Im becoming a woman

im becoming a woman

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congratulations nice job

Oh, I didn't realize it was possible to change your chromosomes from XY to XX.

We can literally cure Down Syndrome with that knowledge. Actually nah, I think satisfying your fetish is the higher priority!

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well someone has to fill out the void here where 95% of posters are male. it's was a matter of time til we started to cannibalize eachother since theres a huge lack of fembots

i want to be filled by neet cock

Fag i should rape you

learn things

*mannish woman

I'm trying.

OP is "becoming a woman". If true, this is a scientific breakthrough.


You will find /lgbt/ a great place to discussions about becoming a woman

you will be just dickless faggot

I wish you originally would.

if you are xx but have the sry gene you will be physically male with a penis and balls and everything
this is one of the many ways that xx and xy don't mean shit

sucke the benis

>im becoming a woman

Whelp, let us know how it turns out.

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I hope you don't become a statistic
just kidding I can't wait

op here
why do you people wish death on me?

because you are not suckind the bepis

because they are jealous

bcs transfags are force this shit out of their basement and 99,9% are fucking gross creaturas
pic rel

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>I'm becoming a woman
I didn't know women had gaping wounds and teratomas where their pussy is?

that's not how srs works

just show us your hairy butthole

>xx and xy don't mean shit

the sry gene literally proves that xx and xy do mean shit, hun

the sry gene changes effectively mutates an "xx" to a quasi "xy". This is breakthrough science if we can do this in reverse. Surely OP must have the name of the tranny doctor with this knowledge.

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in the future, will there be asbestos lawsuits commercials but for trannies?

>I didn't know women had gaping wounds and teratomas where their pussy is?

Back in my day, that would be classified as a wartime injury and you would get an honorary discharge.

>why do people wish death on me
Why do trans fags always say this, like honestly I've seen this exact message 3x in 2 days. Suck it up you hate yourself anyway whats some random guys hating you also?