Hes not a race traitor

>hes not a race traitor

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>women are the alt right now
loving this time line

Race traitors doing god's work

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>buying the trad thot gimmick

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>complains about white women dating outside their race but yet they do it themselves
Why are men hypocrites

hhmmmmmm, many hapas need to be made

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the guy is heavily bleached though, must have less than 25% negro admixture

>this makes it okay to fuck mutts

the west is so cucked just end us now

this. you know he has one of those BWC's thats slightly tan with a pink eraser head

I never said such a thing m8
Do whatever makes you feel good idc

Heh, I do not even know what race I am.

very based and mutt pilled

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kek!!! C'est la vie

The world needs more race traitors so women start looking like this.

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This is why bots like you will never find love too busy caring about shit like race

How am i gonna get a white bf if you moids keep fucking niggers

no white foids ever match me. It's always black women. I swear 70% of my matches in the DFW area are fucking black women. White stacies ignore the shit out of me. The white women are fat and ugly and still overdemanding. Give me a well proportioned black woman over that.

Thats because we're better than niggers

why yall gotta make me cringe like that

My only matches are hispanic and black. A rare semi-attractive white girl matches me rarely. I'm tall too. I thought women liked tall guys. Usually it's only black women giving me attention whether it be on the streets or on dating sites.

>absolutely autistic
/our girl/

You think you are but you are basically retards being carried by your race's men. Black women are more educated and more into STEM than white women. White women do HR and Nursing where they get by on their looks. Asian women fill up STEM but white women avoid it like the plague.

Stop going after stacies, not every white woman is like that

>wh*toid fems thinking they're better than anything
y'all dumb bitches just feminismed your sorry asses out of a race. imagine being so fuckin stupid you genocide yourself because you want free abortions and shit

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Have fun with your hapa kids who murder you and your nigger kids who rob stores

>this post was written by an obese white woman with acne scarring and damaged hair
>thinks she's better than fertile nubian goddesses because of her ugly pig skin
don't make me laugh

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>being THIS toxic to your women

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I swipe right on every white girl I see and only a few match. They look like post wall single moms if they were ever good looking to begin with. Then I compare them to the black bombshells that match me - no contest. Even hot hispanic girls are more likely to match than white girls and they are mostly European. White women are blind to non-chads.

I bet you got banned from the zoo for trying to fuck the gorillas

Stop using tinder its nothing but stacies

My hapa daughters will be conceived in a fertility clinic and screened for over 300 genetic diseases, and depending on when, intelligence and psychopathy.

I would swipe right on that and she would just go for chad. Not that I care. I'm probably part black or spic when it comes to liking thicc and curvy girls. They are more my physical type anyway.

Not him but I don't have higher standards for white girls than for asians and I'm still very much more successful with asians.
White girls just aren't attracted to me but some other girls are.

I use Bumble and OKC. Tried POF but never got the whole system there.

Of course. I'm going to form a hapa ethnostate where no insectoids or cumskins are welcome.

Sure you will, you're just a beta who will go for an ugly Asian and will shitpost about how shes a pure waifu when shes beating your kids

Stop using dating apps

Location matters alot

I see more stacies on Bumble these days.

I have had some success meeting white girls in person, but maybe that's just not what I'm into. I just am more into black women since they are blunt as fuck and not afraid to tell you what's on their mind. If they have a reason for not liking you you will hear it. There isn't much mystery. Country white girls can be like this too

I wonder how much these faggots get paid to push race mixing.

>its hapas making asian race bait
well la dee da

> stop using dating apps
> it's the only way I've really broken the ice and found dates in my 30+ years on this planet

Maybe we aren't rubes in the sticks and find really classy WOC in cities.

>classy WOC
Don't exist, and even so, it still doesn't excuse pushing your degeneracy here, the board inhabited by lonely guys. You know they're easy targets to fool into accepting your shit.

Hapas are gods gift you mortal fools

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I'm not pushing an agenda. White women are just snobs in general and get targeted by the best men of every race since they are glorified by Hollywood and media. If you are a lonely white you are better off with a woman of another race usually.

> half the women in the US are white
> a vast majority of porn stars are white
How does that work? So called "Jewish porn agenda" is actually in favor of making every man on the planet chase after white shiksas. Average to below average white men don't stand a chance.

>I'm not pushing an agenda!
>Here's the agenda I'm pushing;

Fuck Jow Forums. If you support the pol agenda you deserve to be forever alone.

I'm just stating life experience in a major metro area. Some black, asian, indian and hispanic women are probably outearning your white hillbilly ass. I know they outearn mine.

My only agenda is to find the most attractive women available to me. I could give a shit about israel or white genocide since I'm half dead fucker. I have maybe 10 to 20 years of potency left in me. I wanna get my dick wet.

Who cares how many are white? They're in race mixing porn to push interracial couples until everyone on the planet is a 3% this 10% that and 30% some other shit mutt. Well fuck you, it doesn't work and the only people who fall for it are other sick freaks like yourself.

Lower your standards bitch

Because white women never gave me the time of day

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You are not supposed to have standards and accept what's offered to you. meanwhile you can look like a total nerd and steal smoking hot shaniquas away from their abusive tyrones. Shit's fun.

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Blacked.com is one of the most well-produced sites and it's solely about white women hooking up with hung black guys. There is not much to the converse. The porn industry doesn't really promote WMBF much. Much of WMBF porn is amateur.

