has never really been sexual at all besides love & extremely uninterested in degenerate things, Asian. But she's the only example I've ever met who isn't religious.

I prefer my bf to stay as he is. a qt NEET.

Random degenerate fembots are into this, you'll have to ask somehow.

You can assume this type of girl has:
>a couple of tattoos
>some self-harm scars
>hair possibly dyed in an unnatural color
>a collection of unique dildos

So yeah, they're degenerate and broken, just like you and I are.

It's my dream to become a fembot's cuckold

I kind of want this. Any fembots that want a NEET robot to take care of, i am available. I dont mind your degeneracy too much. Ill take the package.

Do you retards think these girls will ever actually like you? You are the beta provider. Nothing but an atm machine or an emotional tampon to her. You will get nothing in return because the type of girl willing to carry out these AFBB fetishes are sociopaths.

>You are the beta provider. Nothing but an atm machine or an emotional tampon to her.
That's literally exactly what I want.

Usually the guy has to convince the girl that she wants to fuck other guys & often the relation just ends here. It's very odd.

That's why it's so hard to find a girl who will truly cuck you. They are rare and thus valuable.

Why? Are you rich? What about it is hot if you don't mind explaining to me best you can? I get the big dick stretching puss but wanting to be an ATM paypiggy is beyond my comprehension. And bonus question do you find your genetic line ending hot or is it just fantasy and you'd want to settle eventually?

hiya, i'll volunteer. you take it up the bum though? important

It's about loving someone and wanting to support them in any way possible

If you want that simply remove the whole cucking portion & be fine.

then why did you even answer me you autismo
if I wanted some foreveralone virgin's opinion, I'd make a blacked thread or some thread mocking the size of your penis or something