Femanons, do you realize this when you go out in public?

Femanons, do you realize this when you go out in public?

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Footfags need to be rounded up in deathcamps

if you don't like feet you're literally a subhuman

Vergast die Fusfetischjuden.

No. I see my reflection and try not to scream. Then go to the shitty restaurant or watever I was encouraged to go to to make the poor people who created me happy.
I distrust any men who want "daughters" to abandon at the first mistake. I spent time with my dad. That's the most I'd spend on him, because my half sisters mom deserves the punishment. And she makes more money and can help me out of this fucking hell hole anytime but would rather virtue signal
Femanons REEEEEEEE if you want to stop depending on retards or just mad in general
This was me

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haha i wonder what female feet feel like

Am I imagining this or are feet becoming increasingly sexualised by the mainstream? Are we nearing a day where liking feet will be as accepted as liking breasts and butts?

>Am I imagining this

Yes footfag

If you like feet you are a brain-fried autist with way too much libido for your own good

I don't get it.

I sometimes am naked with my socks on. What's this user. Your new idea? Come on. Answer me you runt.

wanting to lick them and shit like that faggot tarantino is stupid as hell, but if you dont appreciate well kept feet on your woman i cant help you dog

Foot fetish isn't always a result of desensitization. In fact, many foot fetishists are normalfags and many hardcore porn addicts never even develope a foot fetish.

I do lol
Im f but I have a foot fetish and I wish I didnt have it even though its fun at times. I used to like a guy but one time we went to the pool together and I saw he had ugly feet. I became unable to feel the same level of attraction to him as I did before I found out he had ugly feet and the crush fizzled out eventually.

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The longer I browse r9k the more I become slowly brainwashed into being a foot fag. I just want to lick and smell a girls stinky feet. I want to I'm in between her toes and feel her soles on my cock. just the idea of seeing a girls bear foot makes me hard and I hate it. I wasn't this way as a teenager why am I turning into a fucking degenerate at 20. I'd block these threads but then I get withdrawal symptoms.

Shh, don't tell them. I very much enjoy the lewdness they do unconsciously, it is like a free strip show.

>femanon liking guy feet
I guess that exists then. Feel same way about girl's I had crushes on, bad feet can be an absolute deal breaker.

Pretty sure there is a footfag psy-op or something, but since I have had the fetish since literally kindergarten I am just taking the chance to enjoy it.

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Tru, dunno how you can't want a girl to give you head with her feet around your dick like a good little flexible toy

2nd image image on the left should be on fourth row.
Tiptoe is the real instaboner.

tfw no post running feet sniffing bf

Shoe dangling is so fucking hot

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>tfw no runner gf that would let me stuff my face into her post-run hot soles and sniff them while licking up all her sweat.

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hurr durr feet are bad
ok, let's lick stinky asshole of Stacey

anti-feet fags are gross

My gf (yes im a normie) always mucks around by annoying with her feet cuz she doesn't know I'm a footfag and thinks it annoys me but I secretly get a raging boner. She sticks them in my face and I smell them (secretly), touches my dick with them and always makes me massage them, one time made me massage them before we could have sex.. could she be hiding that she has one too..?

How many times does this need to be posted?

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I never understood how footfags can be made fun of but liking a part of someone where shit comes out of is somehow celebrated. It boggles my mind, I mean people poop from there ffs. The fact that it is clean now doesn't change that fact.

eating ass is more disgusting than liking feet, but both are degenerate as fuck. footfags are still gross, stop deflecting

man, the idea of a woman sitting in front of me and just slowly removing her shoes drives me nuts
even better if she were to sit on a higher elevation, like me sitting on a chair and her on a table or something


just ask anti-foot anons tho. they are enjoying licking some smelly asshole

Still, is getting jerked off with feet bad? I'm confused what is the line which tends to repulse people. The whole "stinky stinky feet" thing? Because there's people which just like footjobs/clean feet

As a footfag I feel like I have noticed this too. Like the popularity for feet has risen dramatically in like the last 10 or so years. I strongly suspect Dan the man Schneider is partially responsible for turn generations of kids into liking feet with all the shows he made.

