Americans are more productive than ever but we work harder and get paid less than the generations before us...

Americans are more productive than ever but we work harder and get paid less than the generations before us. Can someone explain what the fuck is going on?

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>Can someone explain what the fuck is going on?

Americans are corporate bootlickers and love being slaves

I'm so fucking sick of pro-capitalists being called bootlickers. The reality is Just kidding, they use shoe polish as lube. FUCKING KEKS_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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All my friends are dropouts.
I think most people are just lazy godless jerks that like to complain.

>5 jobs


millennials are pussies who don't negotiate salary. maybe life is too easy for them, maybe they just like being cucked. generations before rejected low wages. zoomers also reject low wages.

>I think all people are my friends
This doesn't change the fact that Americans are more productive than ever but work longer hours and aren't properly compensated.

Stop hogging all the jobs, nigger. I need to eat.

my bf paid 150 murribcks to retake his drug test
I will fucking eat you

>a nigger can get five jobs
>you can't even get one

>imagine being this much of a commie
Just because you're a human, you're not above nature.

>Hating our kiked out economy inherently makes you a commie.
Trump voters really have ruined everything

do you think hillary would have just given you more money if you never ask?

>>I think all people are my friends
Well you're definitely not

>wanting proper compensation for your work makes you a communist

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>disliking trump means you like hillary

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>working 5 jobs

we get it. you're mad that your beloved hillary lost.

What are those 5 jobs? Are they part time because he can't find full time work?

Fuck Hillary. She would've been the exact same as Donald, just not as blatant. They can both suck a dick.

Turns out without exploiting other countries that quality of life becomes unsustainable.

>implying they stopped exploiting other countries

>Public ownership of the means of production? How barbaric! I'm glad capitalism efficiently distributes resour-

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Now you're fantasizing about hillary sucking your dick? Wtf man. She would not have given you money for free. If you're talking about socialism anyway, I would hope that you're mexican or black.

>capitalism doesn't have insurance
>communism gives everyone cancer
what is the point of this post?

>Fucking barbaric niggers! They didn't even pool all their resources together to fight in brutal wars for thousands of years for the benefit of the people who held all the pooled resources. Look how much they struggle with the scraps left over from the looting and pillaging!

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Hey dude.

What if-


What if they just-

Now hear me out.

What if they provided healthcare-

Like dude.


What if they provided healthcare for the 1st responders of 9/11

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Does America even have any political parties that aren't economic hard right?

>try to negotiate
>get laid off and replaced by some H1B Pajeet

impossible, in a capitalist society? no way dog

We have two main political parties. One is far right, the other is right-leaning center.

>Americans are more productive than ever
Correction: Automation is more productive

>but we work harder
Correction: You work the same.

I really hate it when wagies get all uppity

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This one really upsets them, watch

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What do you two think will happen when food scarcity becomes a first world problem? You'll want compensation for your work too?

>Automation is more productive
So why do we still work as much as past generations? A hundred years ago, people thought we would spend most of our time relaxing because technology would make work mostly obsolete. Wrong. We're doing the same shit even though a fucking robot could do it for us.

Just compete with people working below minimum wage bro

Do you think, if I look now at the statistic for the number of hours worked by the average American over time, that the number will have increased or decreased from 1970?

Yea, the cancers are so rare that they almost seem related to the regular cancer processes that all humans experience in their elderly years.

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>this is how retarded millennials are
so what if they paid even less? what if they offered you 30 cents an hour? would you still say "uhhh i'm scared they might lay me off :^("

literally every manager on the planet is expecting you to negotiate if you actually want more money. if the job is actually worth a lot more, literally any company that pays properly will out compete the stingy one because you'll get better talent. which brings me to another point, millennials are fucking dumb about starting businesses. 10 trillion dead coffee shops, but almost nobody thinks to become a parts supplier or food testing lab

Clearly they need to destroy Europe with another war to have another period of glory

What the fuck are you talking about? Americans just want to be able to survive and not live paycheck to paycheck. We have people in America eating gold plated pizzas, meanwhile most Americans can't even be paid a livable wage. Make that make sense user. There are people in this country hoarding fucking money. They have money they'll never in their lives touch. But adults have to have roommates to afford a place to stay.

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it has decreased.

>Do you think, if I look now at the statistic for the number of hours worked by the average American over time, that the number will have increased or decreased from 1970?

Probably increase in hours.

Automation allows zoomers to work longer without getting tired as much

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>An entire generation of working adults (going on 40) just accidentally forgot to negotiate.

Your brain on worms, ladies and gentlemen

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more of a problem with everyone wanting to live in a crowded city.

how should rich people decide who to hand out money to? they seem to take care of people who deserve it and invest in the local communities.

if you're not paid livable wage you're already dead anyway.

Yes. Do you have any arguments? Look at the median salaries for tech workers or the difference between union and non-union for average joe jobs.

