/b/ has yellow-posting...

/b/ has yellow-posting, Jow Forums needs its own grassroots movement to remove the fucking normie scum from shitting up our board. This board has lost all of it's meaning thanks to posers.

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>tranny propaganda


Trannies are ok but people who have had sex aren't, ok.

>missing the point
I think troons are mentally ill but that doesn't mean we should turn them away, they're just as broken and desperate as the rest of us

You goddamned normie, do you not understand what this board is supposed to be about? Of course troons are better than normans such as yourself. Go tell your gf you love her then kill yourself.

you are missing the point with your thinly veiled tranny propaganda. fuck off fag


you're shilling pretty hard for the tranny fags...

Jow Forums is a place for people the rest of the world deems "losers". For being so anti-troon, you sure do seem to be implying that troons are normal, functional members of society. I don't give a fuck about trannies or their tranny problems, but I sympathize with their lack of social awareness/acceptance

if Jow Forums was a blue board the trannies would leave

There aren't that many actual normies on the board, most of the supposedly normie posts are just bait from autists with too much time.

Your self pity shtick got boring, improve.

Not that hard to grasp.

People like you have literally no value to society, so I don't know how you could possibly go around thinking you actually have a say in anything that happens anywhere, especially on this board. And also, don't forget that people like you have been trying to chase people off r9k without any success whatsoever, so good luck with you faggot ass little movement.

You took the board over like pornfags took /b/ over. I'm here for the women and tranny hate.

good luck ridding of the only people that give r9k good content, u think r9k would be some kind of better paradise if its only filled with the worst kind of losers? it'll be a bigger piece of shit board than it already is, kys sage faggot

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I'm all for making Jow Forums yellow if you are

I need all aspie retards on here to kill themselves right now so the world can be free of your autism and us neurotypicals can rule this board

Fuck off. We need to drive you trannies out just as much as we need to drive out normalfags.

>ywn go back to 2013 Jow Forums

>You can get a gf if you try, user. no need to bitch about other people having gf's if you're not putting any effort in getting one, at all.
>femanons are allowed on this bored. fuck off with that shitty rule. stop keeping yourself from getting pussy. plus you can obviously tell when user is posing as a female.

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Look faggot, normalfags are obviously robot enemy #1, let's deal with them first and then we can worry about what to do with the troons. The troons could be an asset in the upcoming conflict.

Actually Jow Forums would be perfect without /britfeel/, trannies and gays (/r9gay/, trap threads, etc.), discord and vocaroo threads.

Also I forgot anime/hentai/porn.

What the fuck is britfeel anyway? I've been filtering it for years and I have no idea why those threads are even still up.

I don't really know either, everytime I check that thread I see NOTHING but just random replies.

>The troons could be an asset in the upcoming conflict.
Nope. You trannies are parts of this board's problem.

Fucking normal scum. Go be a social parasite elsewhere