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hands are prettier, more intimate, and less disgusting than feet. get some taste shithead

just please end that stupid war
this is just a fetish and you can't just stop it

calm down anone

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Butts are the most evolutionary attractive part of the body. It's what all mammals look at first.

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My bf wanting to do that with my feet is my number on requirement for dating

You act like it's choose one to have forever. Hand jobs are very vanilla and not exotic, dunno why you feel so strongly about this though.

>Shoe dangling is so fucking hot
you are very based, high heels are fucking hot too

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I would gladly do that for you every time you run! I will even thank you for it!

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Seeing girls feet gives me a raging hardon I cannot control it bros

The worst thing is that it always happens on the tram/bus right before the terminus.

I remember around 7 years ago I told two of my friends that I liked girls feet and they ridiculed me for it. They would take every opportunity they could to tell girls I wanted their feet in my face and shit. Today both of them are raging footfags. Me and the same guy who made fun of me back then were sitting in a bar and a girl took her shoes and socks off, he subtly pointed it out to me and made one of those half jokes that he wanted to take pictures of them.

If you have a foot fetish you are ahead of the curve. Get in now and exploit it before appreciating feet is as accepted as appreciating an ass.

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>Have 100k saved
What foot fetish startups would you recommend? Trying to find one with legs.

Based Dan, forever grateful with him for doing a series with qt Victoria Justice

How do you feel about socks?

I love socks too! I would bury my nose in them, kiss them, or even suck the sweat out of them!

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That's very good

Smelling hot, damp running socks before peeling them off to sniff and clean tired sweaty feet and then sucking out the sweat from the socks would be a 10/10 day.

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please let me step on you

I have very pretty feet except for a medium-sized scar I have on my right sole. Would that be a dealbreaker? Because I would like to try foot stuff someday if I find a bf but Im self-conscious about it.

faggots who cannot appreciate the beauty of the female form should be first

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depends really, is the scar really gnarled and/or noticeable? or is it just some discoloration of skin from it healing?

I can't speak for everybody but that wouldn't bother me at all.

Id let you step on me and thank you for it afterwards, user

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If there is no puss I am pretty sure it wouldn't be bad. I mean as long as it is not like the seared-flesh-wound from hell it wouldn't bother me. I might actually pay extra attention to it and give it an extra kiss.

Are you sure you can handle it? You might pass out from the smell. It's really bad.

Never thought much about girls being into guys feet. Pretty rare but something about it is definitely hot about a girl going to town on my feet. You just have to make sure to let me get some of yours as well

i wish these encounters weren't so rare

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thank u so much guys. this made me happy :))
Its medium and round and its not really gnarled, its just redder than the rest of the skin. Its noticeable but its not ugly, just red lol
thank u user, this gave me a confidence boost
>i might actually pay extra attention to it and give it an extra kiss
this made me smile lolll id love that!

I wouldn't care about it

The challenge excites me. I can handle whatever you throw at me and will love it, the stinkier the better! But if it really is that bad...it sort of is a bit of a fantasy of mine to be forced into worshiping feet beyond my threshold, so that would actually be alright too if you made me pass out!

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Not really even into having my own feet worshiped, but if a girl wanted to I wouldn't mind. Double worship is pretty hot actually.

i need a gf that doubles as a footrest

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You'd make a good bf user

What do you find appealing about feet smelling anyway?

I accept that compliment whole-heartedly! If you wanted, I could totally be your foot-sniffing bf for you...

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I have the exact opposite experience.
I used to hang out with a girl very often and didn't think much of her feet, but after we spent the summer together, i started to fall for her and also for her feet by proxy.

I will never understand smellfags, but each to their own i guess. The shape iself and the subtle movements are my kink.

Femanons, don't listen to OP. Footfags are a cancer unto the earth. Your feet are not sexual.

Robots, we must do what we can to decimate the Footfag populations. Deathcamps when?


