She has a point you know Jow Forums?

She has a point you know Jow Forums?

Why on Earth are you all still single?

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Fully agree, take a shower robots.

>Why on Earth are you all still single?
im looking for a femanon that lusts after my male brapper the way anons lust after female brappers

(((Schwartz))) doesn't know shit about shit.

hundreds of thousands of excess males in my country alone. Men do the initiating. Women are just holes who spread their legs for the man who makes the most money.

>my life is easy therefore the lives of others must be as well
I think shes just shitposting.

statistics are very telling. she's lying.

That's simply not true at all. It's obvious this roastie has only ever had experience with Chads. Someone needs to beat this bitch up, knock out a few teeth, maybe break her legs.

What she described applies to like, 80% of men. Now, considering women want to date the top 20% of all men...yeh

Women just think like this because the let dudes like this inside them so obviously if you are better than that you can get laid?!

First page of this twitter is a complaining about white males book, what a walking stereotype, it seems this person never left her comfort zone.

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Bullshit desu. I showered and asked what was wrong with her face and I got no poon.

She missed the critical important step of Just Be Yourself

If all it took was showering and asking about her day i would be swimming in pussy. lmao
Talk about a disconnect from reality.

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She must be looking for love at a yugioh convention

It'll never happen moron

lol, ur a funny guy m8

>"Durr what's the difference?"

>this thread again
she does not have a point, most girls don't want boring questions and clean but ugly guys

The thing men need to realize is that most betas are not even considered and don't exist in the woman's mind.
When she say take a shower and ask a woman a question about herself, she's thinking of a Chad that would then be better than 60% of the others Chads.

If you're thinking of a woman that only considers attractive people as prospective partners, you're imagining a woman too attractive for you.

dating is a part of life and i think that part of life is easy for her.

>be better than 60 percent of the competition
>women STILL don't want to date you because they only want the top 20 percent
Yeah, she is right. Most women are shit

Dating isn't easy for anyone, maybe if you're lucky until you've got a lot of practice under your belt, but likely it's gonna be hard until you die. That's just the way it is and if you think that's unfair then t o o b a d l o s e r

This is such bullshit. I have excellent hygiene and ask all kind of open ended questions that let people talk about themselves, am super polite and try my damnedest to ask follow up questions and yet am still a 27 year old virgin. Why do women lie like this?

>Dating isn't easy for anyone
Imagine actually believing this

im not sure what position you think i hold, but my initial post essentially said dating and life are hard

You're probably ugly, seem super creepy, and add nothing interesting or constructive to the conversation for fear of mis-stepping.

Try approaching women with the exclusive goal of making friends with them, and as a rule never treat them as a romantic prospect. That'll help you develop your social skills, understand women, and get over the fear you likely have of interacting with them. Also, seek women that are as attractive as you, or less so.

It must be so hard for a woman to sit idle and quiet and have her "cute" anti socialness be made up for by the guy

Yeah, I guess 99% of all art ever created is about how dating is hard because we like to focus on experiences that aren't relatable.

You fucking moron.

>implying women have valid opinions on this subject
I shower daily. It doesn't matter because I'm too emotionally crippled to talk to women, and I've never had one approach me.

Dating is easy for some but finding an emotionally stable loving relationship is never easy.

Imagine being so much of a normie and retard to not believe this.

>understand women
can you give me the spark notes? that's too vague

Boring chicks can't maintain relationships. You'd know this if you ever paid attention to or participated in social life. Just because you fawn over anyone with tits doesn't mean socially competent people act like that too.

>I've never had one approach me.
You've probably never given anybody reason to believe you're worth approaching. Try doing one good thing in your life before you complain about not being approached.

>develop your social skills


It is hard because women have to sift through betas to find Chad. Have some empathy and try imagine how a woman must feel having to COMMUNICATE with sub par men.

It's a matter of attractiveness user. People tell me all the time I have a good face but still no approaches.

Just find one you have a common interest with, don't stare at her tits, don't complement her constantly, and don't creepily try to touch her with plausible deniability. Just treat any woman like a real human being.

Why don't you all just be normal Jow Forums?

