Hey Jow Forums, how close are you to your breaking point right now?

Hey Jow Forums, how close are you to your breaking point right now?

Personally, I'm pretty close.

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what's wrong?

I'm past it because now I'm just jaded and indifferent to everything

so you're depressed?

I'm trying to go to sleep, but this bird outside my house won't shut the fuck up!

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Yes sir

Was pretty close yesterday. And it's not like it's something specific, I just realized I won't make it to my scheduled reunion with some friends in 20 years. I always thought one of them will be the one that doesn't make it, but now it's pretty clear that it'll be me.

Aren't we all at this point, I don't know why I'm ever alive still

>gf broke up with me
>can’t sleep, eating less, going to be losing gains soon
>posting this as I walk around my neighborhood at 2:12 when I need to be up by 5
>gym and family are literally only lasting escapes
>ran out of melatonin chews after taking four a night for several days just to sleep
>not gonna have energy for tomorrow
>do it again
I thought getting a girlfriend was the point at which you made it

>Aren't we all at this point
I'm not personally.

>like a girl
>see her hold hands with another friend of mine
>be sad
And it's not even like they fucked or anything.

Not even close because i live for fun
Eat what i want, lift because its enjoyable, yesterday i went for a 2 hour bike ride in the summer sun just because it was fun and nice
Stop being such a self flaggelating cunt and enjoy life

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Life is cool and all. But it gets lonely at night. Morning hours are the worst.

>school ended
>looking for a job for 3 weeks, put resumes left and right, nobody called, not even for an interview
>no money
>literally gets cancelled when i want to do something fun
>distancing from family
>workingout with a buddy but i wish i was alone sometimes
>talk in random chats but i lose interest fast

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Pretty far away actually. Had a great date with a wholesome, amazing girl that was even scared of holding hands at first yesterday and she seems to like me. I went home with massive blue balls but she's worth it.
It's all coming together.

stopped reading there



bro if a thot fucks you up so bad just end it all and kill yourself

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unironically based. I don't want to hear sex havers crying over how spilling their milk has tarnished their otherwise perfect lives

But thats what you need to hear. Do you really think you're ever going to leave the imaginary hell your mindset has put you into if you only hear
>I'm past it because now I'm just jaded and indifferent to everything

>your mindset made you ugly and riddled you with chronic genetic diseases
insane what normalfags will believe to maintain a just world where they earned their life

Anyones life also just shit because of small things? I bumped my head, then tripped on some equipment today at the gym.

It's like drip torture, look it up.

Also I cut my nail too short, I have brainfog and my headphones are breaking.

just kill it with a bb gun lmao

My mindset made me a fat, autistic asshole noone liked, and it made me a fit, respectable man who can strike up conversations with strangers on the street and become friends with them afterwards.
Fit offsets ugly a lot and people will admire you for being the best you can be despite diseases.

Yeah, sure. Some guy tried to fight me in a bar last night and then pussied out when I went 'What' at him. He probably doesn't even remember that shit and I've been feeling sad. I fucking hate hanging at the bars sober.
And I just got a goddamn whooping cough. And found out someone still has a beef with me over some stupid shit I did years ago. And I saw a girl I like hold hands with another dude.
And it all ads up. Yesterday night I felt so down that I was 100% certain I won't make it to a reunion with friends in 19 years. Still can't shake that feeling too.

Not at all. And I'm a schizo with a history of depression, anxiety etc. Mostly managed/gone these days due to keeping fit, eating right and having goals.

That being said, when I do feel the black dog coming down on me, I can say the best advice is to first acknowledge it's there, secondly remember it's temporary (like everything) and then I get off my arse and do something, even if it's doing the dishes or going for a long walk.

Remember, nothing matters that much, given time and perspective.

Nope, the ride never ends. Always have the mentality with a woman that you can lose her, you don't need her to be happy and keep doing the work and experiencing life, because it's fucking shorter than a manlet.