I love feet.
But I hate nail polish, I find it absolutely disgusting, on hands and feet. It's fucking terrible because 95% of women you see in public have painted themselves and the potential is fucking ruined

You're crazy. Nail polish is one of the best things about feet. I love painting girl's nails especially.

It's to hide their lack of vitamins and minerals.

desu I hate all makeup. Nail polish is just the most bold and obvious one so I hate that the most

Having thought about it for quite a bit I think there's a few things that make me like it

1 is the fact I enjoy fulfilling other people's fetishes especially if it's my bf. To some degree of course, there's gross shit that I won't do but the stinky feet smelling I can do. It's good that he enjoys it plus it's so weird that it's interesting, and intimate.
2. I like the role of smells in sexuality, I read something about pheromones and whatever, I don't know much about it but I really like the idea. Guy smelling me turns me on.
3. I generally like being worshipped so this just goes perfectly with that.

I doubt we live near each other

>likes being smelled and worshiped
You are perfect

>loves fulfilling fetishes
>loves smell
>loves being worshiped

Literally perfect. Florida here, please be near!

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What about up in the northeast like delaware?

I'm glad you think so
West coast sorry

I'm sorry that you are such a low IQ low test mongrel, user.

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Marry me and let me worship your feet while you type out old school emoticons.

I hate most nailpolish but somehow black nail polish is sometimes very good. I can't explain it. Red nail polish is universally disgusting and a major turn off for me. Fancy colors I generally dislike but I've seen emo/alternative girl with green, yellow, blue and it was sometimes okay. Black can make things even more sexy.

Could you be slightly more specific? Where on the west coast?

Dang, would have loved to smell and worship your feet and socks after runs. Would of even smelled and kissed your shoes if you wanted. Of course plenty of massages too. Actually would paint your nails as well if you liked that...

Oh well, maybe one day I will get a gf that likes foot stuff....

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>a cute girl will never sit on your desk and tease you with her feet, poking your chest with them and even pushing them in your face as she starts teasing you about the fact that you obviously like it, even if you say otherwise

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>it's a "orbiters take over a comfy thread" episode

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What other body parts would you want to have smelled or worshiped?

I hate make up too generally, but I am fine with nail polish. Would love to paint a girl's nails for her. Like mentioned though, I find red polish absolutely revolting. No bigger turn off, doesn't matter how pretty she is or her feet is or anything it is just an automatic turn off

I am just trying to distract myself over my oneitis is pregnant with her second child with her husband that have been together since highschool over 10 years now

Why you got to start these feels man. originally.

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I know, we all are.
Try out /soc/, you might have luck there. This r9k orbiting leads to paid pics at the most.

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I don't mind paid pics though

Literally every part

I've talked to a bunch of guys and every one said feet are gross and aren't into this fetish at all. Finding a feet bf isn't easy either

Man, you must be looking in the wrong places, having a foot fetish is one of the most common things a guy could have. Sucks to hear though. Maybe if we were closer

Sucks, I would imagine this is more of a male fetish thing than female. But either way I hope you can find a foot sniffer close to you one day then femanon, it is a crime to have a unicorn like you not have her wish fulfilled. Every female I actually managed to talk to either did not like feet stuff and thought it creepy or disgusting or, if they did, were already taken. Fetish life is hell.

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>Literally every part
Even your armpit or butt?

Close, but not close enough. What a shame.

Nobody would admit it openly.
Only 3 people or so know about mine, and all of them are accidental. Two times i got caught with porn and once got drunk enough to admit it to a friend.
Don't think we aren't generally ashamed of it. I personally despise it, unless I'm really horny.

I'd say there's a lot of girls who just haven't been introduced to this fetish by their bf or someone like that but they would end up liking it if they tried it.

Yeah of course

Goddamn, I would sniff and lick every inch of your body if I could.

>her second child
>her husband
>been together since high school

Ffs user just let it go, they're obviously happy without you in her life and she so clearly doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about her. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can get over her and get on with your life.