There'll be plenty of people competing for the top 100 positions even if the potential capital was divided by 100000 and each of their descendants could only inherit 100k max combined in assets and straight cash, inflation-adjusted.
The problem isn't capitalism vs communism vs whatever, the problem is unchecked capitalism encouraging families with an ounce of knowledge and any kind of social network. No human on the planet legitimately has any reason to own and subsequently spend more than 2 million in their lifetime, why the fuck should we allow people to hoard more than 100x that amount at any point in time and still work to gain more? There'll be some other tweener trying to mimic Zucker's success if there's still a very clear divide between upper class and middle class which is all you need for innovation and competition. If anything, allowing infinite growth manipulated by control of capital is only causing more problems at this very moment.

Yes faggot hiw do you think poor people make ends meet. They usually work multiple jobs.

We've been taught that unions are bad. When you get a job, a lot of the time, they have an anti union video that they want you to watch. Even as a kid, I heard about how unions were bad.

Encouraging families to hoard* originalfix

Perhaps the problem is systemic and indicative of a market failure instead of the conglomeration of personal responsibilities of millions of middle aged adults.

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Government paid NEET here, sucks to be you guys.

Serves you right

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Ayy, you right you right

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If you're gonna be fair, you need to add +100 million deaths to communism too cuz they sure as ain't fixing starvation issues either.

Therefore the tally is:
Capitalism - 100 Million deaths
Socialism - 194 Million deaths (2x as much as capitalism)

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If we're going like that, then we need to include all 100 years of capitalism.

Therefore the tally is:
Capitalism - 2 billion deaths
Socialism - 194 (1/10th as much as capitalism)

There's literally no reason why anyone should be kept alive. Just because you want a livable wage doesn't mean you deserve a livable wage.
Why should you care what others are able to do?

>100 years of capitalism
>world population grows from 1.6B to 7B

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>power to the people by giving the government all of the power
Please kill yourself.

That's because of both technology and the increase of labour supply and the fact that the majority of Americans are sc*bs.
Why aren't you organized OP? I get paid fairly by my cooperative due to representation.
Literally not even a commie and yet I contribute more to organized labour and to cooperatives than you do.

Then you might as well care about nothing. Aka: leave the conversation.
The current state is hampering optimal progress, not the other way around. Have you not seen the absurd state of scientific journals by professors fetching grant money to live on instead of investing time researching actually interesting things? The focus on buying out competitors with a superior product so any semblance of a better product is snuffed out before it has a chance? It's not just about living wage vs no living wage, it snowballs to the grander scheme of things.
Other than that, your opinion doesn't invalidate others' opinions. There's no reason to make people suffer just because some lucky git is supported by a million bootstrap boomers who believe it's "well deserved" when he just got lucky being born in the right time and place.

>Population of USSR grows by 50M while the Nazis and Americans chimped out at them

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>Americans are more productive than ever but we work harder and get paid less than the generations before us
I wonder what happened.

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Sneak up on someone and suffocate them with a plastic bag

Sneak up on someone and choke them out with a climate not suitable for human life

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Hart-Celler is what happened.
Not to mention in agriculture illegals as well drove down wages that even Caesar Chavez was out burning down their houses for scabbing for pennies on the hour.

>But user, saving the natural world would be inconvenient for my dad's business and I jack off to my boss' lambo

I'm gonna go ahead and save the the response. Fuck you

To be fair, we can only go back to 1917. Let me update the tally for you hun.
Capitalism - 1.6 billion deaths
Socialism - 1.75 billion deaths

Capitalism literally saves 94,000,000 people!

Yeah, you're working harder, but there are more of you and you fail to stand out.
Culling the weakest to reduce the population is the only reliable method. The bottom 90% of humans are just excess anyway.

And who defines the market you moron? Regular people

Want to know an even funnier meme?
A lot of branches would perform better by working less, not more. Your average functional designer would make decisions more wisely, programmers would make less bugs trying to push out features and fixes half-tired. Similar examples exist for other intellectual work. People would drag out things less and plan less 1hour+ meetings that can be decided in 15 mins preparation + 15 mins meeting (except for the boss/manager, but it's his job to spend more time on this). Less forced human contact while fatigued leading to less disease, leading to less contamination, leading to less time taken off ill/sick. Less burn-out from stress. Higher quality work from being less stressed.
But no, let's work longer despite studies showing evidence that most branches besides the absolute monotone, brainless physical jobs (and even these are arguably these days) benefit from shorter shifts while maintaining equal or higher productivity.

It's weird to be honest. It's like they just WANT us to be at work. It doesn't really matter if there's nothing to be gained from it. It doesn't matter if it's counterproductive. They just want us to be working as much as possible. What is that? Is it just a cultural thing or is there an actual purpose?

>Americans are more productive than ever but we work harder

>posts on Jow Forums all day

what exactly are you working hard at? the World's Biggest Trap folder?

Most Americans aren't posting on Jow Forums user.

>Capitalist World

since when did we completely eradicate Communism from the planet?

