H-have sex incels

h-have sex incels

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Have sex, polcel.

Eat brick

>we don't know how to respond so here are some more dogmatic demoralizing tactics that we will just continue to regurgitate

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>landwhales want safespaces and to arrest people who disagree with them
>nazis want an ethnostate and to kill people who disagree with them
Oh gee, liberals are so bad. Yes, we need natsoc.

Know a woman in the biblical sense, virgin.

Very poor image. I really hope you didn't make that.

Uh huh. And how are you going to go about making this happen, loser?

Or maybe it's all a right wing eugenics scheme, you see in the future anyone who is stupid enough to believe that brap farms is a planned thing, instead of a method to rile up retards like you, will be castrated.

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With great violence.

you are more than welcome to try and refute white tribal survival, biological functionalism, birthrate statistics, and the objective reasonable desire for men to control the women in their tribe by law and culture.
easy, once we have any type of society collapse and there is no more rule of modern law. rebuild with fascism and taking away womens rights.

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I don't know whether they're offering themselves or whether they're encouraging me to rape women.

And what's the point of having strong genes if the world is already won by you? Nationalsocialism is almost as bad as the european union, except the EU will be able to defend their power more easily than you nazi fucks.
Also the point of this post - rolling

I can picture the NEET 28 year old fat virgin dreaming up fascist scenarios in his basement and honestly its fucking hilarious

Yeah you talk about this great uprising yet you're the kinda people that struggle to make eye contact when you talk to someone.

Had no clue what fermat's theory was, so I would have been executed. Reroll?

>brap farms
dafuq is this?

all you have is demoralizing tactics and ad hominem.
you know you can't refute the stance of the white tribe having the desire to take away female rights and arrange / force marriage their women so they will be force fucked and forced to give birth to white babies to maintain the 2.1+ self sustainable national birthrate.
I think i get it now though, you are actually scared of white men taking control of their future and becoming the most powerful force on earth, aren't you.

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the whole point of post was about how stupid it is to believe into retarded post apocalyptic scenarios and take them as an absolute truth about how future will be, i am truly amazed that you were retarded enough to fall for my completely comical scenario too, do you have peanut for brain?

Effeminate white males make infographics.
Real white men aren't on Jow Forums

>imagine being so in denial that you resort to this level of mental gymnastics to avoid being confronted with truth.

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pathetic thread, same old insecurity

Egren, dumbass

yup everyone is wrong except for you. never question anything, never improve, just give into the social consensus.

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>implying that thing should ever breed
Polfags, not even once

>implying we can't force fat women to eat healthy and work out
>hur dur this cartoon of a woman is fat so people from Jow Forums are dumb
try to use your brain for once
to be honest this will probably be my last time coming to this board though,judging by the thread responses you guys are too stupid to talk with

>hatefuck i.e. rape her
>"you told me to have sex, so you wanted it"

yeah I've seen that hentai too

Anyone with the social skills to enforce a situation like this likely doesn't want or need it to be the case.

You're destined to either become a better person or die alone. Your choice.

wow it's almost look like in poor countries where no one even knows how to use a condom have thay tend to have more babies well done pol

>cringe Jow Forums fantasy
>checkmate, libtards

Ebin XD take that Stacy

Nothing about this suggests improvement, if anything it evokes going back to the dark ages because you feel insecure in this progressive world.

It's just a more nocive version of not wanting to grow out childish interests.

Wow look at this cope

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>choosing between ""progress"" and living LITERALLY in a hentai scenario
one ticket to brap farm, please.

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i like how you just completely dodged every point in the pic and said you don't need it as long as you ''man up''
don't be intellectually lazy address every single point and explicitely refute why marriage with adulty is good for white tribalism, why abortion is good for white tribalism, why divorce culture and laws are good for white tribalism, why legality of rape threats stopping biological functionalism from happening is good for white tribalism. why women slaving away at a job during their fertile years is the superior option for the white tribe as opposed to taking away their rights and forcing them to stay in the house and become a breeding factory.
>out breeding opposing tribes is a bad thing! hah im so smart gotcha!
saying something is a strawman does not make something a strawman
>doesn't refute anything
how is stating my intentions of how to handle females in society a cope? i think you're confused

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>le not an argument

How many Molyneux videos do you watch per weekend, polcel?

I can't wait for that ethnostate to get established by a bunch of limp wristed tubby white kids, a considerable amount of LARPing pajeets and Brazilians and a few brain dead roided up gym golems that seems to be Jow Forums's demographic on average

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i guess you got nothing to worry about then right?

This is so fucking stupid.

Birth rates always drop as a nation becomes more economically developed.

Lower birth rates are also a good thing anyway.

Whoa, why are you so racist?

