Im asian and i never considered dating out of my race until recently...

Im asian and i never considered dating out of my race until recently, i find white girls comfy to talk to especially geeky ones.

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theyre not interested, bud. move it along

Stick to your own kind op miscegenation rarely worka . Also stop breeding. The world is full of misery

If you stop breeding, people of worse quality will pick up your slack and the world will become even more miserable.

Any other whites not have any problem with Asians (specifically Japs) dating white girls? I mean, they get their women stolen so much by white guys that it seems kinda unfair to be against them wanting to have a white gf. Personally, I would love to have a qt Jap gf even though I prefer white girls.
Also at the end of the day, the only Japanese guys who seem to date white girls are rich.
But don't get me wrong, I still wish everyone would just stick to their race, especially when it comes to niggers.

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youre that hapa.

Literally all I match up with are white girls :|

And young ABGs but I've sworn off young girls for a bit

from race thread ikr

Your dick isnt big enough, even white guys are having trouble with the BBC menace

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White women will never find asian men attractive en masse. Only a few nutjobs will.

Considering that you cant even keep your own women from abandoning you, you should just focus on Asian women. Your dick size keeps your options limited anyway.

>Only a few nutjobs will.
Don't talk about my momma like that, bitch

Just stop the larp

right back at you, bud. focus on asian women, your dick size keepe your options limited anyway.

Thats the point. You dont try to convert the white race of women. You just go find the weird weeb and when shes qt enough use her fetishization of asians to the advantage.

I have a BBC, I can get with any woman. They all want a taste of the jungle dong. Women want to be pounded in bed and you need the stamina to do that. Little dick Asian men just cant do it.

listen to my mixtape and get back to me, bud.

have fun trying to find a needle in a haystack

sounds like you are feeling threatened, buddy

Dude have u seen anime convention girls, fanart girls, or kpop/kdrama fans?

Who is she? She's really cute. originally

We are on r9k, we are the bottom

I knew it was stupid niggers who push this racebait shit.

It's not a problem for me.
Considering how many ugly neckbeards/boomers steal asian women as it is, call it reparations of some sort

this she kinda looks like nikki huntsman the pornstar

Not that user, but is that actually true? I've never been to a con before. I like weeb shit as much as everyone else but I don't like the crowd.

no. its rare at cons too. weeb girls date weeb Chad. weeb girls are straight 1488 my dude

white women that are most open to dating asian men are the ones that date black men. t b h

black broken cock?