I fucked up bad

>be me
>23 yo autist fat loser
>live alone
>go to pay utility bill
>try to park in space but come in at wrong angle
>scrape inner circle part between wheel and door
>car behind me honks at me
>back up to see what happened
>see small scrape where i hit
>to scared to breath properly
>drive off in a panic
>go home and pay bill over phone
>starting to panic even more
>go back but park car around building
>dont see either car but still scared

this is my first time sharing on here because im scared and i have no one else to talk to. I wish i just stayed cause i think i could have paid for it but i panicked and now i dont know whats going to happen. i also dont have a license because im busy with work. any advice bots? please im actually terrified and i dont know what to do.

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Go to the police and turn yourself in. Say you panicked and weren't thinking clearly but that you are ready tow face the consequences.

Or forget about it. Probably nothing bad will happen.

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Well you damaged property and 99% chance they caught it on camera and the witness let the store know so you hit and run with no license your fucked and it's hilarious you are scared

god damn it why is it so hard. we are not meant for this world. why cant we just lay around and sleep

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didn't have your license with you or don't have one at all?

You could be looking at jail time. Trust me someone got your plate number or took a pic of it with their phone.

Probably don't worry about it. Someone scratched my car and I didn't see it happen. I was angry about it at first but like me, I doubt many people are willing to go to the trouble of tracking you down.

You deserve to get tracked down though for driving without a license and leaving your house to pay bills when you have the option to pay them over the phone.

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I'd track him down and make sure he gets into shit about the hit and run. Fuck little faggots boo hooing about their panic attacks or what not. If you cannot handle driving a car then take the bus.

>If you cannot handle driving a car then take the bus

I totally agree, however if it proves to be too much effort I wouldn't waste my time tracking down someone over a small scrape. It's just a car and it won't fail it's MOT for having a scratch so I don't see why I should care.

t. discord tranny

Alright maybe if it was just a scrape then I'd let it slide. But if he doesn't learn to stop that shit he's going to slam someone good and then take off or hit a pedestrian and do the same.

you are lucky it wasn't me in the car behind you faggot. I'd have gotten out of my car and physically blocked you from leaving. Then made you find the owner of that car and give them their information. If you said you had no license then I would immediately call the police.

people who care about little scratches on their car are literally the worst
it's just a fucking car dude it's still drivable

a car is a source of pride for a lot of people. I know pride is a foreign concept to the lazy robot neet. I would fucking beat down anyone who even touched my car without my permission.

Just go turn yourself in retard the only crime you comitted was hit and run. Amazing how amerifats dont know their own rights. If you dont go turn yourself in then yes you can go to jail you have like 24 hours until the police show up at your door. Odds are the person wouldve just let you go anyway cause theyd see how fat and pathetic you are

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This is the reaction that a nigger would have. Aggressive violent disposition coupled with poverty and ironically, intense materialism. That $4,999 used-car niggerbox you're driving is the most expensive thing you'll ever own in your life and you will chimp out on anyone that even dares to touch it. Ridiculous. It's a piece of shit. You're a piece of shit. Have some self awareness and learn a little humility, nigger.

busy with work ?
what do you do for work , how do you handle that ?

This is a normal reaction, not my fault you are so low-t that fighting for something you are proud of is unthinkable for you.

Why would you be proud of a car? Are you stupid?

My car is worth over $100,000. If you wouldn't fight for that, then you're a coward. I would do the same for my house, etc.

A car is one of the worst investments you make. Its value will only decrease over time, starting the second you but it. Unless you're very wealthy, you should not ever spend anywhere near that much on a car. If you ARE that wealthy, you shouldn't give a fuck about scratching the paint. The cost to fix it is trivial. You have no argument here. You're some idiot who spent way too much on something stupid and now you're mad at other people about it.