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Hey fellow robots I was wondering if any of you played RuneScape and what memories it invokes in you when you hear it. Also which form of the game do you prefer?

Feel free to add your current stats and RSN if you currently play and want another RuneScape pal.

RSN: Squirrel Boy

For me personally I still play RuneScape to this day and have been since 07'. I currently play OSRS and don't find RS3 to be all that entertaining but to each their own. Every time I listen to the RS OST it makes me cry as I remember the good times when I couldn't tell I was a robot and spent my days playing RuneScape after school.

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Pretty decent stats lad. Which will be your first 99?

Never really thought about it, just been chilling for the most part on the account.
Most likely will be Strength like everyone else but at times I think about wanting to get 99 hunter.

Is getting runsescape now still worth it?

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I like RS3 and everyone gets mad at me. I enjoy the PvM aspect of the game. I grew up on 2005.

It is if you have nothing better to do. Its addictive not because its fun but because of the constant reminders that you are doing better in the game which you don't get irl.
So yeah get into it as a pass time in the back ground and if you grow to like it then great if not then oh well.

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Hey man to each their own. I have a lot of buddies from 07' still that only play RS3 and refuse to play OSRS.
Some people just don't wanna get into NostalgiaScape which is fine by me. Despite all the hate the OSRS community has for RS3 its still better than most other games out there.

i play RS3. the combat system has way more depth and i kinda like that. it also has a nifty achievement system and i feel like it gives more room for improvement to the player than OS does

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They adopt a lot of the stuff from RS3 into OSRS when they are successful.
Something similar to the achievement system in the Achievement Diaries which are specific to each area. Not sure however if they have diaries in RS3 specifically but many of OSRS's bosses are inspired by bosses from RS3 such as QBD and others.

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they added the task set to OS, eh? achievement diaries were the precursor to the achievement system, added in 2008 or something.

>RS3 task set

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What should I level up for overall usefulness?
Currently getting ranged to 75 through slayer
Plan on getting 50 thieving for desert treasure and finally barrows gloves

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my suggestion would be to get 99 slayer. you cant go wrong with slayer.

About to become member again. Any tips?

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nice op we have almost same lvl account

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Lmao yeah but i mean lower levels for important quests/diaries
Stuff like that

im not really an OS player. just remembering what helped me out in the 2007 era of runescape.

I would recommend you start by unlocking important teleports and untradeable quest items
If you're paying for membership with bonds then do farming and unlock passive sources of income that will allow you to afford membership

Train agility asap and set up farming while you do that. Also do quests.

Usefulness? It depends on what you mean. Agi is the most useful stat in the game. If you want to make money then you need slayer. Have you done Fire Cape already? How are your quests looking?

Not worth it. Everyone I know who is unreal has pretty much quit and there are a bit of maxed players who still play, but not insane amounts like before in my opinion. My friends list was full of 200 people, most have quit (experience points never change and it has been a year). If you join a huge clan it is mostly a bunch of autists who argue with each other and there is no teamwork (I am talking high level player clans). Skills are mostly botted heavily to shit and you have to grind all day with them to make money. You can do combat and bossing with farm runs and make money, PK or stake (you usually lose on staking), but if you're not into that, then you're kind of fucked, plus you need decent combat stats. Also, when I say this is a no-life grinding game I mean it, so if you hate that, then don't bother. A year will pass from this game like nothing, due to its consuming nature (MMORPG).

You can buy membership and gold to level faster and become good to sustain your account, then have actual fun or do it the wicked slow way as well your call. Make sure to secure your account too as perfect as possible. Also, most people play on multiple accounts (alts), so the 80K players is not 100% true since they count your alt as a separate play, which in reality it is the same (you).

It is an alright game.

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I want skills that will unlock important quests/diaries stuff like that
I'll do fire cape once i get 75 ranged
At least people told me the blowpipe makes it easy
I only need desert treasure for barrows gloves
Did some quests for xp rewards

Been playing since '05 thereabouts and had breaks but been into OSRS since 2014 and am lvl 106. It's mind-numbing sometimes but satisfying. I play alot of pest control.