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Gay bayes fdesd zes

>"wahhh wahhh I'm not being handed what I want with zero personal effort"
Fuck off you massive dweeb,

>chad with strong jawline and loving family that helped him develop good social skills
>asks hot girl for a date
>she says yes, instantly falls in love and creams her panties
>hot girl with big tits and nice ass
>stands around waiting for chad to ask her out
>gets asked out by multiple chads every day until she finds one she likes

doesnt help me understand them. how do i find out if we have common interests? that list of donts is obvious and you know it's not useful

>can't even get to the stage where I can walk her back to her car
What now chief

Women disgust me.
>We want RIGHTS, and we want to be EQUAL to men
>but men still have to buy our drinks, escort us around, and be our slaves or we want nothing to do with them

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How do you find out if you have common interests with men? How do you manage to understand men? If you've done either of those already, the only thing you have to do is learn that women aren't special or different from men in any significant way.

I mean, I'm not disfigured and my face is symmetrical. I'm pretty sure based on those things I am a 4/10 minimum. I'm not entirely certain where the threshold for ugly begins but I think I am +1 over that. I would also like to mention that I don't enter a social interaction with the assumption that it will lead to me jamming my dick into one of their holes. As for the lack of social skills, yeah, it is what it is. I'm probably not going to get any better at it.

>lmao just be yourself bro
in an original way of course

there is no reason. it's just something that either happens or doesn't happen. for me it just doesn't happen.

I don't want just a girlfriend.

Everyone else tells me girls approach them

I don't see your problem then. Go to places where people who share your interests congregate, and where it's socially acceptable to casually talk to strangers, and talk to people about things you find interesting. Some sort of class or club would probably be best.

If they don't take interest, they weren't a good match, try someone else.

Repeat until you've got some semblance of a social network, and you'll inevitably meet a woman that has interest in you, that you have an interest in.

It's literally just a numbers game - meet as many people as you can, try and cultivate bias towards people you share interests with, and you will eventually meet someone, probably a bunch of people.

all these bottom and top percents are just shitty cope. truth is that a very large part of humans fuck each other and are happy with each other.

you had your chance, you lost it and got left out.

Who is this everyone else?

Even if that's true, someone's doing the approaching in all of those situations - just be the approacher. All you've gotta do is make sure you can read when someone's uncomfortable.

>How do you find out if you have common interests with men?
because were in the same counter strike server or both of us are buying weeb shit. now i only see women out in the world walking or at grocery stores and both of us needing food to survive probably isnt relevant enough.
probably because i am male, dont claim to understand males either though. I disagree because the few times i have spoken to them didnt go well which means im lacking something, but you just keep saying that's not the case

It's not the actual date most people would have trouble here. Showering, do a few push-ups before going out just to make yourself seem more veiny/muscular (doesn't matter, even most women who like skinnies like vascular skinnies more than regular skinnies). Dress up neatly in fitting clothes. This shit's fucking basic and down to a science, the non-neet robots probably do this at least once a week.
It's getting the light of day to start a fucking date in the first place, and being able to get one with a chick that isn't as much of a social whore as the one in OP.

Sounds like you really just don't want to get laid, what with all these excuses for not ever making any effort. Don't complain if you won't try.

Also, try not being boring. Be productive for the sake of it. Learn shit. Maybe you'll have something to talk about and will have an interest to share with a real human.

>Just find one you have a common interest with
Literally impossible

i disagree as i asked for you to explain women so i could understand and use the guidelines to speak to them. your advice largely consists of
>dont do x
which only helps when accompanied by positive statements. ive been one of the main creators of custom units for a long discontinued miniatures game, but i dont think women would see that as productive or that the odds of a random woman on the street sharing it is very high

Then develop new interests, you fucking spack. It's not that goddamn hard.

Then don't approach a random woman on the street, moron, that's generally never a good idea.

Do you play this game with real people? Could you start playing it in a public place, like a shop? Could you or other people invite women to play this game?

Statistics do say that most guys dont shower or go outside

>Try approaching women with the exclusive goal of making friends with them, and as a rule never treat them as a romantic prospect.
How to never get laid 101

I guess you'd know a lot about getting laid, right?


