Asking tbe bi guys here, sincerely, who do would you prefer for long term relationships, dudes or girls?

Asking tbe bi guys here, sincerely, who do would you prefer for long term relationships, dudes or girls?

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"""""Bi-guy"""""" means they are straight but will get their dick sucked by a guy if they can't find a girl to do it.

Girls. I go deep when I go gay for dudes but nothing could replace a soft cute girl that smells nice.

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why does bisexuality assblast so many people?

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Well, for long-term, who can give me children, i wonder?
Relationships with men are doomed to fail for no procreation is possible.


Gays want a monopoly on the title of Roastie (Male)

Guys desu
Guys are better imo wouldnt know what sex with women is like

Unironically, guys. I like women's clothes but I'm more attracted to boyish faces than to feminine ones.

Also I believe women are not truly human or capable of feeling real emotions. They're fine for sex but I don't want to date one. Only men are real people.

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Always girls. Bi just means you would fuck with a guy but not date longterm. Same sex partners are usually one time fuck thing.

anyone pls give me someone I'm so fucking lonely reeeee

Based and achillespilled

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It's the opposite, user Males are for relationships, women are for sex.

Guys are far better as partners. Girls are too hormonal and complicated for the long run. Good on those who can actually handle them as partners, but I'd rather be alone then suffer again to what is the hormonal rollercoaster a girlfriend is.

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why would you ask a board where the age of the average poster is 16-18

All evidence is the opposite of this, sorry. M&M relations are just sex, drugs, gangbangs and diseases on the mainstream. You can be an exception though.

Hard to say since I haven't had any relationships.

Married to a man for years now. I prefer a fellow Jow Forumsommando and gymbuddy.

I fucking wish I was bisexual. Gay men seem way more accepting of potential partners regarding looks/personality. Like you can be fat or a total twig and shy and awkward and plenty of fags would love than shit. I bet so many incels would have so much success on Grindr.

As one of those fags, you are 100% correct. I'm on the board for a Bear Poolparty and it's just chubby hairy guys having the times of their lives, eating free pizza, listening to music, going back to their rooms to fuck. The world is full of so much cool stuff if you leave Jow Forums.

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This is one of the biggest sources of suicide fuel if you are a lonely dude who has struggled with his weight.
If you want a girl you have to not only lose weight but get insanely fit with steroids and dedicate hours to lifting and eating insanely clean. And none of this will matter if you are short or are still ugly under the fat. Not even fat chicks want fat men.
While a fat gay dude can easily find a boyfriend, and not just other fat dudes, but skinny dudes and even fit, good looking gay dudes.

Girls because I can actually start a family with them.

Guys, I feel men naturally form stronger bonds with others then women, though I'm heavily more sexually/physically attracted to females.
THANKFULLY I'm a very nonsexual dude, still a virgin at 19 and don't plan on changing that, I just want a cutie to hug and cuddle...

Dudes, but the vast, vast majority of bi/gay guys are completely incapable of monogamy, so I'm stuck with girls.

any bi-bottoms here? Almost every other bi-guy I've known as been a top only.

Total vers here. I like bottoming but I encounter more bottoms, so I usually end up topping by default.

Switch here tho I've only had experience being a bottom if that makes sense

So how do you bifags do it when youre in a relationship with a woman? Does she know about your faggy ways and is she tolerant?

Of course you don't say anything until she gets HIV then you act shocked before saying you need some time alone. Come back later & tell her about the time you were raped by a black man & never knew about the HIV then proceed to break down & apologize. If she doesn't get it though you're golden to keep fucking boipucci catboys on the side.

You sound like good bf material, what are you like desu?

Anyone serious?.