World 431

Bring your tinderbox
Campfire swastika time

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My recommendation is to get 82 construction if you have the gp for it. Having a fully equipped house makes your life 10x easier when you have a ton of quests to do.

Go on the wiki and look up the skill requirements of achievement diaries, clue scrolls, and quests. Do you have fairy rings unlocked? Do you have an Ectophile? Quick access to Barrows? Monkey Madness complete?

Holy shit the amount of bots in 431. So many level 3's holy fuck.

Yes to all of these
Though access to barrows is through the barrows tabs, idk any other fast way

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Your first mistake was thinking people would actually do that shit when its exp waste.

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Where my fellow completionists at? (please don't ask where my infernal cape is)

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>exp waste
This board really is full of loser autistic virgins.

With dairies you can use the item to teleport to that town that's just outside Barrows. I would just go through quests and diaries rn if I were you.

You need an infernal cape to become complete.

hello newfag enjoy your time here

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Are you that trap that always posts in the OSRS threads? I remember that same character look with the castle wars armor.

Not a fan of osrs tbqh. I liked pre eoc. It holds the best memories for me
>2011 graphics (618 revision)
I miss all these things. Every now and again, I will look for a private server that is not 317 revision (dated and ugly) and that is fun. I miss playing it with my cousin. He introduced me to the game in 2006 and we played together from 2006-2009 all the time. My family stopped talking to his family after a certain incident in 2009 so we stopped seeing each other. Have not seen him since. Now he has moved to Australia to escape some people that he stole from. Not the same person I knew.

I know, but I'm broke and doing inferno with acb is too hard for me because I suck.
I do usually post in these threads when I see them.

I played it after some online frens told me they have a guild and all set up long time ago, so i joined in and we had fun, always fashioned blue items, Lord Dion and the party. Now most of them are gone. Feelssadman.png

Sometimes I will even boot up the game to revisit some areas we use to go to. I remember there was a house in varrock that was like our hideout.

Buy some gold. I bought 10b three months ago and nothing ever happened to my account. A really dumb way for me to spend a decent amount of money, but oh well I have done worse.

Not gonna lie I'd love preoc hd graphics and dungeoneering (although as a minigame and not skill)
But it's the closest we can get

>buying RSGP
shiggydiggy famalam

He's maxed he can make a bil in a month
He's just lazy

I've never bought gold, I don't really have a problem with people doing it or anything, I just feel like it would ruin the game a bit for me

If you want that infernal cape quick, then there is your answer. You could pay someone to do that too properly where they mirror your IP and everything, but that I would do myself if I were you.

Get the fuck back in 07g you tranny autist

I sell it too. Any big wins from staking I sell most of the gain and do it again.

Have actually made quite a bit of money doing this too.

I'd certainly want to do it myself. Just hoping I get lucky at raids in the mean time for the tbow.
Never really spent much time in the vg thread, friend, not a fan.

>Just hoping I get lucky at raids in the mean time for the tbow.
Good luck

Want to sell my acc on sythe desu and start a main. Maybe after 70 range and rune gloves

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Why not just start a main with that account and say screw the pure since you are that far ahead with that account already?

Do you have all of this completed?
>Kourend Favour
>Achievement Diary

Forgot: All quests too

I am more interested in if you have any 200m xp skills?

I got 99 agility early on because it's very useful

I can't stop skilling. I really need to get off my ass and do Dragon Slayer 2

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Do most people lose money to 99 crafting? Also, go for 99 con and a nice house it is awesome.

I've been blowing glass for 99, I've dumped almost 20m into it so far that I wont ever get back. So yes.

Yes friend, that's a trimmed diary cape (the green and white one) in my inventory, you can only trim a diary cape with all quests finished. I have all kourend favour at 100% and all miniquests finished too.
Not quite yet, I could have easily finished cooking by now but I'm not all that interested in 200ms.

Ahhhh I want to play again. Shall I play again?

I shouldn't play again.
2013 to 2016 was literally pure runescape for me

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>2013 to 2016 was literally pure runescape for me
As in, every second of every single day you completely wasted grinding OSRS to death and did nothing else at all? If so, no you shouldn't touch it again for your own sake.