>liking Shaniquas
no thanks I'll take the Shahras and Marias thank you

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>Some black, asian, indian and hispanic women are probably outearning your white hillbilly ass.
Diversity quotas and affirmative action are one hell of a drug, nice projection though, faggot. I guess it's easy to be retarded when you think everyone else is even more of a blathering neanderthal.

Nigger logic, glad you won't reproduce. It's bastards like you that'll be at fault when everything goes to shit.

I want to be a traditional wife and tend to the kids while he works but i cant do That if every white man is either a neet for fucking niggers and chinks

so tozic

Stop busting his balls after work
Stop taking his job
Stop leading him to nowhere
Start to make him comfortable
Start making yourself a worthy woman
Start making him feel wanted
Stop being fat and bitchy

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Ok. I tend to like people who like me back than fawning over unattainable hos and instagram models.

ya where were you 4-8 years ago when it was open season on white men during obarack?

They were more enjoyable to talk to than white women

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Personally, it's because I find dating white men kind of gross? It feels almost incestuous, fucking someone of my same skin color. Their personalities are also super bland, ethnic men tend to be warmer and more passionate than white men. I started dating Latino and Black men exclusively and I have never looked back.

> nigger logic
> I should tolerate 4 decades of letting my perfectly good sperm go to waste because it's not going into a pink pighole.
Truth is I never was very attracted to pink snowcows anyway. Meds were the only whites I had ever seen attractive. I think I'm pretty med myself since I get olive when I tan. Oh well. I like women with meat on them but you think that means some stay puff marshmallow woman.

Can't even make the effort to include your jewish porn eh?

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support your local bot

Classy WOC. Clearly you do not live in Dayton. All the whites are trash, all the blacks are trash, and all the Asians are irrelevant to the equation

You're pathetic, id kill to have a white bf have fun with your mutt kids while i have a cute white bf

I think the problem with white women is alcohol has been such a staple in western civilization for so long that they are only tolerable when we both get drunk. When you are sober you realize how boring and shallow most white foids are.

Sagesagesagesage this trash.

Enjoy your piglets, you pink sow.

Define cute then,
you're probably not even a catch yourself

>my perfectly good sperm
Sorry pal, retardation is hereditary.

Yeah I live near Dallas. There are hoodrats but many black women are very educated and well spoken. They don't go off and chimpout at the slightest provocation. Most "white nationalists" are either from the sticks with zero exposure to blacks or poor white trash stuck in a black ghetto. Of course their lense will be skewed.

I have trouble even viewing "people" from other races as humans, let alone equal to me. When I was asked by one of my normie friends why I'm not attracted to black girls I just replied "I'm not a zoophile"

Enjoy being beaten and left when he finds out your pregnant whore

I dont have one yet but i will, id rather die single than fuck a nigger

>my women
nnnnope (((my))) women are doing just fine tyvm

>top taking his job
>t. brainlet with shit cv

I have 130 IQ and good height genes and did sports. Why is some 70 IQ gangbanger allowed to have 20 illegimate thugspawns and I can't bleach one black girl to make a pretty athletic kid or two?

It's amazing how none of the people who demand that others race mix have any semblance of an argument. Like holy shit man, even flat Earthers at least try to not sound retarded. You act like angry thirteen year olds when someone challenges your world view, no argument, just the same "cumskin pig ugly fuckin uuuuuhhhhh" every single time.

are they? you spend so much time on other women.. maybe you neglect your own

And I'm probably sure you would rather die single than never getting chad's dick

If women left the workforce wages would go up tremendously and there would be more families

I am white, I will only breed with white women. Problem is that white women have shitty demands and dont see any man that isn't chad and rich as something that exists.
Please tell me where I can find a white woman who isn't a fat, liberal, and vapid cunt

>just leave the workforce, sis
s m h

> 14 words
> some mutt from NYC is a better white nationalist than pink piggy feminists

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I dont make the money I dont get the honey

why should they be the ones leaving? any type of gender barrier, be it "positive" or negative is an attack on meritocracy. women should only leave the workforce if they manage to marry up and the husband makes at least double of her salary. but I bet you don't like that do you, brainlet?

Security and love beats a one night stand by chad any day
I wont lie id want my husband to not be ugly but i dont expect only 10/10
Once again only stacies want only chads

Deep down, you know you love BWC.
Your tight pink pussy wants to get fucked by throbbing, hard and juicy white cocks and get your wholes stretched.

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implying her vag isnt pink asf

youre telling women to just leave the workforce because you get paid less cus they work? mm ok

Why be a cog in the machine when you can instead make a family and raise children?

>Security and love beats a one night stand by chad any day
Ok I believe you

>a cog in the machine
speak for yourself and your wageslavery-tier job. not everyone flips burgers for a living

Your fault for not conditioning one when you were both little, my current girl friend and some day wife and I have known each other since we were in our early teens. My right leaning values have rubbed of on her over the years, I encouraged her to take up sports and exercise, and she didn't have shitty parents so she has basic humility. You were a fucking retard, and now you're making it worse.

>I got lucky
good for you

show your pink vag, Brattney. again

Luck didn't have anything to do with it, if I was a little beta shit like you and left her to her own devices she would have turned out like every other whore who has no one to guide them. Enough excuses faggot.

I glad that the circumstances and environment you grew up in allowed you to enjoy what you have
Once again, you were lucky

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oregano ravioli

>has gf
>still this mad

BWC lovers are ALWAYS based