I take a thorough shower every day but people accuse me of not showering. what am i doing wrong?

i take a thorough shower every day but people accuse me of not showering. what am i doing wrong?

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Masturbating after you shower

if you are socially inept the normalfags will always try to bully you and make you more insecure than you already may be. normalcattle like to use omega males such as me as their emotional toilets

Wearing the same dirty clothes.

deodorant? cologne? Showering isn't enough anymore.


Big no no right here

You get ass swamp and your back and legs get all sweaty too, plus the faint smell of cum from your dick, since most people prolly wouldnt wash it

Basically undoes the shower you just took

Not actually showering. I have a brother who always smells bad because his showers are just a few minutes in running water and then putting on dirty clothes. Your dead skin and bacteria need to be scrubbed off. Also if your diet is shit that could hurt how you smell

He's getting some good soapy scratches

As if deodorant is like an optional addition to your grooming routine.

Lads, wear it

These are the facts. This is what makes you stay smelly.

This is also good. This doesn't make you not smelly, but it makes you good/better smelly.

some bots here have no idea about this stuff. They think simply showering is enough to not be offensive to people.

"Go take a shower" is meaningless advice. They don't actually mean go take a shower. This guy probably showers once a week but women love him because of his face.

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Use soap dumbass

normies honestly think ugly and dirty are synonyms. so when they see an ugly person they honestly think if you scrub enough you'll stop being ugly.

Probably association fallacy. Something else you do that makes them associate you with smelling bad, and nothing to make your smell stand out. Bad clothing, ugly facial hair, etc. The same way some guys dressed neatly seem super hygienic until they actually get close enough to smell their breath and you realize that holy shit they need a breath mint. Halo effect is very real.

your breath could have something to do with it. brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth helps a lot

Really? Damn. Aight hold on lemme bang out this handy guide for you fools

Shower daily if you can)
>Get in
>Apply a conditioner to your hair (LEAVE IT IN WHILE YOU SCRUB YOUR BODY)
>Only use shampoo twice a week (and don't use that 2-in-1 shit. I like Garnier Frutisce Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner)
>Get a loofah, get some body wash, and apply it to your body while your conditioner is soaking into your hair (I prefer Harry's Bar soap, though bar soap can be drying to the skin)
>After you have thoroughly washed your body and scrubbed it (feet, pits, ass, crotch, chest, arms, neck, legs, thighs), you may wash out the conditioner and wash off the body wash
>Final step of your shower: Wash your face. I use CeraVe foaming facial cleanser in the shower since I have oily skin. Pick the Hydrating Facial Cleanser if you have dry skin

Out of the shower
>Apply deodorant to your armpits, and do three swipes. If you get yellow stains, find one without aluminum in it
>Apply body lotion to your arms, chest, legs, dick, neck (I use CeraVe daily moisturizer)
>Apply a facial moisturizer with sunscreen to your now sparkling clean face (I use CeraVe Ultra Light-Weight SPF 30 moisturizer
>Go to your room and get your cologne (Ralph Polo Red is a great brand)
>One spritz on your chest
>One spritz on your wrists, and then rub your wrists on your neck
>Apply clean clothes to your moisturized, protected, good smelling and clean body.

This barely touches on a skin care routine, but this is like... the minimum amount you should do. Take it from here. Oh and wash your pillowcases as often as you can.

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nigger are u trying to sell me cerave or something?
also, what if i have dry and oily skin?

Fuck no, this is already way above average. That's a lot of money and time spent on routine. Not arguing the effect of your routine, just the effort, this is a level of care you'd expect from someone going to a social setting or in a highly social job (e.g. HR, manager of a big corps).

Nope. I just like their products a lot since they're gender-neutral and scent-free. Plus every dermatologist I've been to won't shut the fuck up about them.

This only seems like a lot because I had to write out each step. I promise, you take care of your body/skin, you'll do better socially.

u skipped my question, dog
scent free is pretty dope tho

Sorry. If you have oily+dry (known as combination skin) you've got a tougher battle to fight. I'd consider:
>Foaming facial cleanser in shower + at night
>Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner
>The Ordinary Niacinamide
>THEN you apply your light, SPF+ moisturizer

I had no idea, this is actually eye opening

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No, it's 100% a lot. You described like 5-6 products minimum to use and that's not even a universal set, as well as most of the routine being at least bi-daily if not daily (really, everything described appears daily except for shampoo). Again, I can get behind this for special occasions or if your job is of a nature you have to, but anything else? Hell no, that's the normal shower with soap + coconut oil to fix fizzy hair, baby, and I'm not switching out a set of shirt and pants from the previous day on such a day either unless I fucked up and spilled something (yes I do switch out undergarments and socks). And that's before considering you forgot doing stuff before going to bed like washing your face and other hygiene stuff like properly taming your pubic hair.
100% do this shit if you're aiming to hit on someone or leave an impression, but this is way more than minimum for Average Joe life.

you cvould be completely clean. if normies dont like you they will straight up lie about you. "you wore that shirt yesterday" even if you didn't. theres no logic or winning with these people.