Maybe im confused
Maybe you are right
But i think your opinions show insecurity and are really extreme
There are a lot of based women out there

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>advocating for rape so that you can further the only thing in the world you feel you can be proud of
>that being your fucking race of all things

This is your brain on Jow Forums

>being below replacement level is a good thing
insecurity about what? i want my tribe to survive regardless of other peoples feelings or even white womens feelings
yes they are absolutely extreme, we have to be extreme now to get anything done
>projecting pride complex
>wanting your tribe to survive regardless of whamens feelings is somehow bad but i'm not going to say how or why though it's just somehow bad lel checkmate
this is your lack of a brain

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Not really, no

you piss for brain retards will either grow up one day or stay in mommy's basement /some shitty little one room apartment jerking off to white waifus in wheat fields and dreaming about killing niggers and raping liberal landwhales or whatever dumb shit you're obsessed with

Have original sex and (you)s

that would just decrease your chance of getting a wife since nobody will get divorced any more.

First, justify why I should give a fuck about "white tribalism".

Sounds like an arbitrary social group I couldn't give a fuck about.

"hurr durr u say mass rape is bad but why tho xddd"

Calm down coldsteel the hedehog

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Why do we need to be at replacement level? Why does it fucking matter?

Come on, it's fear of becoming a minority or whatever. And longing for the days you could tell women and other races what to do.

Just take a white women and breed like rabbits, that's how you save a race and not with a retard crusade against everyone that you don't like.

So sexual liberation made women stop wanting the boring whitey? Improve to make yourself desirable instead of wanting to take away that freedom because it exposed your race as undesirable

>want my tribe to survive
What do you mean by that
From my expirience men and women are pretty much the same,they think the same,they want they same things
In the very end we are all just flawed humans

Not because you care about them since you don't seem to do that. It's not that you should make an effort to associate with other whites but that overall, the different peoples mostly feel a sense of community among themselves which means a country is better if it's made such that one such group is it's inhabitants. You don't just arbitrarily decide what the peoples are, the peoples already exist and the cohesion within them can be used for good stuff. Trying to ignore that cohesion when deciding who should live in a country just causes problems.

cool again you got nothing to worry about then
i don't give a fuck if you support it or not, just because you don't doesn't make me morally or objectively wrong about supporting it though. it's a conflict of desires or lack there of not right or wrong thing.
>still doesn't say why or how a white man raping his arranged wife in order to make more white babies for the tribe is bad.
even if you try to take some moral high ground i don't give a fuck, survival is more important.
but take your time bud were all waiting.
pic related for you

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>Just take a white women and breed like rabbits, that's how you save a race and not with a retard crusade against everyone that you don't like.
You've completely misunderstood everything. What's relevant isn't what race can have the most members but rather having their nations for themselves. Just breeding more won't help with that, even if we got more kids than the other races, the number of them in the country would still increase.
The issue is immigration, not breeding.

>You don't just arbitrarily decide what the peoples are, the peoples already exist
What quality or group of qualities do you think makes a person white?

>Women will never have rigths again.
Dunno about that.
Depends if we have the artificial womb and we go China 2.0 on thier asses i guess..
But they will NEVER let this happen.

Ok, why do YOU care about "white tribalism"?

As long as the melting pot meme continues, people will inevitably notice the consequences of it and nationalism will grow.
The only way to stop it would be to breed everyone into one people before nationalism got too big.

I mean.. You are not wrong..

>The only way to stop it would be to breed everyone into one people before nationalism got too big
Dude, it's already too late.
There is NO white country left.
They will flood us so women will fuck imported people.
The imported ones will do that cause citizenship.
The women will do that cause muh power.
And they will not take women rigths away cause thet will hit the economy.
The only solution is genetic revolution and the artificial womb.

Talking about "whites" is mostly an American thing and I assume they mean white americans then, the different kinds of european that moved there seems to mostly have mixed into one people.
There's not white nationalismbut rather "white american" nationalism in America and the equivalent for all the other peoples, like swedish nationalism here in Sweden.
Lumping together everyone into one "white" group seems to be mostly be a misunderstanding based on the fact that white americans just call themselves white.

almost every little thing i love in this existence was discovered or maintained by whites or japanese people
specifically their intelligence, physical looks genetics, they are the only group that stands a chance against total zionist control over the world. video games, anime, Jow Forums, memes, civilization, electricity, modern medicine, flight, space travel, the internet, countless art, countless music, least violent tribe i could go on and on
plus i just don't like most other tribes like chinese or blacks or muslims or jews for a ton of reasons.

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What makes someone a white american?

>complains about "ad hominem" and others avoiding claims
>uses ad hominems and avoids claims that shatter his faulty worldview
typical "great replacement""" retard
if you actually cared about your race you wouldn't be here on an incel forum trying to convince other equally pathetic incels to "join your cause" or whatever you think you're doing, and, unironically, having sex; instead you're wasting hours upon hours arguing with people who, rightfully, make fun of your stupidity, while also reinforcing your beliefs in whatever other echo chambers you visit
just go outside, even if you don't change your retarded ways, you'd actually have a "chance""" at realizing your dream

It's too late for south africa and I'm not sure about USA but it's not too late for Europe. In Europe it's just a race against time to make more people nationalist before it's too late but that race is far from over.

oh ok you're just a weeb who says we must protect the white race while jerking off to gooks

Jow Forumscels are unironically top cringe

>it's not too late for Europe
It is.
They will flood us soon if the world economy doesn't crumble, and fucking welfare don't stop existing.

