Beta WMAF gets their asses beat by alpha AMWF

beta WMAF gets their asses beat by alpha AMWF

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It says the female is Latina. I've been telling Asian guys, latinas and black girls should be what you go for. They're the only ones who like you. They know what discrimination is like so they don't judge you.

Is there anything more pathetic than WMAF """""""""people""""""""

>be wm
>Have AF gf
>Date her because she has a fat ass not because she is Asian
>Get along with her family
>Probably won't date another Asian after this because I hate being stereotyped as WMAF

pls stop bait of race

Asian women feel invincible when they're with white men. They forget they're still Asians.

whats wrong with that? sounds like a good feel wouldnt you like feeling that way too?

sounds like youre about ready to break up, m8

Well the issue is, they're still Asians and will be treated as such. Then their world comes crashing down when they realize white dick does not make you a white woman.

We get it. You hate Asians and you want more people to hate Asians.

i dont think asians ever think we're "white", we just like the lad/lass. ease up

ya somebody likes to dehumanize asians. some racist

>I hate White people and I want more people to hate White people.

who? not me. not that user. asians are the only people trying to keep the peace here

yeah im not even white or asian but seeing all this wmaf bullshit, has turned me off asian women. in all lot of ways they self as vapid and self-hating as white women

ok? be yourself

your comment doesnt even make sense? the op is against white men

Asian women do think they're white when they're with white men. There are many stories of Asian women hanging out with a bunch of white people, doing very white shit like Nazis salutes and calling the police on black people for no reason. Asian men don't do this shit.

ya. but you assume op is asian

who, tila tequila? you think asian women are like tila tequila? yo i gotta go for now bbl

I wouldn't break up with a girl because of other people's perceptions , but I would not approach a certain girl because of them.

I'm probaby going to stick with her because she plays Vidya with me

the fucking video shows a wm dating an af getting their asses beat. how clear does it near to beat. op hates wm af and especially wm

Is he? The Asian chick got face fucked in the video and nothing happened to the white guym. Op is an incel that hate Asian women

nigga im the op fuck white men fuck asian women

the white guy got straddled by the asian guy

I wasn't only talking about her, but sure. She's a good example.

none of these people are white

Just because you don't like someone's behavior doesn't mean they aren't white, Cletus.

Looked up Tila Tequila. One of the ugliest Asian women I've ever seen in my life 2bh.

ya but youre assuming hes asian, or shes asian. just saying.
who else? and these women are all asian women? and it justifies your racism?

see. this user could be asian. but are there any other likely suspects hmm?

> asian "men" go out of their way paying to set up scenes like this. Even having the audacity to label it as WMAF vs AMWF in such an autistic way.
Heres another similar fake video

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case closed. its fake and paid for

>Hates white males
>Hates Asian females
So white female then

I don't get that image, all non amateur porn is funded for.

na. its asian males case closed

its pathetic because theyre asian.

I've been saying the same thing but people never listen. Asian women are just better at hiding their flaws, and all the yellow fever faggots ignore it. They're more materialistic, annoying, bitchy, etc. All the things you hate about white girls can be found in Asian women as well.

What bothers me the most is when Asian girls fuck white Chads and then settle down with some beta Asian guy. My cousin does this bullshit. Through high school and college, she only fucked white guys and was in a sorority, all that shit. Didn't want anything to do with Asian guys, and I don't really blame her since most of them are beta as fuck anyway. She's on this whole bullshit thing of "embracing my heritage" right now.

nice. always good to welcome back a wandering sister.

My cousin did the same thing, but now she has 4 Asian kids. We can only hope that White men get outbred.

why are you so obsessed with white men?

literally rent free in all your heads desu

tell us about him user. tell us about the asian chad who fucked up your life and made you hate all asians.

alternatively tell us about him femanon. tell us about the asian chad who widowed you and made you hate yourself

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Fuck her. She used to talk so much shit about asian dudes, it was ridiculous. She was giving me shit for dating a weeb white girl, despite being passed around by some frat. It's alpha fucks, beta bucks. If you want to date/fuck white guys, I don't care, but don't turn around and scream "muh heritage" when you just want a meal ticket.

>embracing my heritage
yeah they pull this bullshit once the realize how uncultured they are and they finally accept that they can never be white

nigga im not white or asian or a woman

Good I hate that stupid sound gooks make when they cry.

sounds like a good lass.

see i told u. lel

Are you stupid? It was crowd funded by a sub reddit called r/asianmasculinity, not by a production company or porn management.

Why do asian men desperately want to make a boogeyman out of white guys when they don't even think about them at all? It's like the robot that tries to villify chads despite the fact that they're generally nice people.

obviously its because we're little people

I think it's mostly just asian women who were chad widowed. Rent free in their heads. I have no problem with white folks. I happily date and befriend you all :)

Boo hoo origiginally

t. asian """masculinity"""

stop trying to blame others. its time to confess our crimes against humanity

this. the fact you're blaming it on "asian fembots" when "fembots" barely exist here as it is just proves my point about you insecure cucks.

I like how when asian masculinity threads like this get created it's the ricecels living rent free in peoples minds apparently.

based post, sis. im gonna f*ck my chad bf tonight and take his 7 inch BWC because i know it makes you asian "men" seethe.

The only thing that you are doing is making me hate asian males even more.

Please stop. You're just embarrassing asian men even more.

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everytime i see a race bait against WMAF, im gonna f*ck my Chad bf. so please keep making these, we both find it highly amusing.

asian "men" what a joke. a woman doesnt have to settle.

At least I don't hate myself.

>both females in the video were asian
>OP is another seething asianmasculinity shill

sweetie, i love myself. sorry you cant say the same. maybe if you had a man !

Stop deflecting. There are countless r/asianmasculinity type boards that show this same behaviour and you aren't fooling anyone. It's the asian "men" not the women doing this shit, and denying it is only gonna drain your soul even more and make you more mentally unstable.

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nobody is denying that its asian "men" making these posts. get your eyes checked.

theres also an asian "man" larping as a woman to deflect the blame off of them. I will accept no lies, no matter how small.

deflect blame off of whom? we are in obvious agreement that asian "men" are responsible for all of it.

By trying to include asian women as a boogeyman like they do with white men that actively attacks asian men when this simply isn't the case.

nobody is including asian women in this. the larper is just gay for white dick

or are you being daft intentionally?


oh. i see. do you see how the shit posting died out after these posts started happening? cus it is in fact an asian guy making these posts. me

no its because they turned their back on the white race by dating outside the race

why so possessive of white dick?

why so obsessed with dick? I'm trying to preserve white women

oh ya? a noble endeavour.
lemme guess, you arent white yourself.

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The great hapa war begins.

Nothing wrong with wanting to preserve a race fren.

White males on the internet are really pathetic beings.

I guess they need some venting after all, because in RL they get kicked in their balls from several sides.

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>"he wanted to preserve the white race, while not being white himself?"

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