You incels need to stop being creepy

you incels need to stop being creepy

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Where the fuck did this photo take place? There's one (1) girl who could MAYBE pass as white.

the chick in the middle

It's a high school Chad and Beta with Chad's harem. It's become common place for girls to accept that Chad is going to have a girlfriend while also having a small harem of hopeful girlfriends who he regularly sleeps with. It's also common place for Chads to associate with Betas as they form a better friendship since their personalities balance each other out. This removes much of the hyper-competitiveness you used to see in all Chad groups.
>Beta respects Chad for his looks, fitness, and women attraction
>Chad respects Beta for his intelligence, sense of humor, and non-competitiveness.
There's also the secondary benefit that when Beta is around Chad looks even more alpha while Beta gets to hang out with girls and potentially pick off the weakest girl.

Zoomers truly live in a wack state of affairs.

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incels need to stop thinking sex is the only thing in life

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You mean that we need to stop being ugly, right?

uh ya. pls stop being ooglay

No can do, chief. Too hard.


>Safe Sex +5
Fucking roasties

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but i believe in you. just do it.

stop thinking women are meant for mens sexual pleasures

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A neighborhood where there aren't many whites obviously. You know those kinds of places exist right?

>Roomies can hear -5
At least they're considerate of the skanks around them.

>top left girl looks sorta white
>fivehead in the middle above the chad is hard white
>far right in the red shirt also looks white
>curly haired girl to the right of the asian kid also looks like white girls I've known that just tan super hard to try to escape their whiteness
Fivehead is the only sure thing I'll give you that, but the other two girls could have italian heritage or something, or be puerto ricans that mostly took after their white dad you never know.
weird how diverse this group is though
>1 white
>2 blacks
>1 asian

>be a normie
>have had a number of sexual partners
>thinks it doesn't contribute to his mental health and self-esteem
>"heh, you incels need to stop thinking sex is the only thing in life haha"

I know it's often said in jest around here, but I really, REALLY fucking hate normies

we all do
ya yeet

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What are the other roles lile the sigma or the omega ?

>be german robot
>walk a bit funny since I dont know what to do with my arms
>govt wants to install cameras that analyze "weird" behavior of people at public places
>walk around at public places
>camera analyses me and concludes that Im acting weird/suspicious
>calls the cops on me
>get arrestet for walking funny and being creepy

why do normal people hate us so much? Its not like I want to be creepy
Im not even kidding, they are going to install those cameras soon...
Im not gonna leave my house anymore

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I'll stop being creepy the day women start their own civilization without the help of men

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