Don't be stupid user just because any gay dude would suck your dick it doesn't mean they would care about you yeah you can find a boyfriend esily but he will probably cheat with no remorse a lot of gays are thots who only care about having sex.

bi guy here, basically this.
I'd be ok with a relationship with a passing trap potentially, but nothing actually serious

No seriously why would you say you're bi to a girl? She doesn't have a right to know anything about your sex life if you don't feel like telling her.

so basically this but u know the oringinal way

I'll just tell her I'm a fag if she doesn't like it she can fuck off.

females tend to be my appealing with their soft voice, soft skin, and titters. long term wise, it doesnt matter to me how they look, its how they act

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don't understand what you're saying but yes just don't bring it up and they'll never ask. If you're going to mention it it'll probably gross a lot of girls out so I see little advantages unless you want to marry & feel bad being dishonest but gl with this.

Ok, thanks for the answers. Somehow i was hoping there are openminded girls out there that dont care too much about it.

I've always been bad at describing myself cause I honestly change heavily depending on the energy/vibe of where/who I'm around. Generally though I'm rather quiet and keep to myself, usually just cracking a joke or 2 here and there. If I'm around the right person though I get really loud and kinda just goof around. My form of comedy is kinda hard to explain to others but something I do a lot is like a improv bit out of nowhere, like create little situation in my head and act it out and hope the other person goes along. Generally they just ask wtf I'm on about lol

I like anime tho I honestly haven't been watching it for a bit, heavily prefer moe/slice of life over anything. Love metal music though it's really hard to find bands that have a vocalist I actually like, and love hip hop.
Kinda a wreck atm though so idk if perssuing a relationship is in my best interest :c

Girls, I only occasionally want to get railed by masculine men and it's quite rare. I'd rather have a shemale or trans partner but they're always unstable, so cis girls are a must.

Some will be into it but a lot of women who date men aren't. If you want to get her into you fucking other guys or threesomes you can bring it up when talking kinks but to say you fuck guys out of the blue won't get a positive reaction most of the time imo. Had a gf who I got into wanting to bullying femboys with me. Depends your objective 100% on what action you should take.

Femboys. You get the soft touch and cuteness of a woman but I feel men bond far better and I feel like you can't be friends with a woman you have a relationship with unlike with a guy. With women I feel like I have to fill some sort of role and like I can't deeply and passionately share my interests and mess around with her like a guy or even reveal dark feelings and insecurities. Guys I feel you can both be passionate/cuddly lovers and best friends with, you can empathize and not judge. Only issue is kids, but that can be circumvented.

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Huh okay. You sound exactly like me lol

Thanks. Also that sounds hot! What did you three do?

Only ever one guy found who was down with being pure sub, gf was into being really dominant with me since forever which was the reason I brought up femboys since I'm not exactly built like one & always had a thing for them. She was hyper jealous of the idea but came around to trying it as I suggested I wouldn't fuck the femboy if we found one & just let her bully him with strap-on/dildo/dick humiliation etc to see if she enjoys it and I get to watch. She liked the idea so she came around after several months. She would top him with a strap-on & say a lot of derogatory things like "Milking your pathetic little dick onto the sheets is all it's good for" & making him back up on her strap-on "You gotta show me you want it push your ass back all the way." etc. She did weird things like this with me too so it wasn't unnatural, just never got pegged or anything, fingerplay mainly & was really into my butt. When he was about to finish she make him finish on her feet & lick them clean. Generally fun time but we split up because she's insane outside of her kinks too. Sad I'll probably never get something like this again. Got more stories if people actually care.

Superhot senpai. I can only dream of a gf like that. I thought domme girls were only a meme, so to hear you found such a gf hats fine with degenerate stuff is pure gold. I dont know, i have a kick for crazy chicks like that. Tell us more pls.

