If your going to be racist at least be creative/funny

If your going to be racist at least be creative/funny

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You live on the east coast, don't you?

buddy you're like 6 minutes off.

>capitalised r

I can't see shit, try using lighter paint

you are a fucking shitskin, not even close to black. niggas are so fucking stupid

Born and raised in Michigan

Black education everybody

Oh, you live in Detroit?

You guys are good at this asking questions thing

indians aren't black, op is a stupid curry cuck.

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I have another question. Why don't you have any hair on your hands?

Are you all so retard you forgot racemixing exists

Do you have that distinctive nigger smell? It's like dried poop and sweat.

I do not know not really hairy in general

I usually smell like dried cum

>Mixed race
Black genes. Not even once.
t. mixed race but not a fucking negrogenome

Black/white mixed people always seen to look and identity as black more than white
Black genes must be very strong

White people don't even openly practice racism anymore since they always do it ways that they can't be identified
So if you are still getting mad someone called you a nigger in 2019 you're a retard

Day of the rope is soon mutt.


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sorta like dirt in a puddle of water.

Not true at all, especially for those Germanic enough to present as "White."

Don't believe the media lies. The Euro-Negro identity and it's belief system exists and often aligns with ethno-centric right wing ideologies. You just won't hear about it on MSM.

Depends on if they were raised in a black environment or a white one
If they grew up in the hood then moved to a white community they normally try to let people know they are black
If they were raised in a white community by black and white parents they will usually try to fit in with the dominant group

>sorta like dirt in a puddle of water.
>Blonde hair blue eyes white genetics destroyed with one drop
Hot desu

Nah, I reckon it's because you often get averaging of the two races when you race mix (not average IQs - IQ averages between select lineages, but regression to mean is bullshit on a non-population level). E.g. I look like an average of my two heritages and take aspects from both (family bonds of the darker one, religious traditions of the lighter one, etc.).
Blacks are so far below normal human function that the averaged individuals are incapable of understanding culture, tradition, cuisine, consistent language, and society, so just default to the easy-to-digest black ways.

A drop of genetic diversity is not inherently a disadvantage. We are finding drastic drops in testosterone in the West today, but it doesn't seem to be affecting Euro-Negro men to the same degree, if at all.

Euro-Negroes can indeed have fair, angular features and come in the full breadth of colors Euros do by sheer nature of the dominant Euro admixture.

Plenty of Euro-Negros, especially Germanic-Negros come out with high IQs. These Euro-Negroes are often the great "black" thinkers, scientists, and business professionals. Barack Obama, Fredrick Douglas, Charles Drew, Booker T. Washington. These are all Euro-Negroes.

you were literally MADE for BWC

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