Your time here is running out you god damned norman posers

Your time here is running out you god damned norman posers.

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Call them fucking normalfags you retard. I hate normie and norman, they are both Facebook tier terms.

Hey OP i would love to stay in contact with you somehow i would also like to get rid of this abominations
do you have contact?

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It's all the same shit, let's not argue and lose sight of who the real enemy is

not a biological female, but the rest of those apply to me

here to stay, incel. fucking deal with it.

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No, I come to anonymous image boards to be anonymous

I hope everyone you have ever loved dies a slow, painful, cancer-ridden death as you watch helplessly.

i hope you get your shit together and become a real adult human

>have happy life
>consider suicide

I dont care what you say im more a robot than any of you being in a small town

I had friends in elementary school. Only like 1 at a time though and most of the time they were also weird and retarded. My first friend was in kindergarten and he was a retarded haitian immigrant who didn't even know how to speak English.

The fact that you would unironically post this on Jow Forums disgusts me. You disgust me.

go outside
have sex.

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Okay that is too strict, I have not had any friends for a long time but even I had an autistic best friend in childhood. And my family do love me, even though we fight a lot. I think the qualifications for posting here should be
>no friends irl or active social life
>never have been popular

Normalfag "humor" disgusts me. Why do you feel the need to post here? Go back to Facebook.

>go outside
>have sex
Gif related

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Pictures like this remind me normiedom is a spectrum, not a black and white dichotomoy

>le fuck off normie
21yo KHV here and I scored 86

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>you've ever had consensual sex without paying for it
If you have had any kind of sex by any means you don't belong here. I can tell a LARPing manwhore made this and is desperately trying to fit in as a robot despite already being exposed as a normalfag for fucking whores.

it's time you stopped larping

I got 116
I'll see myself out

I disagree with number 5

Damn user, I have to wonder, why are you here? to laugh at us or help us, I hope the latter

if i recall i got on high end of robot
>had gf
>had consesual fug
>i think i had a friend who cared
>mummy loved me
op is the kind of user to call a female stacy because she is appealing to him

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44 it just get worse

>mfw all of it
>still been a cyborg for nearly 7 years
Nah, I'll stick around

I've been on /arcanine/ since it was just alternate /b/ with less children. I had a trip for a while and posted regular threads giving good, accurate advice to people stuck with relationships and how to get laid.

I still give advice when I can, but since this whole mgtow/incel thing people are more convinced of their entitlement and as such are harder to advise -- they either want it on their terms or completely isolate themselves. Those people, I laugh at.

>You're a biological female
>You've ever had a girlfriend
>You've ever had consensual sex without paying for it
>You've ever had a real-life friend who cares about
>You have or had a loving family
>You've ever had any kind of normal social life


I scored 38 and a militaryfag. Fucc

despite me scoring a 21, this cuck wants me out for having 1 single autistic fren, hes either a summernigger who saw greentext posts on herp a derppit and thought this is a sekrit klub or just turbobaiting like a faggot

wait so if i have a gf who is not cis she gets to go on here but i cant?

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>not a biological female
>implying trannies are welcome

As far as I'm concerned, everyone who thinks there's some sort of rules beyond those set in place by the algorithm and the rules is borderline retarded.

>have had a loving family
How do you think a lot of us manage to stay neets? Through a family that hates us and just wants to kick us out?

I'm still here what are you gonna do about it autists

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I have 3 girls i met on tinder this month on rotation, getting laid about 4 times a week with them all. Potentially having my first threesome if all goes well. I'm still posting on your stupid board though, does that make you mad?

I will have a fit of impotent rage and yell at you through my monitor if you continue to post.

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Gosh OP, it sure is swell of you to volunteer to be the official gatekeeper of Jow Forums. Now go fuck off. I'll post here whenever the fuck I want.

OP's widdle feelings are hurt.

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fuck, i just elevated from cyborg to slightly strange last time i saw this pic...
at least i know im moving forward in life... cant wait to reach chad and successful... the dream...

just trying to help out my comrades and hang out

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I got 78 which is worse than it was last time although i have improved in life

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Nothing. Catposters are welcome here as long as they're not trannyshills.

The family one shouldn't count, i can't choose my family.

Yea I agree, I have seen complete undeniably normal people call other people"normies" like seriously these people have social lives and get sex regularly they should consider suicide

Yeah, like Im going to let some friendless virgin order me around.

Get real OP.

for me, it's 103

i met three of the criteria but im an oldfag
i haven't been on this website regularly in three years though.
i have transitioned to nearly full normie. Jow Forums has become a shell of itself since its sale.

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I did this test one time and I got 34

>norman is norman-tier now
and there i thought i was being original
probably got to just go back to normalfag since normans wouldn't use fag because they're too good for that eh

damn i liked norman as well.

>being this desperate for validation from a community of lowlifes
ok pal

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>implicitly allows trannies and gays

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Imagine actually believing this intersectional victim complex bullshit.
Why do you want to be a victim so badly?

> Not speeding up the process

As much as I hate this meme, this normalnigger is indeed correct in his diagnosis of the problem.

I scored a 7, considerably lower than the last time I saw this. It never gets better.

I got 19 suck it losers.

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> feel my wrath and leave

stop being a child

seek employment
for relationships

I meet all except the woman one. Im never leaving fuck you.

Absolutely based OP.

All you normal shits can fuck off.

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