Welcome to late-stage capitalism

One of the largest contributing factors to the decrease in the value of labor was the introduction of women to the workforce. I don't want to go full incel here, but when women joined the workforce the overall labor supply went up rapidly, from just over 20% of women to around 60%. This rapid increase in labor supply in conjunction with a rapidly devaluing currency led to the value of labor decreasing. Prior to this (and other factors) increasing the quantity of labor, corporations and businesses needed to compete for labor as the LABOR was in scarcity, not work. However, as the quantity of laborers increased, so did legislation on the regulation of labor. This ultimately led to the rate of job creation being limited and ultimately unable to create QUALITY jobs (i.e. full time, well paying) which were not in scarcity. Due to laborers no longer being the bottleneck, it was no longer businesses that needed to compete for labor, but laborers needed to compete for jobs. As I identified earlier, some of the largest contributing factors to this was the mass introduction of women to the work force, but there were several other factors as well that are worth mentioning. These include a declining value of higher education but far more people take loans (and therefore MUST work harder to pay them off) for this now nearly useless degree. At the same time, hard labor such as working in orchards, construction, or other such physical labor jobs are very often filled by illegal workers who are FAR more likely to undercut the value of their labor (thus making it more competitive to higher them, not other laborers)

There's a chance this will level itself out as the economy expands with a now stagnant population and therefore stagnant workforce, however I doubt this as inflation is reaching ridiculous proportions. Zoomers MIGHT improve the situation, though, considering that they are far less agreeable than their Millennial predecessors. 1/2

Now, what can be done? For one, currency stability must be achieved. Either by backing the currency, or artificially deflating the currency (though this can have some bad consequences) At the same time, there must be a cultural drive to increase entrepreneurship as well as to let jobs compete for you, not the other way around. This REQUIRES strong population growth and would likely play out in 1.5-2 generations. As I mentioned briefly earlier, the Zoomers are quite promising in that they've been shown to be rather entrepreneurial in what little time they've had on the planet, and they are not very agreeable, which would serve them in salary negotiation (assuming the economy is able to recover enough from the terrible monetary policies that started under FDR and haven't stopped since)

That's my two cents.

Oh yeah, one last thing. Unions need to pull out of public sector jobs and private sector jobs need to unionize MORE. Right now in the US there's more public union participation as opposed to union participation in the private sector. This twists unions (which are usually designed for this purpose) up with politics and dirty money and defeats their purpose. I guess that's 3 cents.

he's clearly the demoman's cousin

'Talent' isn't as valuable as 'cheap' on a business level for the overwhelming majority of all professions.

>blatantly false propaganda elicits reactions from people eager to explain why it's wrong
>"this one really upsets them"
The person who made this has really good baiting skills, Jow Forums could pick up a thing or two from it

You also fail to realise that inaction =/= murder. Murder is what communism did to anyone who stood in the regime's way. If I lived in a drought-stricken town where nobody had any water, was the only one with a supply of bottled water, and decided not to share it, I wouldn't be a killer. Maybe a selfish douche, but certainly not a killer.

>get paid less than the generations before us.
ohh boy here we go,

no, you dont get paid less, sure the price of homes has gone up, ill give you that, but no, you are not getting paid less,
modern men are just lazy and entitled, they complain and complain rather then work hard for what they want,
when i was young i worked 2 jobs and was married with a home by and 2 kids by 25,
yeah i was miserable as hell working but after that i got to chill and have a good time...
compare that to you zoomers and millennials now who just fucking complain all day on their iphones sipping on starbux watching netflix and marvel movies.

>no, you dont get paid less, sure the price of homes has gone up, ill give you that, but no, you are not getting paid less
Technically we are getting paid less. We're getting paid the same amount but everything is so fucking expensive, it's as if we aren't being paid.
>when i was young i worked 2 jobs and was married with a home by and 2 kids by 25
Shut up boomer this isn't something to brag about. It's like when rednecks bring up all the white people who get killed by the police as a response to Black Lives Matter. Just because police kill white people too doesn't make it ok.

No person should have to work two fucking jobs to survive. That is the problem. You shouldn't have to make yourself miserable in order to survive. America is the only first world country where people are expected to be miserable the majority of the time and wanting to be happy is considered lazy.

>No person should have to work two fucking jobs to survive.
so then go learn a skill so you can get a better job then?
I didn't have to get 2 jobs, I could have stayed at my apartment and played games and jacked off all day, but you have to get shit done if you want to be successful user, things wont just happen by themselves.

Still with Zognald in 2019 FUCKING LOL

That depends more on who you work for and what state you're in. Right-to-work states are where you'll find a lot of anti-union sentiment but even in hard-blue states you're still going to see a lot of anti-union propaganda if you work in retail and low-level service jobs like Wal Mart and Jiffy Lube. If you go to work in manufacturing or most skilled trades they'll effectively force you to join a union.
The biggest problem I've seen with millenials and zoomers is they all blow shitloads of money on university degrees for arts and science and expect that they can ALL be engineers and journalists ad shit and ignore trades completely when there's a ton more money and stability in working a skilled trade. The world will literally never not need mechanics and electricians and pipe fitters and such.

Tl;dr Disregard uni, learn a trade.