What went wrong with Mal Malloy?

What went wrong with Mal Malloy?

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1st pic bottom row

being born female

Fat fetishists enabled her get progressively fatter via patreon. It's a shame too, Mal was perfect.

Shes not thick enough yet

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Nothing, she's still gorgeous

She got fat desu

This. She needs to get fatter. Can't wait to see her with triple chins, even bigger tits, big chunky belly, and jiggly saggy ass.

Maan I remember finding Mal when I was young and impressionable. Still bummed my hips aren't as wide as hers [/spoiler]But at least Ive got bigger tits[/spoiler]

nothing, both types of mal are hot

the only fault here is that she doesn't shave

Nothing. We must go thiccer.

I'd fuck even thick Mal on the bottom two pics. She gives me rock solid boners and makes me cummies lots.

What does she look like now? I feel like that pic is a bit old.

But damn is she ever getting BIG. More women need to follow suit.

her tits looks saggy in the 4th pic

Imagine spreading Mal's butt cheeks and sniffing haha

She's massive now, pumping out 2 or 3 black babies will do that do a girl

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To be fair, I doubt a white "cock" could even make it past her chub.

She hit the wall, then had a kid.

It's been over for her for a while now.

Stop trolling there is no evidence of her kids being black.

Is there any evidence of them being not black?

Burden of proof is on you, racebaiter.

She ate too many Krabby patties.

There's no pictures of them at all, and nobody ever leaked any, and she doesn't seem to have any social media, so it's probably a 50/50 chance I reckon, especially considering she has 2 or 3 different baby-daddies

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Drop Discord now, you obvious baiting mommy whore.