Not saying that you shouldn't love and appreciate a good woman of course when they come around, but think of them as being like an amazing sandwich. You love that shit, but at somepoint you've eaten it and it's gone. So then you look forward to another sandwich. Eventually, you find the +9 purple sandwich of golden stats that doesn't disappear when you eat it or some shit.

>philosophy, Jow Forums style.

nigga i dida bunch of retarded shit like that too but i dont fucking dwell on it like a sad cunt
you are literally CAUSING your life to be shit by only focusing on the shit things
did you notice how nice it was to eat a satiating meal? did you notice how cool the sky looked? did you enjoy seeing the hude tiddys?
perception makes reality
look in to stoicism

Sounds more like you're a clumsy whiney lil' bitch

way past it. i sperg out every day screaming into my pillow and beating it up. should i start a martial art? does it help with stress/anger? not that i wanna go in the ring and beat people, just a different place to direct my energy, like cardio and a punching bag and shit. lifting alone doesn't do it for me.

"myasthenia gravis bro? Bamboo spine?" "uuuuh idk what that gay shit is just get huge lmao"

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Yes on top of it all my sister is terrorizing my family. I'm focusing on myself, not dwelling on trivial shit. But sometimes you feel like the world is against you. I love life, I love God.

I'm a happy person :).

Based. Even if you're life is shit you can still find something to do. A lot of you niggers just never take any kind of risk whatsoever so you end up in a stagnant boring life.

I'm close, I'm writing this on my break for my mind dumbingly boring wagie office job whislt tired because I havnt been sleeping and seeing all my friends at uni enjoying themselves and feeling incredibly alone.

Working out is the only enjoyment I get.

I am well past being broken for the first time. Gotta news for you - if you dont kill yourself, it gets better with time, cause you will most likely be jaded for the rest of your life, but it is still all good. You live and you feel the pain, that's all that matters.

even when things are shit and everything is falling apart the world is never against me
except when i was borderline paranoid schizo lol, then it was the WHOLE world

i dont have one.
>asshole reports me to the FBI when I was in a Jow Forumstard phase
>investigation brings up gun bullshit from years ago
>spend half a year with court shit
>3k in fines, 7k lawyer fee
>having to manage all that on top of supporting my gf and our baby on just my income.

>reported to the FBI
>they actually come for you
What kind of retarded fedposting do you have to be into for this to even happen?

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they wouldn't have given a shit but people keep doing the mass shootings.

I've imploded years ago. My ego is destroyed, my will to live is diminished, my false hopes for the future are gone. The only thing I look forward to is getting wasted once per week. I'm slowly becoming the lottery-ticked playing poor person.
It's so tiring. Imagine being 25 and knowing you will never do better than minimum wage. Fuck this life and fuck this country.

25 is pretty young, man. i feel like my adult life didn't even begin until i was 25. as long as you aren't saddled with debt with bad credit you still have immediate options.

not him but why are you even here then? you pathetic, ugly, defeatist faggot
get pretty

Me desu.
Was on a 21 day nofap streak feeling aboslutely the greatest, best I ever felt. Was bonding with a girl and almost had her as a gf I feel was gonna ask her out. Then I relapsed with drugs and then broke my nofap streak while high and then relapsed the next following 2 days and also to fucking porn.
I feel so weak, my body hurts, It's like my soul has been weakened from this not just my body.

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>thread about being near breaking point
>life is kicking the shit out of me
Why wouldn't I belong here? Unless by "here" you mean this earth, in which case, cowardice

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I think you belong here fren

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Is that all? Holy shit, how do you handle life?

Thank you user. I love Jow Forums because it always makes me laugh. I do pushups and squats, I just never get any stronger

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Have you forgotten fren?

We are ALL going to make it.

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I understand him, it's the constant noise the bird is making; after a while it gets annoying af, like that chinese water torture

>tfw brainfog
I HATE this shit and I have no way to shake it. I can read a thread and not remember a single post from it. It’s like my memory is full, but yet I can’t access any of it.