Developing social skills isn't a bad idea, it's implied the next step will be approaching them as lays when your newfound chad confidence is overflowing from talking with a woman about what music she likes.

young women actually cringe and hate this stuff because they find it demeaning, hth

If this was the truth, then I wouldn't be alone and I would have a gf.
Women have no idea how hard it is to be a man and it irks me that women want to become trannies.

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>befriending women as an ugly dude

This is how you end up as a beta orbiter cuck while Chad rails her after the first meeting

>J-just like things that don't interest you!
I seriously hope you fall down the stairs

Men who actually regularly get laid dont have to make female friends because women find these men attractive, and therefore see them as more than a friend
Being an ugly loser and having to resort to being some pathetic orbiter will not help, zero women want an ugly beta fag. Women want an assertive, hyper masculine, tall and athletic Chad
Fuck off, numale

it was a reference to my previous post, not a plan i intended on executing

>ask a woman one single question about herself
I feel like I have a literal sub-75 IQ when it comes to conversations

You're only an orbiter if the woman only speaks to you out of social pressure or fear. I'm recommending people try to start authentic, reciprocal friendships.
I guess it's better to never try, right?

let me check if this sounds the same to you
>ask a question about herself

So why do most betas have girlfriends?

>actually thinking women and men can be friends
Sorry but Chad does not need female friends because all the women want to fuck him
This is cuck mentality
If you are gonna make friends as an ugly virgin dude you should make friends with dudes

You've never developed a new interest before? Literally just fucking diversify your tastes, expand your knowledge. If you refuse to do even that then you're effectively a waking corpse anyway and I wouldn't wish interaction with you on anyone.

>most betas have girlfriends
These betas are getting cheated on by Chads
And more and more beats become permanently single because of the rising standards of women
If you are a beta, you are being settled for. Your woman does not love you (women are not capable of loving anyone desu), and she does not find you sexually attractive. You rarely if ever have sex. She probably wants an open relationship.

You don't fucking know any men who regularly get laid. Why would you pretend to know about this shit? How fucking stupid are you?

>So would you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person?
>Okay. I got these eggs waiting tomorrow and I need a good suggestion on what to make. Omelette sound good, or you more of a sunny side up gal?
>Nice outfit. What more you got hiding in your wardrobe?
>Some people love summer, some people love winter. What do you enjoy?
Free of charge bro

Actually, less and less men than ever before are getting laid. And yet this is not happening to women.

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Best approach is to ask them about something they'll definitely want to talk about. Idk ask about their cunt boss or shithead coworker?

Most betas have loving gfs who dont cheat. You might just be gay

I mean if you think like this you don't deserve love anyway. I wonder who'll be there when they bury you?

What if said person doesn't want to spread their interests thin and would rather emphasize the interests they have currently, especially with interests that are already very substantial? Or should we all to resort to "I love music!" "proceeds to only listen to shit recommended by Spotify and makes zero music of her own"

let's sit and watch, mates

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Less and less men are taking showers. Too much fortnite

Less and less men are just being themselves

>Most betas have loving gfs who dont cheat
Haha haha then these are alpha male Chads, not betas you blue pilled simp

idk bro if you're too slow to handle paying attention to anything other than speedruns and nightcore maybe you just don't deserve affection?

Did this and it didnt work. I asked a ton of questions about her and we had like 2 hours chatting but mostly about her and i had almost nothing to tell about myself. So i ended up not having second date. Your pic is bullshit.

Yeah have some self-worth she's literally a tool to social freedom if this is your obstacle which stops dating and not looks. BTFO the bitch when she expires of her use, what's your suggestion. Nihilism? This was about improving your odds not "Hey someone has better odds than me guess I should just give up."

He's right. You are blue pilled pussy. Women are fucking boring and will pick up *any* hobby you have so long as you make her pussy tingle.

I bet your bitch doesn't fuck on command.

I don't know, stuff like that just sounds like it would annoy me and I genuinely can't fathom someone putting up with that because they're interested in me personally (because I've never experienced anything like that)



You seem blue pulled and gay

That's because you gave away your non-sexual attention for free.

Never give your non-sexual attention away unless you are accessing a woman's sexuality. Otherwise your just her straight male girlfriend.