>trimmed diary cape
Best emote in the game.

>trimmed diary cape (the green and white one) in my inventory, you can only trim a diary cape with all quests finished. I have all kourend favour at 100% and all miniquests finished too
I don't know how max players even do it.

Do you have all pets and a completely maxed out house (highest tier possible of everything you can buy for it including dumb shit like the mounted coins and rune dragon)?

Have you almost completed the collection log and if not do you plan on it? Has anyone even completed that yet?

Not really as it is slowly dying and the more you play it the more you can tell.

vote no pls

hey guy i think i win

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>hey guy i think i win

you know, im not a big fan of early 90s point and click adventure games. to each his own i guess,

Been playing as a uim for about 4 months now

Truly the comfiest of game modes

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Must be so difficult playing Oldschool-CookieClicker-RS

Meanwhile, people actually good at the game are pushing high enrage Telos.

More players, but most are probably bots, so kind of shitty.

Literally, a dead game.

OSRS yes. RS3 no.

This game is not even known anymore OP. Ask anyone young and they don't even know what it is and when you show them it they tell you it is trash. Jagex is lying to you about how "active" it truly is. You can really tell when you look around all over the internet compared to other games.

No, honestly only straight up losers play this game. Whenever you talk to someone it is bro I am on so many drugs or yo dawg I gotta get this xp I shit my pants today trying to get the record and I am still sitting in it or I haven't slept in three days my eyes burn so bad, but I go to bed eventually when I feel like I am dying no xp waste.

I am not even joking these people are dead serious and there are tons of them. It is really sad.

>Literally, a dead game.

OS players have been calling RS3 a dead game since before it was released. the player base isnt that big, but honestly, the game isnt that bad. the reason people dont play it is because the combat system is too complex for casual shitters to understand, or they were rs2 players that dont play it because they have the mentality of a 4 year old child and refuse to adapt. RS3 is superior to OS in nearly every way besides how large the active player base is. add 50k players and remove the MTX shilling and you would have a great game.

Boosted, is this you?

Most people would just play WoW instead.

That's not true, half my friends play it. We're 16 years old.

Exactly if you want a game like RS3 WoW and other mmos offer a better experience

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There's just something so comforting about Runescape to me. I don't really play OSRS at all but back in 2006-2013 or so Runescape was the only game that stuck with me. That was basically my childhood so I'll always be a runescape fan

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I can finally efficiently finish 99ing wc to bank 99 con while doing birdhouse and seaweed runs.

Why are people from each game so hostile to the players of the other one? I havent played this since the release of RS2 but RS3 and OSRS seem like two completely different games. Its like bitching at somebody for preferring 3d Mario games over 2d Mario games.

It is called being autistic user. No doubt in my mind that is the reason, because normal people don't give a single shit what game anyone plays.

Exactly, but the reason why they hate each other is because it divides the player base among two iterations of the game.
This leads to less players on both games however still the same amount of players as a whole.

Because Jagex ruined the game multiple times and most of the players that they lost came back for OSRS. So you've got RS3 players that never played Runescape pre-EOC that see OSRS as outdated shit and you've got OSRS players that went through Runescape's death and see RS3 as something that they once loved that was raped and became something entirely different.

And Jagex is now ruining OSRS.

It's just the vocal minority complaining about things that have no impact on the game whatsoever.

Yeah obviously longtime fans have a reason to chose it over others I was talking more about brand new players looking for an mmo to play
Personally I fell in love with OSRS after wow turned to shit and I'm still going to be playing it after classic releases because its such a good game


The players that vote yes like fucking idiots to ezscape updayes are the ones who are ruining it. Only max players should be allowed to vote and I'm not even close to maxing.

It's called the game went from being filled with cool people to losers.

whats up stupid1

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Then there was me, who lived through it all and didn't want to restart so he sucked it up and kept playing through RS3. I really miss RuneScape High Definition

>tfw comfy mining listening to the in-game music while studying for a quiz tomorrow

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