Visit your local church my son. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will help you.

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I don't know if this good or not, but I never had the opportunity to borrow money from the bank so I have no debt (it's common in europe for the banks not to lend easily, ie without hard assets).

But my mother mismanaged her finances for a long time and I she ended up with a debt she'll never get rid of, and I ended up abandoning college because of poverty, and I now have to live with her because min wage is not enough to live on your own here. She is a horrible person, all I hear from her is complains and accusations. I'm so tired of this, any money I try to put aside to use i.e. to get a car or a certification, she "accidentally" end ups needing at the end of the month for her loan payments, down to the last dime. Meanwhile I get no say on how she spends her budget during the rest of the month.

I'm not sure how I'm gonna resolve this fucking situation. I'll probably end up hiding money away and move to another country and be poor there instead of here.

>got to the one arm elbow lever, held it for like 6 seconds
>while "training", fell on my ribs multiple times and most likely bruised them, full inhales are painful
feels kinda bad knowing that I'll have to tone down my training for some time because of this meme move

Hello darkness my old friend

Close bro, I have lost the ability to feel anything that isn't melancholy, but I shut that door as soon as I see it coming cause I don't wanna go back at being a depressed crying piece of shit, so basically I don't feel anything except confusion and apathy, I am literally unable to feel happiness and I have zero sex drive. The gym isn't going very well cause I keep getting injured with my tendons, I'm not even suicidal tho, just apathetic

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I actually feel pretty decent today desu.

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Why are you here? Where did you come from? Did some church decide to evangelize Jow Forums?

I'm so sick of being an anxious little bitch. This shit literally poisons every facet of my life.

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i meant Jow Forums. you talk like you can't exercise yet you browse a fitness forum

It's up to a 19yo girl to decide if I kill myself or not, she seems to be into me tho but these last days were rough and future 2-3 days are going to be a torture if she pass in the last minute I don't know how I'm going to recover from this, I'm so close to be happy I'm scared af barely eating and sleeping, HELP

what did he mean by this ???

>It's up to a 19yo girl to decide if I kill myself or not,
pathetic. it was nice reading your post user. bye-bye

>like a girl
>see her like once a week
>she seems to like me back
>one week notice her neck is covered in hickeys
Sluts gonna slut, i dunno why that bothers me.

>"He's suicidal"? I'm suicidal, you're suicidal, everybody's fucking suicidal. We don't all keep going on about it. Has he killed himself yet? So he's not fucking suicidal, is he?

Crush broke up with bf. I thought this would be my chance to get closer with her but I didnt want to be too quick since she was still dealing with her breakup.
Today I learn that she already has a new guy she meets regulary.
The fuck man, the breakup was like 1 week ago. Do women conjure new love interests out of nothing or what? I also know that the new guy is not the reason for the breakup.

I feel like shit, I already missed one of my meals since I dont feel like eating now.

Mate, you're being a beta orbiter. Don't be that guy, those are the most pathetic guys. You like her? Go after her regardless of her current relationships or shut the fuck about it for good and repress the pain.

this desu

>scared of holding hands
Unless you’re both in high school, she’s lying. I’ve seen the shy girl act before chum. A girl can’t be both attractive and innocent, it doesn’t happen.

She was seeing him during her previous relationship. Nothing you can do, she's a how you could have layed it on while she was with her bf. There is no honor in love and thot ramming.

She's a hoe*

I know her for 3 weeks now mate. I never orbited her. at first I wanted to aks her out but learned that she had a BF, so I didnt.
After I heared about the breakup I didnt want to seem like a vulture. I wanted to wait for like two weeks before making a move. Too late I suppose.

>After I heared about the breakup I didnt want to seem like a vulture.
Pic related is you.

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>but learned that she had a BF, so I didnt.
If you don't position yourself as immediately interested you're either beta orbiting or chad-friendzoning her. No third option, mate.

Do you think that Christians don’t regularly browse Jow Forums? Not the other user but you should go to your local Catholic church.