Yeah same I had no idea what my boundaries were so it was kinda fun being with someone who makes me uncomfortable. P.S any quotes aren't exact it's impossible to remember exact

Eventually I got to get a blowjob from him, was a smol with tops 4 inch dick which was really exciting to me to have someone so tiny slobber on my dick. My girl (4'11) played with him however she wanted, usually tongue & fingers while milking him coming up for breath & pushing his head down as far as he could take it. I swear it's the hottest shit ever with dirty talk from a femdom. "This is what a real cock is like so you better take it all the way and be a good bitch boy." If you get off to this it really makes you tingle. Topped him a few times after she finally agreed. Shoved her feet in his mouth "Lick between the toes you perverted dog, you're so shameless." slow-mid fuck, femboy moans are surprisingly cute. He was super shy about not sounding girly enough so he'd pitch his voice up when getting dicked, muffled moaning through worshipping her feet. She'd dress him up in stockings & cute clothes making him wear panties everyday (Don't know if he did originally.) also got him a
pink chastity cage which was about as big as his flacid. It was more of a suggestive thing than anything as he had a key too. She'd roleplay it was the only time he could take it off is after servicing her & maybe she'd edge him a bit before locking him back up, eventually it was only anal play which he was allowed to cum from which again was hot as fuck, she had most of these ideas too she was just messed up. I could write from her perspective if it's hotter, don't know if you want my view on things or just her femdom adventures.

P.S I'm not really normal at all she just had a really abusive past & I was there at the right time to comfort then it developed to this weird stuff. Was way out of my league physically.

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I literally dont care anymore. In fact im pretty sure im not actually even bi but just so starved for affection im willing to take it from anyone who would be willing to give it to me.

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Wow, this is just like in my hentais. The whole experience seems so thrilling, like the stuff you will remember for the rest of your life. Hell, the fact that SHE was the one coming up with the kinkiest things makes it even better. Messed up girls like that make me DIAMONDS. She sounds fun to have around. Btw, what do you mean she was out of your league physically?

I mean I'm 5'8 average looks & skinnyfat & she was extremely attractive, just a bit short for model status with physical/emotional abuse in her past and had cancer before. She wouldn't of been with me if she had a normal family and life.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. It was great to hear your story.

If you wanna talk I'd be interested, what messaging service do you have an account for? Only one I have aside from a facebook is kik which I can't access atm because I have a shitty windows phone rn, and don't really wanna put my name out here haha

Based Takanashi poster

source: I'm bi

Depends on the guy desu fampai. Many guys I have met that I found attractive I found repulsive as a long-term dating partner (promiscuous, YAAAS, drugs), but I would be completely comfortable with a solid bf if they were good. Girls that date men are more plentiful, so that's just the easier front.

Sauce me up, user. Google and IQDB are giving me nothing.

A guy. Women are for nothing more than one night stands and producing offspring which is being replaced by artificial wombs already. I can get all my romance, softness, cuddles, cuteness, sexiness, and actual hot sex from a guy and also have a best friend who isn't a mentally inferior female, who I can talk to about whatever I want with, without having to play childish psych games and try to impress with no real substance.

have sex incel

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Male bi here. To put a really long fucking story short I have a friend I've known for more than 20 years now.

We do a bunch of activities together, jogging, swimming, playing video games, movies, you name it.

We both have girlfriends however because we were super fucking curious about porn and all that stuff back when we were kids we would also do activities around it.

Masturbating together, touching each other, kissing, blowjobs. As we got older we also started having sex from time to time, sometimes he would do me and I would do him, sometimes while watching porn, all that stuff.

We both have girlfriends and I'm planning to marry so I want to say I'm straight in terms of relationships but what's mentioned above disproves this? inb4 nah bro you gay, but I really don't feel like I'm bi because of this, like I don't go actively seeking out other guys or anything, anyone can relate? what do you guys think?

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You gay, faggot, enjoy it

Tho jokes aside, there's really no need to slap a label on your sexuality, just be comfortable with it vro

You sounds like a so(o)y drinking loser.

I don't know anymore

I just want some love

Fuck the sex, my hand works fine

It depends on the person. I'd be more interested in women for a relationship since gay dudes are better to have in a circle of friends with benefits.

Kik is: KaesienSiirtoFirma

message me anytime if you want

who the fuck still uses kik

I could care less. I'm like a perfect 50/50 bi guy

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Girls long term because kids.

Still have cocklust tho.

anyone who wont lose interest in me then slowly start talking to someone else and get mad when i question them about it and eventually go completely silent on me