Be me

>be me
>decide to finally get fit. (Not chad fit just lose my chub and be skinny)
>eat healthy breakfast and get ready for exercise
>go on 20minute light jog
>feel like vomiting from the excertion
I thought exercise was gonna make me feel good. All I feel is wanting to puke and shame for being this unfit. I wanna die more than I did this morning. Please tell me this gets easier.

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>tfw chad fit
Shut up and keep exercising before i rape you

it gets better, you must suffer this pain. imagine how shut you'll be a decade in the future with your current sedentary lifestyle. your body basically starts dying at 30-35, dont be completely useless

Keep doing it. It's gonna be less hard the more often you do it. Once it's routinely to where you always know to do it(prolly after 2 weeks) it'll be way better. Remember to count calories too Faggot

Start with intervals. Even a light jog from many months of not moving can be quite stressing on the body. Do something like walk for a minute then into a light jog for 30 seconds. Repeat this for about a mile or so. Then increase the running time and length of jog (mile wise) as you start to feel more at ease with the original intervals.

>Please tell me this gets easier.
yes and no
you are going to feel like shit after you work out 1-2 weeks after you first start, but it gets easier the more you do it and eventually you become addicted to physical fitness to the point where you will feel like shit when you don't work out

it is a lot of effort but the pain is worth it eventually

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It does, give it 2 weeks and take it easy, stopping and resting for 5 or so minutes if you start feeling bad.

Your body needs to get used to it.

Thanks for all your words of encouragement, friends. And I have started counting calories. Stopping my over eating habits was easier than I thought it would be honesty. Once I paid attention to exactly how much I was putting into my body I was quickly grossed out and reeled it back. Thanks to all you, frens. I'll keep jogging daily.

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eating before hand is not that good, you should go jogging as soon as you wake up. throw some water on your face and go git. Also its pretty hard at the start. it will start feeling easier and easier and youre going to fog for longer, if you dont want to increase distance you can just jog faster. i usually start up with a warmup jog then sprint then walk then jog then sprint. gets me pretty winded. But practicing breathing during long sustained jogs is also important, you can go for a really long time if you breathe with a constant interval.

No problem user, when you get done you'll be skinny and cute

make sure youre stretching and staying limber. i honestly enjoy the flexibility more, being able to deep squat like a third worlder while waiting, looking at shit on the ground, general ease of movement is convenient as hell. thinking about trying to find a gymnastics class to go full fag (nohomo)

>you'll be skinny and cute
Oh god do I hope so

>And I have started counting calories
no need to do that, cut out carbs and avoid anything with bread like the plague. Look up the process of ketosis and you will understand how that will help you melt the fat off of you quicker

remember your health is 70% related to what you eat.

also try doing some weight training, if you are a man this will help you out tremendously

stay strong user, in fact you inspired me to get off my ass and go to the gym today

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Is it just bread or all carbs? Because pasta is my favourite food ever

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Pasta's the absolute worst thing unless you learn to make your own with say, summer squash or make an ink pasta. Or make your own pasta from scratch with some combo of coconut, almond and amaranth flour but that's tough and the payoff is low.

You're just pushing yourself too hard suddenly.

I kinda do the same, I stay holed up in the house for a month or more, then one day I go out and walk 10-15km.

Just do 10 minutes instead of 20, then jump to 15.
Or rest a bit, e.g. jog 5 minutes, rest or walk for another 5 and then do more 5 minutes.

You'll still get progress, it's just going to be slower.

Don't listen to this retard. Count your macros and stick to them, use scoobysworkshop. com/ calorie-calculator to find out what you need. Make sure you stick with it, user.

all food has carbs in it, but if you want to lose weight you need to cut down as much as you can (only temporarily tho, you need some carbs, but to just lose weight it will help you out)

but all bread based stuff and processed breads including pasta is loaded with carbs and sugar so that needs to go unfortunately. look into improving your nutrition OP it will take you far

You will you'll be a cute boy and everyone will want you

what an amazing painting...thank you for showing me this.

calorie counting isn't necessary, OP needs to eat better and less, but how is he going to do that without knowing what to eat?

>be me
>decide to finally get fit
>do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10km run
>repeat for five days
>feel fucking awesome
>have to go to a long trip
>rip training

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After one session you maybe feel better mentally but of course you're going to feel bad physically. Your body is in a state of shock and it's not used to exercise but fatty foods.

Realx yourself faggot he might not Wana be a sissy bottom

how hard is it to know what to eat? you look at what food you usually eat in a day, add up your macros and see what you can cut out. If it's really that hard, make an excel spreadsheet with your typical breakfast/lunches/dinners, then you can mix and match with an easy reference. Just saying
>cut out carbs
is retarded, almost every food has carbs. They're important and necessary to survive. It's like your body is a wall. Proteins are the bricks, fats are cement, and carbs are the energy to put the bricks in place. Too much energy not enough bricks is useless. But no energy and tonnes of brick is still useless.

get a bike, jogging is for plebeians and a noob trap

also, personally, I do not like eating breakfast first, I wake up, drink some water and make some tea then go for a 20 minute bike ride, come home and chill for a bit and then have breakfast

but yeah FUCK jogging and FUCK joggers and walkers, just zoom past the stupid boomers walking their dumb dogs

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Running right after eating can unsettle your stomach. Especially if you are not used to running .

Nice one user you sound like you got yourself set

Maybe try play squash too

>>do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and
Stop this, or you'll fuck your joints up. If you still want to attain this feat, then do it properly by doing several sets of 15 reps and a 3 minute rest between them.
t.been going to the gym for 2 years and learn't from my mistakes and reading

>get a bike, jogging is for plebeians and a noob trap
People tend to jog or run instead of biking because it uses more calories in less time, specially if you're doing HIIT.

Lol I bet you're fat and eat subway five times a week. You go for morning bike rides but do you even go fast

>People tend to jog or run instead of biking because it uses more calories in less time
yes but if you're in pain and hate jogging you'll just quit and not burn any calories at all

I'm actually not fat at all, I was just very sick for a very long time so I'm simply aiming to build up some endurance. I don't know what constitutes 'fast' on a bicycle I'm just using my dad's bike and the wheels aren't straight and the chain is noisy. I'll be getting my own bike next week. Today's average speed was 9.3 mph with a peek of 17 mph, I had the wind against my back on a nice smooth part of the road. But with a new bike speed should increase.

FUCK joggers and especially the ones that jog in the road when there's a perfectly good sidewalk, hate the road joggers so much

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Obviously I didn't do them at once, first I did in reps of 15 and 25 for sit-ups, then I got up to 25 with push-ups and squats, and 50 with sit-ups

>yes but if you're in pain and hate jogging you'll just quit and not burn any calories at all
What do you mean in pain? Joints pain? Because you'll get the same kind of pain by biking, and I know it because it happened to me.
If you're talking about muscle pain like DOMS, then you just have to stop being a pussy.
>hate the road joggers so much
I'll agree with you on that though.
Well, if you do it without weight added then 25 should be ok. But if you add weight I'd drop reps if I were you. Just stay safe.

Is a diet of only white meats and veggies a good idea or a bad idea? It sounds to me like a great idea

How good of a regimen is
>20 squats, push ups
>10 minute jog
>and 2, 1 minute long planks
for a newbie?

>high impact cardio is the same as low impact cardio
ur retarded

better than doing nothing at all, see a personal trainer and get them to tell you what to do