What are the chances of having heart failure at 22?

What are the chances of having heart failure at 22?

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Assuming you don't have a genetic predisposition towards it and you haven't been mixing coffee with viagra and cocaine since you were twelve, pretty slim.

Thanks for the information fren.

Most likely congenital.
AMA, I'll tell you what I know.

>T.Registered Cardivascular Invasive Specialist.

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What if he does drugs and takes stimulants that he shouldn't?

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Why do i have chest pain at 23

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>Why do i have chest pain at 23
Do you do drugs?

because you use lots of nicotine or caffeine, you're overweight, or you never get exercise

50/50. You either have it or you dont have it

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I dont smoke or drink
Im a bit overweight but how the fuck do people become absolute monoliths of lard when noticeable effects can happen way earlier?

because they would rather be fat and have chest pain than not eat so much.
If you lose weight and go to the gym the chest pain should go away

It could be Costochondritis, or inflammation of the cartilages around your chest. Just see a doc, they can probably narrow it down.

Most of the time--anxiety.
Any pix of your latest EKG?
Ever had one?
What's your family hx?
Do you have a Hx of anxiety, PVC's, drug use, smoker?
Shortness of breath?

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Sure. Could be. Most 22 year olds can handle moderate stims and drug use, I would'nt advise it tho.
EKG is crucial and can show dysrhythmia, AV blocks, ventricular enlargment, conduction problems.
Echocardiogram can show cardiac function through sonography

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Is shortness of breath a sign of heart failure? What are the symptoms, and specially what is excessive thirst a symptom of? Sometimes I will get this tachycardia that will give me unquenchable thirst, and once I've drunk, the tachycardia lowers a little bit but stays. The doc can't explain but I'm on Olmesartan (Benicar) now. He can't explain why I will randomly get tachycardia and thirst like that.

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Well for me it's probably pretty high.
For you user probably pretty low.
Im a 24 y/o benis human that a genetical modification that has given me a heart disease. I do take medicine for it and I even have a pacemaker, reason being the doctors strongly recommend me to get one.
They never really told me the chance of heart failure but it's probably high.

Sounds like health anxiety secondary to Hypertension. (Hence ARB mrdication you are taking)

Loose weight, eat clean, lift heavy, chill out on vassal-constricting substances ie.. nicotene, excessive caffiene, canabis

>Why do i have chest pain at 23
Most likely acid reflux burning your gullet.
Take some nexium for a few weeks and watch your diet.

Damn, 24 and you have a pacer?
Was it an AV block?

depends on genetic predispositions and especially drug abuse, theres literally no other chance to have a heart failure this early in your life

All the walls of the heart are T H I C C E R than they should so I have less volume inside the heart also I have higher chance for uneven pulses. The pacemaker will try to take over if I get these uneven pulses so I get oxygen to the cells and organs of my body.

Also I take drugs to even out the pressure inside the chambers of the heart.

What I have is hypertension after I did some drugs I shouldn't have and started losing consciousness and thought I'd die. I was put on beta-blockers first for a months but it worsened as I felt chest tightening and pain, and now my doc out me on Olmesartan.

Everything is gonna be ok, right?

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Damn, im sorry user. You have enlarged septal wall with obstructive cardiomyopathy. Take your BP meds

Yea dude I know I have done this for 2 years now.
I will be fine, I didn't want to grow old any how. I either gonna kill myself because im useless or live with the pain that is life and maybe be lucky and find a gril that likes me.
I don't wanna grow old. I don't wanna become even more useless than i already am and forget everything just so I just sit mindlessly in a wheelchair. I rather die young then

Sounds weird. Doing drugs doesnt acutely just give you hypertension as a long term diagnosis as BP is most related to peripheral vessel diameter.
It's managable, but not something you should take lightly nor forget about with lifestyle choices.

Blood Pressure =HR *SV *SVR

Blood pressure = cardiac output x systemic vascular resistance

26 here. I get random chest pain from time to time. Usually a really short stabbing pain. Sometimes more of a burning sensation. I also get numbness in my limbs, particularly on the left side, and random muscle spasms.

I've had EKGs, a stress EKG, even a fucking MRI of my brain and spine, and my doctor can't figure out what's wrong with me. They have me on anxiety meds that don't do anything.

Any ideas?

unless you have a pre existing heart condition then 0 chance

Everytime I smoke weed it feels like my heart is going to give out.

How can I increase my chance of heart failure in a realistic way that doesn't cause too much pain?