Women don't like doing blowj-

Women don't like doing blowj-

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>posts porn actresses who are paid to do this and thinks it's real life

Anyway I'm a girl and I like blowjobs so you're right anyway

Whose bachelorette party is this?

Are you a biological female? Otherwise you don't count ;)

trannies dont count, jesus

you mean you like the idea of it

How does it feel to be sucked off?

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it's great, until you feel the need to fart and can't contain it as you start coming

never felt the need to fart during it wtf

It was my wife one for sure

This just makes me wish I was uncut. Parents and doctors totally ruined my dick.

sono una ragazza e ho tanta voglia di cazzo

Yeah, I have too much scar tissue.

post more please



I'm biological
I mean I've never done it so maybe but it turns me on

>I mean I've never done it so maybe but it turns me on
that's my point indeed
the idea sounds great but then once you're doing it you realize it requires a whole lot of work
you'll do it a couple of times and enjoy it, and then you'll realize it's a chore more than anything

I wish my bf would make a hole for me to suck him off through. I look ugly from that angle and would be so much more enthusiastic and less inhibited if he couldn't see me.

Being ugly isn't nearly as important when you suck cock senpai
I used to date that disgusting 3/10, and yet seeing her slobber over my cock made me weak in the knees anyways

if a girl knows what she's doing and uses her tongue, it can be better than sex

it can be great, it can be awful

i had some bitches that didn't know they were literally raping my dick with their teeth.

i had bitches sucking it deep and making those porn sounds and whatnot

it really depends

can we sauce this? damn this is hot,

dont know about tha tpic but just google czechglorlyhole or some shit they have a series

Anyone who tells you women don't like a certain sex act is a liar and it's more than likely the sex act that women enjoy most. It's just a sex act that they'll only do with the guys they're most attracted to, not some beta that they're only with for stability.

I would literally cum in 10 second if a girl would do this this to me.

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just order an escort and tell her to suck your dick?

>ate gf out for the first time yesterday (her first time being eaten out too)
>ask her to give me head

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Tell her to fkin do IT when u eat her out, cuck

>tfw virgin never done anything sexual and stuff like this makes me very turned on

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Oral kind of sucks for either side, but it's a nice service to perform. It gives pleasure that hand jobs and fingering can't provide. Of course it does very little for the person offering the service aside from psychological gratification of getting someone else off.

Suckin dick is epic and worth the work

69 is the only way I'd eat out again.

Look at the girl in the blue - she has a blue wrist band on. This is to distinguish her as a performer, as there's usually some people who wont participate and just act as extras. The more you know.

it looks better than how it feels

faggots' opinion aren't worth the same user
you 'like' sucking dick because it's basically all you can do to stop him from leaving your sorry ass for a better partner, aka, a female

>Whose bachelorette party is this?

your moms

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Hold your horses user all I said was suckin peener was good fun. I have 3 years experience with the same fella so we all good.

and we both know it's a matter of 'when' and not an 'if' you'll be making a thread about you wanting to kill yourself because your bf left your ass for a tighter and subbier trap, or if he's old enough, for a woman

Lol ok pal, I think you just said nore about yourself than me.