>that bottom red text
The Jow Forumsack's optimism never ceases to amaze me. They genuinely think they're a shoo-in for power, or that the Muslims have the capacity to take over.

Yea, and no one gives a fuck about that except for neonazi mouth breathers

Bring on your supposed race war bitch boy, as the likes of you have been promising for tens of years now

Drawing the line at different places wouldn't change any of the reasoning in and discussion about the points in that post is what I wrote it for so if you have some relevant reply I'd gladly address that

why do weebs always turn into hypocritical white supremacists or trannies? there's literally no in-between

>implying he's not too scared to go outside and actually protest instead of shitposting on boards unrelated to his interests

The immigration can easily be stopped if nationalists gain control

>supreme a cist

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i'm telling you right now my world view is white tribal survival and surrounding environmental survival. now go ahead and try and shatter it
If i had money there would be a secret white ethnostate in existence already
i do what i can now to convince like minded people on the women pill
i want to protect both japs and whites yes
pic related
right you have nothing to worry about then
because anime and video games are normie filters
pic related

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Literally every single one of those things either directly involved tonnes of non-whites, or relied heavily on discoveries made by non-whites.

You're also not really considering that there's a pretty clear selection bias here; White people are provided access to the means to do all of these things much more commonly than other peoples. Any other arbitrary group being treated the way white people are would result in the same level of success. If you want more of the art and technology you so love, de-racialisation is the answer.

go jerk off to some more gooks maybe your tissue will produce an aryan child

If you won't draw a line, how do you know who to include in your ethno-state, you batty cunt?

Im no white supremacist.
But i would like women rigths taken away.
I mean, look at us.
It's not even safe to marry anymore to have kids ffs!
Hell, making kids is dangerous!
So it's either women's rigths gone, or artificial womb and genetic revolution.

Yea, rigth.
And how the fuck you gonna fix the demographic then?
What happens when the boomers go into retirment, and nations don't have taxes?
Either nations collapse and we take women rigths away ( so we suffer hunger and blood on the streets for a few decades, then we rise back up ), or we take in immigrants.
THAT is how the world work.

right is that why rich blacks commit more crime than poor whites in america?

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libshittery speaks

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Very few cared when the consequences hadn't really started yet. As that progresses, the amount of people who care increases rapidly.
You can only fool most people as long as they don't encounter any problems.

Stop posting irrelevant memes, you need to confront your insecurities and man up

spend less time jerking off to gooks and more time finding a mate

Taking in immigrants doesn't help with the demographic trend. Since it costs so much money, it just makes it harder to deal with that problem. If we don't have enough money for something, wasting even more money is just stupid.

Don't underestimante the power of multiculturalism dude.
When there is money around?
It's great, really.
But what happens what that runs out..?

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gas yourself Jow Forumsnigger

>I'm pro science, look at these graphs saying filthy NIGGERS should be eradicated
>females choosing the most fit mate is wrong though they need to choose me

> more time finding a mate
I have her.
So what?
The law make it having a kid SO BAD!
She can turn you into a slave, and take half of what you own, just cause she opened her legs.
It's SO BAD.
You have no idea.

And yet, it WILL happen ( unless genetic revolution or women rigths taken away, or mega collapse ).
Pic related.

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>fancies himself an intellectual and superior being
>can't spell right properly
this is why no one takes you seriously, you don't even get the basics right

>inb4 b-but it's not my first language
don't talk about "boomers" as if it concerned you, then
>inb4 a-ad hominem!!
your entire argument relies on conspiracy theories and cherrypicked, biased "proof"

then keep crying as your race withers

He's a leftist shitposter

>rich blacks commit more crime than poor whites in america
cite your terrible source fuckwad

since when did leftists become white supremacists

>And yet, it WILL happen
Do you mean immigration? That won't happen the affected countries turn nationalist

Because this couldn't possibly be economic, could it?

>fit male
right do they choose based on intelligence? health? wisdom? dedication to the tribe? how hard working someone is?
or do they choose based on dick size, height size, wallet size, fame, and social game skills?
now which group of qualities do you think are more beneficial to the tribe as a whole and which group of qualities do you think women choose?
don't feel like digging through my nigger folder look it up yourself

>this is why no one takes you seriously, you don't even get the basics right
Why do you assume i think of myself as a wise man?
Im just a dude who is scared as fuck about the future.
It's like being fucking Cassandra ffs.

>don't talk about "boomers" as if it concerned you, then
You fucking retard, boomers are a generation, and we everyone have them.

>your entire argument relies on conspiracy theories and cherrypicked, biased "proof"
No, my argument relies on what has happened before EVERYTIME.
It's all the same shit!!
The government gets big, women use it as a surrogate husband, they get more and more rigths, family collapse, immigration rises, and then the etnic original population is less than 50% of the population, and it gets bad.
I mean, the fucking MUSLISM had the same fucking problem!!