This is a male in 2019. What's your excuse to still being a virgin? If girls reject you...

This is a male in 2019. What's your excuse to still being a virgin? If girls reject you, just have sex with a horny cockslut tranny.

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Trannies just want Chad

very nice ass but his face is Ugly. Face>>>ass

Gay sex is not real sex.

I may still be a virgin but im still have my standards plus im straight

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you're a fag if you wouldn't plow this.

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because twinks only want to fuck other twinks

> you're a fag if you wouldn't plow a man's ass

Thats a guys asshole and dick fucking this is gay

Not OP but that disgusts me.

>This is a male

You're right

Specifically, a white "male". The absolute STATE. No wonder our women are betraying this God-forsaken race.

who's this cutie please, I want to push my dick so hard inside his boipussy who ever pulls it out would be crowned king arthur

Nice try discord tranny

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have sex with trannies!!!!!

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Not when their dick is at least twice as big as mine. That's gay.

>If girls reject you, just have sex with a horny cockslut tranny.
I see 2 problems to your argument:
1. I'm not gay.
2. They are very rare(unless you live in thailand or some shit)

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attractive trannies are rare, unless you're in a city

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Okay tranny, come by my place and we'll do it. But unironically, MtFs are actually super hot.

Ngl, it's even better when their cocks dwarf mine.

his dick is probably about average, he just has a small body and the dick is close to the camera

believe it or not, trannies are probably more in demand than the average woman due to their rarity.

Agree to disagree, but either way we can agree passable, girly trannies are hotness.

Even if that thing is at half mast and only gets another inch or two when fully erect, that penis is at least probably at least a seven incher and fairly thick besides. Compared to my 5.5 semi-thick wang it's no context, that he-she has a bigger than average penis at the very least.

it's all in the camera angles, so it's really hard to say if it's that big. Plus on hormones he's probably not going to go full mast

Whether you like it or no, sex is sex whether it's with man or woman and things in between.

>Nice ass
>Get excited
>It's a guy and has a dick

Fucking gay. Got my hopes up for nothing. Males simply can't compete with females, and you shouldn't even try because you'll just find misery

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>having a fat shaven ass is the only thing needed to be attractive to straight guys

no, but if you have a fat shaven ass with good skin and a bleached butthole you're more than half the way there

look at that jaw
look at that mouth

but user, i want to!

So I guess stroking my cock is sex and I lost my virginity when I first masturbated.

Even girl asses smell bad when doing anal. Definitely am not going to try that with a dude on estrogen.


both smell fine if cleaned

That shit is fucking gay. Stop trying to brainwash men into fucking other men.

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Even enema'd it gives off an unpleasant smell in my experience.